Not scared of anyone, I can say anything without fear and hesitation: Karan Johar

Filmmaker Karan Johar says he is not scared of anyone and is proud of his opinions and about having a voice, after his remarks on lack of ‘freedom of expression’ hit headlines.

At the Jaipur Literature Festival, Karan had said freedom of expression and democracy were the biggest jokes in the country. He had said that expressing one’s views could land you in jail.

Asked if he could express his views about the film “Aligarh” without fear and hesitation after he saw the movie, Karan replied: “Without fear and without any hesitation, I can say anything. My silence has stated everything. I’m not scared of anyone. The thoughts are mine and will always be mine and I’m very proud of my own feelings and thoughts.

“Unfortunately, some people might agree or disagree but on a film like ‘Aligarh’, there will be no disagreement. It’s a very special film,” said Karan.

On his controversial remarks, he said: “I have said what I had to and I don’t want to comment any further on what my thoughts were.”

“We are filmmakers, we are entertainers, and that doesn’t mean that we don’t have our own thoughts and opinions. Sometimes these things happen and sometimes we make statements at certain platforms.

“I’m proud to be a filmmaker in India. I’m proud that I have a voice because I’m a filmmaker and I hope I continue to have that voice,” he said.

His comments came under attack from political leaders, while actors Akshay Kumar, Shatrughan Sinha and Anupam Kher said there was no intolerance in the country or in the film industry.

On the criticism that came his way, Karan said: “Just the way our films are, we must take all kinds of opinions, all kinds of feedback, all kinds of criticism in the right way.

“So if I have an opinion, you could agree with it and you could not agree with it. It is my prerogative to have an opinion, it is your prerogative to agree or disagree, and I firmly believe that.”



  • This joker is as dumb as his films. He says he is not scared of anyone, he can say what he wants to.. then he says there is no freedom of speech.

    Don’t create a controversy when there is none. Concentrate on your films instead.. you are getting worse with each films. KKHH was your best, K3G was good.. since then you have declined like there is no tomorrow. Student of the year was your worst.

  • “Filmmaker Karan Johar says he is not scared of anyone and is proud of his opinions and about having a voice, after his remarks on lack of ‘freedom of expression’ hit headlines.”

    Irony died if he can say without fear thn Diffinatley there is freedom of expression
    bloody hypocrite and Stupid Director
    Pehle apne liye ladka search kr fir tolerance search krna

  • Aligarh trailor s impressive.
    Don’t know about controversies around d film.
    My saala khadus show get canceled due 2 low occupancy . shocked n disappointed.

  • Morons say he is not afraid so there is freedom of speech? LOL
    Whether he is afraid or not its his own concern. It doesn’t speak for the whole country.
    What happened with Srk and Aamir shows how much ‘Freedom of speech’ is there.

  • Well said karan. I totally support karan. Some intolerant people force Karan to speak like this. He is brave.

  • @neeraj Do you lack common sense? Why would he say he is ‘not afraid’ if there is nothing to fear?
    He means he is not afraid inspite of low freedom of speech.

  • That is so ironical..You can say anything without fear because of tolerant people here, right ? Karan, is a joke someone who thinks he is powerful because his dad left him money…and now given that he has money he thinks, he represents a certain foot !!!

  • Some people’s intention of dividing this nation in the name of intolerance is working fine. Calling your nation intolerant without any reason and then bragging about the backlash is like blaming fire for your burn when you intentionally played with it. I hope people forget this issue as quickly as possible and we can live happily together.

  • He shouldn’t say such things when his movie ADHM is near release or else it’ll suffer a lot as ppl showed Wat they can do with dilwale, so shut up karan

  • How can there be freedom of speech if after you speak your mind you are targeted like you have killed or raped someone when only you are giving a factual opinion shotgun and anupam are linked with parties so its obvious they don’t want their allies against them whereas akki played safe he didn’t want any controversies – politicians are the BIGGEST criminals.

  • Well said ! Akshay and Anupam are nice guys, but being a patriot doesn’t mean that you should close your eyes on the imperfections of your country. We saw how freedom of speech was a problem with the violent reactions to SRK and Aamir statements.

  • When he can say anything without fear and hesitation then what else he wants
    India is the country where people used to abuse pm
    If someone abuse govt in other countries then they more, they will be no more or in jail
    Our country is best and most tolerant country in world

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