‘Not paying compensation to victim’s family’ – Salman Khan

Some excerpts from the press conference at Salman Khan’s residence, where the actor and his brother Sohail Khan spoke about the accident late last night, which led to the death of a 70-year-old homeless woman, who was apparently disowned by her family.

The woman has been identified as Chandra Bala.

  • Salman Khan – “The accident happened by mistake. I spoke to my driver and he said when he was driving, he saw something like a black polythene bag on the road, but it was the lady who was completely in black. He didn’t realise that he had hit a person. I would request everyone not to sleep on the road. We are not paying any compensation to the family members of the victim as we got to know that her family had disowned her. She was sleeping on the streets that shows that her family had disowned her. Now those who will come to claim her body, they won’t necessarily be her family members. But I hope they come to claim her body. When we come to know that her body has been handed over for cremation, we’ll make sure that we three brothers and our father are there”
  • Sohail Khan – “I was at home. I did not know what was happening. Only the driver was there in the car. The car was coming home and they did not know who the family was. The news has been hyped a lot. Instead of focusing on who was in the car, people should focus on the fact that a women died. I got to know about this incident after an hour. This accident happened by mistake”


  • Yeh accident driver ki galti se hua hai.Salman bhai ne jo uper kaha hai woh bahut accha laga ki ve log lady ke family member ko kuch help karege .kisi garib ki jaan is tarh se jaati hai to bahot taklif hoti hai.

  • he better knws how to crush sleeping people on streets! He has the experience! Huh! THIS IS BEING HUMAN??? That women lost her life, but defending the accident is not being human at all! :(

  • @shivam: neither salman nor sohail was responsible 4 d accident.it took place suddenly.there was no fault of khan brothers. the lady was disowned by her family members & she was covered up with full black polythene. so stop commenting nasty about salman …..

  • India me kitne saare aamir log hai.agar yeh log dil se ye soch le ke footpath pe rahne wale logo ke liye kuch madad karna hai toh aisi dardnak ghatna hi nahi hoti.govt bhi chor hai aur neta bhi.sochnewali baat hai ke ek star ke ghar ke bahar ek garib ki is tarah jaan chali jaaye, jise uske gharwale bhi apne saath nahi rakhte hai.mai salman ko dosi nahi bol raha aur na hi us lady ka nasib ko.

  • ape sallu lallu thodi se paise uske paribar ko deneke badle sala us bichari ki family hi nai he khehekar bat ko dalrahahai.yehi se pata chalta hai ki sala kitna gira hua hai……todi si paise dene mai tera bab ka kya jata hai!!!!!!!!!!

  • @manish:: tu sabse bada ghanta aur gira hua aadmi hai. salman rockz. media is hypocrite….GOD bless salman n his family….

  • I can trust salman wiv eyes closed, wateva happened was a misunderstanding and I hope she gets place in Janna, wereas the media Fu*k off, and all salman fans we need to support him


    sallu fans are so illiterate..

    salman said he wont pay compensation to family…and look what he interpreted..

    this shows d level of sallu gawaar fans…

    AND REMIND YOU..IM NOT A SRK FAN…lol..coz i know sallu fans gonna attack me thinking im a srk fan..

  • i thnk sallu was in the car and for him its not a first time thing…
    come on man…
    show some sympathy to that died woman…
    els ters no use wearing t same t shirt in different colors sayin t same slogan
    ” being human ”
    wear someth lyk
    ” still inhuman “

  • @ you the people. i m sorry for my mistake writing.and i m a srk fan after than sallu and aamir fan.lekin salman ne agar lady ke family ko kuch bhi help karne se mana kiya hai toh usne bilkul thik kaha hai.lady ke zinda rahte huye uske family member lady ke sath accha bartav nahi karte the aur ghar se bahar nikal diya to unko kis baat ki madad.salman ko bas itna to jaroor karna chahiye ke lady ke dharm ke mutabik antim kriya aur aatma ki shanti ke liye prarthna karne ka intejam karna chaiye.

  • Wat kind of human iz salman..
    Why all accident occurs with him..
    It shows that he and his family is irresponsible even his driver doesnt mind crushing pepole on streets..
    He dnt want to give compensation to women’s relative thats why making excuses..
    Shame on u Salman..
    Today i m feeling proud to be a Srk fan..

  • @we the people
    Fully agreed with u buddy, sallu fans are so gawar lyk him..
    They can’t understand the article bt still they write nonsense and praise sallu..

  • Its gud 2 help orphan people rather than that 70 yrs dead woman’s relative who doesnt respect their own family member. . .

  • His behavoir over the years have been that of a spoilt brat….money and fame has gone to his head……God will give the punishment and he will never find happiness.

    Sorry for the lady and her family.

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