Not in the industry to get marks from Bachchan – Mani Ratnam

After the Raavan debacle, what’s worrying is the war of words between the Amitabh Bachchan and director Mani Ratnam. Bachchan senior on twitter, not too long ago had complained that  “a lot of merited film had been edited out causing inconsistent performance and narrative”.

Mani Ratnam has responded to the criticism quite harshly “That is his opinion. I am not bothered about it. And I am not here in the industry to get marks from Amitabh Bachchan. We have made a film after two years of hard work. Anyone can comment on it”

Could Raavan be the last film for Abhishek under Ratnam? Time will tell.

Quite frankly though, both Abhishek and Mani Ratnam failed in their respective roles with Raavan and both received equal criticism. Time to accept the failure of the film and move on.


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  • it was obvious that many good scenes and a good song too were edited from the movie! that’s probably the director’s mistake.. I agree with Mr. Bachan.. but I think the main reason for the failure is Abhishek.. he didn’t perform well in his role.. if the director did select a suitable actor for this role the movie could’ve done well. but I do appreciate this piece of work.. it’s an art movie, amazing cinematograpy plus the music! but who know in art or who’d appreciate all that effort?!! No one!

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