Niraj Manchanda’s Predictions – Analysis

Okay, several discussions in the comments sections here and quite a few other websites on star astrologer Niraj Manchanda’s predictions.

If you go by what he says, there is no real need to bother with a Script – Story – Direction – Music, all you need to do is, get the names of the Actor – Producer – Movie right, and the movie is a box office blockbuster. As easy as that.

Without getting too critical, lets get straight down to reviewing some of his predictions from the year that has gone by. 

Manchanda’s prediction followed by our comment.

  • “Harman Baweja will be appreciated in ‘Victory’”  – WRONG. Harman was critically thrashed, the viewers didn’t like his performance either
  • “Abhishek will be loved in ‘Delhi 6’” – WRONG. Far from loved, Delhi 6 did nothing for Abhishek.
  • “Ranbir Kapoor’s first hit movie will be ‘Rajniti’” – WRONG. Ranbir’s first clean hit was Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani. Rajniti didn’t even release in 2009.
  • “Apart from these (Rajniti, Delhi 6, Victory) all films of Harman, Ranbir and Abhishek will not work at the box office” – WRONG. Harman and Abhishek didn’t have any other release in 2009, Wake Up Sid and Ajab Prem Ki did well for Ranbir.
  • “SRK has two films ‘Billoo Barber’ and ‘My Name Is Khan’, both films will get him great money” – WRONG. Billu was a flop, although SRK made some money out of it, nothing like great money though. My Name Is Khan didn’t release.
  • “It’s a money making year for SRK as 2009…” – WRONG. We do not know how much money SRK made, but he himself said, he didn’t make much money in 2009 (in an interview). Overall it hasn’t been too great a year for him, KKR were last at IPL, Billu flopped, shoulder surgery and no solo release too last year.
  • “Salman Khan is not going through good phase, many films of his bombed in 2008 at the box office, many more will in 2009” – RIGHT and WRONG. Wanted did great business, while London Dreams wasn’t really a bomb.. Main Aur Mrs Khanna bombed. Flops didn’t affect Salman at all, there is enough hype for Veer.
  • “Katrina’s flops have begin from ‘Yuvvraaj’ and she will have many more in 2009” – WRONG. Katrina had a very successful year were none of her films flopped. New York and Ajab Prem Ki did great business. Blue (special appearance) and De Dana Dan did average business.
  • “Kareena Kapoor is number 3. In 2009 she will have 2 hit movies namely ‘3 Idiots’ and ‘Kambakkth Ishq’ but will not get great credit for these films like she got for ‘Jab We Met’..” – RIGHT and WRONG. Kambakht Ishq isn’t considered a hit film and 3 Idiots while no Jab We Met, will be one of the most prominent films in her filmography.
  • “2009 belongs to Aamir Khan” – RIGHT. His only ‘completely right’ prediction for last year. Not too hard a prediction though, don’t you think?
  • “Hrithik Roshan’s Kites will have a flying opening” – WRONG. Kites didn’t release in 2009, he should have predicted this.. no?

So out of 11 predicts – 7 of them were wrong, 3 were partially right partially wrong and 1 completely right.

Shouldn’t producers, directors and stars rather concentrate on getting the various aspects of film-making right rather than waste money on numerical astrologers? Some food for thought.

No, we aren’t attempting to do a Raj Kumar Hirani here, just pointing out simple facts. Drop in your comments below, we’d love to know what you think.

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  • this is what i was mentioning that Nirag is a crap astrologer and astrolgoy as a whole is crap….this is the same guy who said that Kambakth ishq will be a hit because he added a K somewhere and said that Ghajini will have the same fate as Saawariya…i still dont know why humans still believe in this numerlogy and astrology shit

  • Indicine team,
    I think these predictions are completely based on intuition.You will find that all these predictions seem
    intuitively to be correct,take yourself back to start of 2008 and think about these predictions intuitively
    ,you would feel the same except probably that on Harman,at the onset of 2008,Salman was facing a
    low,Katrina did not have any big releases,Ranbir kapoor was far from a superstar.SRK,Aamir and Hrithik
    had big releases and expected to do well.It is easy to see that these so-called predictions have
    little except pure intuition,so I ask everyone not to be bothered by these predictions,even you can
    make them and match with Niraj’s,you will find 80% common.

  • as a Muslim i dont believe in dis shit. but i can also come out wid dese predictions.
    anywayz leaving religion aside i completely agree wid Kanishka. most of his predictions were based upon da previous year outcomes. obviously if Salman had a terrible year in 2008 den dere is a chance dat it mite happen again da following year.

    so guyz forget dis whatever and lets hope Bollywood produces and gives us quality films in abundance dis year.

  • Yaar u can’t believe these predictions…


    Kites:- 14th May

    Housefull:- 20th May

    Rajneeti:- 28th May

    So, After VEER & MNIK…. May is the month to look out for…..

    So, it could actually affect all the 3 films….. Housefull could face biggest problem as it’s between 2 other Biggies…

    All in all… It will an Interesting MAY.

  • I don’t believe in astrology. Also some astrologers predicted that Wanted was gonna fail at the box office and that London Dreams would do well but Salman wouldn’t be appreciated in it. Wanted was a super hit and London Dreams was average. Salman was appreciated for his role as Mannu in LD


    yes, indicine this is the right words for this astrologers ,ask this astrologers what is going to happen in there life in next seconds,minute and day ? they cant answers for themselves then who are they to predict for someone……….these atrologers just assumped somewords and in rare time it goes true like if we know that australian team match against ireland it will be sure shot 99% game on australia side, we all cricket loving people know this …..and so this kind of assumption they do with people who dont know about cricket … in same way many times the people who dont know facts of life that is ALMIGHTY GRACE that is for all of us when we read and understand ALMIGHTY GRACE we never go to these astrologers…. after knowing the keys of unseen with ALMIGHTY GRACE

    1 none knows what is in the womb but ALMIGHTY knows

    2 none knows what will happen tommorow but ALMIGHTY knows

    3 none knows when it will rain but ALMIGHTY knows

    4 none knows where he or she will die but ALMIGHTY knows

    so ,these are true unseen keys of life and the facts of life
    so , friends when you gained knowledge in any field like film industry , sports and many more….fields….in life at one side of life you just can assumed the feels of life but what will happen next seconds no ones knows but ALMIGHTY knows it with whom GRACE we are writing articles on indicine site and many more…….
    yaa but when you go and read and understand religious facts of ALMIGHTY
    we all knows that ”neki sirf dil mein sochne se hi ek sawaab hojaayengaa “AAMEEN and friends when we beleved in ALMIGHTY 100% faithfully we are going to get 100% result in DIN and DUNIYAA AAMEEN with ALMIGHTY GRACE bcoz only ALMIGHTY knows what is better for us and ALMIGHTY gaves us every thing according to our capacity and at perfect time for us , so , if we truly beleved in ALMIGHTY we never go to any asrologers and xyz…..for ….any feels…..

    so , friends ready for next seconds , minutes and days ……………..
    with only and only ALMIGHTY GRACE

  • One wrong fact you have put about…

    Apart from these (Rajniti, Delhi 6, Victory) all films of Harman, Ranbir and Abhishek will not work at the box office” – WRONG. Harman and Abhishek didn’t have any other release in 2009, Wake Up Sid and Ajab Prem Ki did well for Ranbir.

    Harman had one more film.. Whats your rashee… that too bombed at box office… so to some extent this prediction was also right


    sunil its your feel and your view but for me i cant leave without using my ALMIGHTY name

    as we all know without ALMIGHTY GRACE no one can leave in this globe because of ALMIGHTY we all are here

    …. and had every good feels in life ….

    and then also if u had a problem then dont read my comment ok my ….colleague- sunil on this indicine site

    for me and all of us we are here ………
    with only and only ALMIGHTY GRACE

  • I dnt believe in this prediction and all bcoz no human know d future and regarding movies if d movie is good and everythng is fine from pramotion to release dt.thn its gonna work and if story and script is not good its not gng 2 work.

    m really really impresd man!u cant imagine how gud im feelin after reading ur fab article i luvd d way uve written it aspecialy d thing that uve mentioned ALMIGHTY GRACE in each n every line.
    its gr8…………….m glad that there r still such ppl like U.
    may u achive ur all goals in this mysterious life.(amin)

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