New Twist: The Maid was in love with Shiney!

There is a new twist to the ugly Shiney Ahuja rape case. The actor’s old maid has revealed that the maid, who has accused the actor of rape, was actually in love with him. Read on, to know what the maid had to say..

“The girl told me that she had a boy friend earlier who had gone to his village and married someone else. She also said she had now fallen in love with Shiney Ahuja. I said why are you talking like this? Does he love you too? She said I just love him, what do I do now?” The lady who used to work for Shiney previously also went on to say that she has known the actor from a long time now and that he just cannot do such a crime.

Yet another twist in this already complicated case, wonder what’s in store next..!



  • Of course, just because someone is in love does not mean they could not be raped. I pray that there is justice in this case, whatever it may be.

  • I already said it.. the maid had planned it.. I read in masala yesterday that another maid said that after 5.00pm, when the girl finished her work at Shiney’s premises, she asked her to go with her and not to stay there alone ( as the girl used to tell her friend that Shiney tried to touch her the day before!!) but she didn’t leave, the maid said, stayed there! So that means that she’s guilty and she wanted to trap him, the housemaid loved Shiney?! I don’t think so because when we love someone, we don’t try to ruin him, spoil his image & repultation or send him to jail.. and that’s what she did.

    What I think that happened is the following: the girl wanted to get close to the actor for any purpose, to let him fall in love with her, to marry her or to take her to the world of fame, to be an actress, and for sure she couldn’t make this dream come true, and probably she threatened him too.. so she sent him to the jail when she realized that he can’t help her in any way.. medical reports also could be a false.. everything can happen in this world and noone should be surprised.

    He was a good ladder for her to step up and fulfill her dreams!!

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