New Agneepath Photo

The curiosity around Hrithik Roshan’s Agneepath is tremendous and the film is still more 5 months away from release. The trailer will be unveiled tomorrow by Karan Johar (we will publish it by noon), but we have more of Agneepath for you.

Just received another photo of Agneepath.. It has Hrithik, drenched in rain with blood all over his face. The look and the intensity is superb! Could this be Hrithik’s Dabangg? What do you think of the new Agneepath photo? Tell us in the comments section below.

Before that, do check it out. Hrithik in Agneepath!

New Agneepath Photo - Hrithik Roshan

New Agneepath Photo - Hrithik Roshan



  • duugu alaways looks like as a he- man,,,plz dont compare him wid ,,salman or his movie……..nd i am sure dat dis will be a record breaker movie of B-TOWN. WE LOVE U,

  • can’t wait to see movie. Duggu is always too serious and gives vague imagination rather than fiction. All the same, he rocks. One love! Lol

  • dont compare hr wid dt shitt acttor salman khann …who cannot emote any thng wid his eyes n ve no basic qualities of an actor xcept luks…i ve nt seen salman bring tears out of his eyes in his silver jubilee career..salman khan iz nli degrading ind cinema by doin remakes of south…1nce up on time hindi viewers is 2 lauf @ south indian muviz…bt nw its a trend lolz…ppl bcomin more foolish coz of artist lyk salman khan…n dts d reason y overseas viewers give thumbsdown 2 dis actor….no awrds ,no acheivments …1 mre thng…v call him d biggest superstar go back 4 yrs ..a muvi called marigold came ..its collections wer 80 lakhs..shit…hw can a establshd actor lyk salman khan giv d biggst disaster f all tym..lolz..80 lakhs haha ..evn zayed khans muvi will cross @ least 5 cr lolz..

  • 2. he is an unmarried person

    but hr is best than others becoz he i the only complete hero indian cinema can ever had

  • as a film lover i can say

    ab- he is undoubted superstar but of his time i.e 1980s
    srk- brilliant actor but not feet for action when he does it seems to be unreal,he does littlebit excess drama
    amir -mr.perfect ,brilliant actor ,although gajni was a blockbuster but he is not enough feet for action
    salman -god father of film industry ,gr8 human,gr8 fan following ,looks gr8 in action,but not good actor
    ajay – realistic actor ,matured one,but not versatile as other
    akshya- khiladi kumar ,good in comic,action ,but not in all others

    HRITHIK- greek god ,complete hero ,can do action,comic as much needed for a hero character, superb body makes him gr8 in action,only actor who can compete with dancers of international level, romantic,gr8 voice,versatile,…..perfectionist ……………… he is the best ………..wht ever bo report says he is little dull in 2010 becoz he doesn’t do commercial based film but i sure in 2012 hr will rull bo with his films best of luck hr ……..

  • It will be good to see that how Hrithik has played Amitabh Bachchan’s role in Agneepath..
    Waiting eagerly for this movie :-)

  • if u dont know , then know the fact guis .

    actualy there are 4 option in the the mind of k. joher 4 the charecter of vijaya dinanath chauhan. 1) sahrukh 2) ammir 3) abhisek 4) hritik roshan. after a big observation of charecter k.joher took hritik as v d chauhan as k. joher said in rajat khqan home tv interview.

    v d chauhan ke lie har optin me koi nakoi kami nikal hi ata tha. but when k .joher come 2 observation 4 hritik, he even didnt find a demarit of him & final him for AGNEEPATH. as k .joher said on his blog.

    in simple word , hritik beats evryone in the 4 option as a perfect person

    looks- the best, he looks like a prince
    dance – every 1 knows i hvnt 2 say anything about his dance
    acting- just outstanding, as perform in dhoom 2, koi mil gaya, guzarish.
    performer- superb
    he is the best yar. amit ji & raj kapoor ke bad he is the next. no one else in the industry. thats the truth. agneepath will be a blukbuster


  • hr doesn copy n e 1…he iz js same genres n sam actin ,dsn care abt boxoffice,mst versatile actor d best of d best hr…u giv 100 flops ur fans wil b proud of wt u r n wt u ve dun n acheivd in v shrt tym…luv u

  • Hi…hrithik iam ur biggest fan plz contact me iam in himachal pradesh una aryanagar 91 pls whenever u come 2 himachal

  • Hritik is always best what he do in film action,dance…etc he is all rounder and i am saying that he best than shahrukh, salman, abhishek, they works on only fame but hritik is real….agnipath .agnipath .agnipath

  • Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii hrithik,i m ur biggest fan,i can do every thng for u. U r my inspiration ad my dream actor,u hv a grt personality. I lv u bottom of my heart nd lv u all. Dr plzzzzz……contact me Ph no.8876314742. Plzzzz SIR

  • 1st of al hrithik has evry thng… Body,luk,height,dance total al rounder great personalty killer luk.. Nd one thng i wnt 2 say dnt compare diz future superstar wid salman d loser actor who even does nt no how to act.. M die heart fam of hrithik.we al love u bst of luk 4 agneepath and up cmng movies

  • dude you are doing well. and you are the best mard in indian cinema .solid hai of luck for the future. god bless you bhai.

  • sanjay dutt is looking very different. I like him, katrina is looking very hot in song. i like the item song. Hritik is always best what he do in film action,dance…etc he is all rounder and i am saying that he best he works on only fame but hritik is real….agnipath .agnipath .agnipath.
    I saw the trelor. every artist look is diferent. i hope its a nice move for us.


  • Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Hrithik,i m ur biggest fan,i can do every thng for u . U r my idol , I am ur fan frm KNPH to yet . I saw ur all movie first day First show pls cntct me 9970334344. or gv me rply

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