Neil Nitin makes father’s dream come true

Veteran singer Nitin Mukesh, who turned 60 on Sunday, got his life’s most cherished gift, a Mercedes, from son Neil Nitin Mukesh.

A Mercedes is one car that the senior Mukesh had wanted to own almost all his life. ‘You had to see his expression when I took him blindfolded to the garage where the car was parked. He jumped up and down and squealed like a child,’ Neil says excitedly.

‘He then ran to his best friend’s apartment and got him down to see the car. The two of them were like school kids on their first outing to Disneyland. It was full paisa-vasool for me.’ he added.

For Neil, this was the proudest moment so far. ‘If I’m earning a certain amount of money, my biggest wish is to make my family happy. I planned the car for a year for dad’s birthday,’ he says.

‘When I bought myself the Audi Q7 last year, dad was like… ‘Ok, but Merc’s the car for me.’ Then itself, I decided the gift for his 60th birthday,’ chuckles Neil.

On Sunday, the entire family drove in the golden Mercedes to Amby Valley to celebrate Papa Nitin Mukesh’s birthday.

‘My whole family is here. For dad’s birthday, we took a boat into the middle of the lake and stayed in the waters the whole day, singing my grandfather’s (Mukesh) songs. There’s nothing I enjoy more than being with my family,’ he adds.

Neil says he doesn’t miss his love life. ‘Between my family and work, there’s no room for love. It isn’t as if I’m not going out with girls. But nothing serious is happening,’ he quips.


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