My upbringing is simple, I shy away from talking wrong: SRK

Shahrukh KhanA ‘self aware’ actor will never do a film that is not an extension of his personality, believes superstar Shah Rukh Khan, who refrains from saying or doing certain things.

“I do believe that an actor, who is self aware, will never do a film that is not an extension of his personality,” Shah Rukh, who has acted in more than 75 films, including romantic, action thrillers and dramas, said.

He shared his views while in conversation with lyricist Prasoon Joshi at an event where he was honoured with Rajasthan Patrika Concerned Communicator Award.

“No matter how good I am as an actor..I can do this role also, that also, I can also prepare…lot of things I can do to change my personality and be in the role that I want to be. But as hard as I will try, I don’t think it can ever go beyond my upbringing,” he said.

“So, somewhere I feel that my upbringing is very simple. My parents have taught me good things, personally I shy away from talking something wrong,” he said.

In his glorious career Shah Rukh has essayed negative roles in “Darr”, “Baazigar” and “Anjaam”, and later earned the tag of ‘Badshah of Romance’ by playing a perfect lover boy in romantic films like “Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge”, “Dil To Pagal Hai” and “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai”.

He was also lauded for doing films like “Swades” and “Chak De! India”.

The actor said that his personality reflects in the kinds of films he does.

“I can’t say some things in the films. I feel that it will not look good when I will watch them with my kids, even alone. There is a natural censorship inside my system,” the 47-year-old said.

“But having said that, I don’t know if that censorship is so personal that it may happen, especially my sense of humour, that people get me wrong, it hurts some sentiments, it disturbs lot of people,” added the actor, who has been involved in many controversies also.

Currently, the actor is busy promoting his forthcoming film “Chennai Express”. Directed by Rohit Shetty, it features Deepika Padukone as the female lead.



  • He doesnt say nythng WRONG in films but he cn Defenitly Perfrm OBSCENE SCENES ,and dat 2 in kids film eg ra1 hs scene wid Kareena ven he places hs hands on her___
    u knw what
    I mean

  • i m always a fan of srk’s selection of muvis …and more of his tendency that he always listens to his heart…
    Irrespective of the b.o. Success, he has taken lot of risks thats separate him in different category..

  • Yes Srk’s upbringing is the only thing which is simple while everything else looks complex onscreen and offscreen.

  • There is natural censorship in Srk’s system as said by him above which was seen in his movie Maya Memsaab.

  • Srk thinks that he has sense of humour but it is insult for other people.So Srk should keep his sense of humour limited to his movies only bcoz it can help his movies at the box office otherwise people like Shirish kunder will show their sense of humour through twitter after his movie release which Srk will not like.

  • @xzone Yes Aamir,Shahrukh,
    Hrithik r Superstars who listen to there heart and take a lot of risks.But Truly succesful between these is Aamir khan.

  • Note down @xzone,
    gud obsrvtn bro.. @sachin11 Maya memsab ws a forgettable film but u r jus too good !

  • @Day. Aamir khan is a method actor while Shah Rukh Khan is Natural actor. Aamir khan do few films, he takes a lot time to analayse the script bcuz he is not a spontaneous person nor spontaneous actor. He listen to his brain while doing a specific film. But in Sharukh case, he do films listening to his heart. He is spontaneous person and spontaneous actor as well. And second thing is, Aamir khan is highly over-rated bcuz in his entire career he had given 4 extra ordinary films ( Lagaan, DCH, TZP and RDB) where as Sharukh given 3 extra ordinary films ( Swadesh, CDI and MNIK) but the difference is, In lagaan and TZP, people were praising Aamir khan’s script selection. However, in Swadesh and CDI(which is a great film by itself) people were praising sharukh’s acting. Aamir khan has utilised his full potential as an actor or may be more but sharukh didnt utilised his full potential as an actor yet, that’s why in various forums, fans still requesting SRK to act in films like swadesh and CDI so that he dont waste his talent

  • @day…..i m not agree wid u completely…..yeha..aamir too is experimenting, but don’t say that he has not failed while experimenting….he has also some bad results…but of course…he has also given some new flavors to bollywood…

  • @sachin11…yeah srk is not humorous at all…but i think that u definitely found that dialogue of dabang “saas kha se le aur paade kha se”….more humorous than anything else….isn’t it?????
    so guys like u can’t find srk as humorous , bcoz definition for humor for u guys is different….and those criteria can only be fulfilled by ur beloved sallu, shakti kapoor and chunkey pandey….so go and enjoy those humorous moments wid them…:P

  • Shahrukh u r true human being wid atticates n great sense of humour…!!
    Wish u achieve even greater heights in future n make all of us n india proud…
    Hatzzz offf 2 u…
    P.S.-Eagerly waitin foh chennai xpress
    Hope it wil b an all time blockbuster in sha Allah

  • @soroop dats y I m saying a truly succesful is Aamir khan he ws d producer,actor in lagaan and produce,actor,director in TZP while shahrukh ws jus an actor in CDI and swadesh

  • @soroop
    agreed with u, jst an addition- i think aamir has always worked with good directors and thats not the case with srk and for some odd reason srk the performer is overshadowed by srk the star.

  • @soroop, you are wrong, even srk’s best onscreen pair Kajol said Salman is the most natural actor. He doesn’t go about doing preparation, or into specifics, he just plays that character.

    If you think am wrong, go google it, and you will find it.

  • Aaamir is the king of risks. Even Aamir said srk plays it safe.

    Salman plays to the masses

    Srk plays to soft romantics

    Ranbir is the next star who doesn’t mind taking risk

    everyone has their own strengths.

  • I know who is Shahrukh Khan from the first film he did in Diwana.. he doesn’t even need to explain himself to anyone.. we also know what’s the personality of the other actors as well e.g. Salman Khan.. a good and a bad boy in the same time.. the actor plays himself during his movies, a part of his personality would be very clear to the audience when he’s acting and in every movie he does, when he’s smiling, when he’s angry, when he’s joking, when he’s romancing, etc.

  • @jc
    then y aamir didnt took darr?? he is still to play challenging roles like srk did in mnik or hrithik in koi mil gaya and talking of risk, wat u hav to say on ra1??

  • @soroop aamir is a natural actor he is not overrated.srk is the most overrated actor in history of indian cinema

  • @beingsallufan aamir has done challenging role in his 2nd film Raakh in which he won national award.and also done challenging roles in movies like1947 earth.lagaan.rangeela,while srk scared and refused to do challenging roles in lagaan.munnabhaimbbs

  • @beingsallufan. There u go
    @JC. why didnt Aamir didnt acted in darr if he is a king of risk? lol. Tell me 1 character where aamir khan played complex (risky) character apart from Gajini where he copied tamil actor Surya literally. Go watch Tamil Gajini and then u ill come to know aamir didnt made even single change in his acting. Aamir plays tapori roles very well eg: Rangeela, Raja hindustani, Ghulam, Mela, In these movie he played same role and repeated himself and ur saying he is a risk taker!! and even in DCH, his acting is same but in different get up.
    And what u said Salman khan is a natural actor! so is Imam siddiqi and lot of really show star who act well being themself in TV. Acting is being a character not being themself. I am not saying Salman is a bad actor but he is no where close to actors like Vivek oberoi and Arjun rampal and pls leave sharukh or aamir bcuz they are far ahead in terms of acting
    @prince. Sharukh is not an over-rated actor bcuz he isnt getting the credit what he actually deserves. But Aamir is, bcuz he is getting a alot more than what he deserves

  • @soroop who r u to decide how much aamir deserves ?? U idiot a Risk takr is d one WHO CHOOSES A SCRIPT TO PRODUCE,ACT OR DIRECT A FILM WHICH NO ONE HaS DARED TO TOUCH AND GOES AGAINST THE USUAL NORMS IN D INDUSTRY!


  • @soroop by taking risk aamir has done negative character in his 2nd film itself critically acclaimed film Raakh.aamir won the prestigious national award for this film.after watching aamirs acting in raakh.yashji offered aamir to do negative character in darr but aamir refused it because he already done negative character in raakh so he doesnt like to do same Srk did darr but poor srk did not win a national award while aamir won national award for Raakh.infact srk never got a national award in his entire career shame on srk.aamir is the best srk is a average actor.

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