Rangoon revolves around my character: Kangana Ranaut

Bollywood star Kangana Ranaut, who awaits the release of her film ‘Rangoon’, has said the film has a very strong female character and is a perfect film to release during Women’s Day.

Kangana also said the entire story of ‘Rangoon’ revolves around her character.

“In ‘Rangoon’, Julia is a strong female character and the story revolves around her. Therefore, I believe that this film is quite important for Women’s Day and perfect to enjoy on that occasion” Kangana said.

She also said the film will be promoted in Jammu and Kashmir near the army camp.

“Going by the plot of the film, we are going to Jammu and Kashmir to promote the film. We will be promoting the film in between the army camp.”

Also starring Shahid Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan, Rangoon releases in theatres on February 24. Women’s day is on March 8.



  • Among the rangoon star cast who has the biggest grosser

    yes,its kangana…shahid and saif r far behind

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  • She is really most talented actress in the Bollywood . I liked her so much in Queen and Tanu weds manu returns the most “

  • Kangna ranaut was earlier offered sultan which have megastar Salman Khan at same time as Rangoon .Everyone knows that sultan is excellent movie. But she choose Rangoon insteed of sultan. Means that “kuch toh baat hai”. I am sure Rangoon will be excellent movie that why she choose Rangoon instead of sultan.

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  • @khiladi
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  • This film will tank as film is very expensive and shahid fans and saif fans will stay away as these two have supporting roles in this film. Vishal bharadwaj is not a universal director film will have to do big business in cities to have a chance and let’s not forget the censor board Sab maze ke scene or dialogue cut kardenge if you go to high court and win against them they will leak the film online. So film has no chance at box office

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