My Choice: Deepika Padukone finally breaks her silence

Actress Deepika Padukone finally broke her silence on the much-criticised ‘My Choice’ video, where she was accused of endorsing infidelity and sex outside marriage.

“Mixed reactions did not bother me. It was a bit disappointing to know that certain lines were pulled out of context and blown completely out of proportion and we missed the larger point that the film was trying to make.. And then in the process accusing me endorsing infidelity, I found that a bit silly, honestly” Deepika said in an interview with the Press Trust Of India.

The ‘Piku’ star described the institution of marriage as a ‘holy and sacred’.

“I never have endorsed infidelity. I know what the institution of marriage means to me, It is extremely holy and sacred. I am someone, who completely believes in being faithful and honest and in trust. It is an institution I truly believe in. I am not defending anything, people are right in their place if they have an issue with it.”

“I just felt disappointed that they felt I am endorsing certain things that I do not. I can clarify now and say no I do not endorse infidelity. I never have never will it is something I have not put up in the past in my life as well” she said.

Deepika also said that she didn’t agree with a few things that was said in the video, but decided to do it for the “larger message” that the film was trying to make.

“When the script was shared with me, there was not one but a couple of lines that even I didn’t agree with at a personal level but I realised they needed me more for the larger message the film was trying to make.”

“I went ahead and was more than happy to be a part of it because I realised myself that there was a larger issue that we were dealing with and that we are dealing with. Just like the other 98 women who were the part of the video, I agreed to be a part of it,” she said.



  • Oh man,This woman can go to any limits for Publicity..”Cleavage Controversy” during CE… My choice during Finding Fanny and it took her two months to Realise and clarify..oh wait isn’t “Piku” going to release soon ?,Yeah why not clarify now as its the best time to get publicity for Piku

    This Deepika is worst than all other actresses..She is another example of a Media Created Star like Ranbir Kapoor,Ranveer Singh etc..
    Ek e thali ke chatte batte hai yeh sab..

  • Nice natural expressions by deepika in piku.our king must learn frm her what is natural acting?

  • Deepika, you should be responsible what you say. Such a video can have a negative impact on youth minds and destroy Indian culture.
    Go and watch KRK’s review of video. First time in history KRK said something meaningful and was praised.

  • Aww feel so sorry for all those modern hypocrites who wasted so much of their precious time in supporting this garbage…..even the face of this video does not agree to it…..LOL

  • @ bajrangi bhaijan..
    bro its gud if u use ur own id…as its confusing to others….

  • Irony?

    someone participates in a drivel called #mychoice which endorse things against your choice. lol.

  • bollywood illitrate morons need to know everything is not about SEX… SEX CHOICE… BLA BLA… education…dowry.. child abuse… child labour.. harashment at workplace…these r real points… why to show off when ur knowlage n IQ is similar to sajid khan…
    do films only… daye malya or watever n leave these sensitive topics to aamir.. salman or kangna only…

  • After cleavage and recently her choice.she is depressed to knowing result of his best friend allu kapor movie (FF-TVR)average 35 cr.
    However, the new name of allu kapoor is king of 35cr.

  • She said it.. didn’t mean all of it.. doesnt endorse it… argued abt those lines ..and still did it………… all in one go, btw

  • Akki should now make a video called ‘My choice- whether to give a 60 cr grosser or 30 cr grosser.’

  • This article has nothing to do with Akshay, still people are commenting bout him. Power of AKKI.

  • Movies 3 Idiots and the PC does not have a negative impact on the minds of young people and not destroy Indian culture?

  • Haters are Making Akshay more and more famous
    gabbar has beaten the lifetime time business of deepika’s FF in just 2days and lifetime business ranbir kapoors & arjun kapoors last 2 movies in 4 days
    so Floppy G everybody knows who should work with whom to save his or her career

  • What a time to break silence Deepika?? Smart way to increase ‘Piku’ buzz. She has learnt a lot of cheap tricks in company of Farah and Srk !!!!!!! I dont like her from start and will never like her !!!!!!!

  • Not interested in her & in her statements or any other thing !

    She is just Lucky !
    she is no where close to Katrinas beauty .

  • @sss : The biggest idiots like you think 3 idiots was crap. India has given it is verdict by making first 200 crs movies and an ATBB. So chanting anything about it after 6 years will not yield anything. Better worry about ‘Kujhliwaale’ coming this Christmas !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Srk not only helped deepika by launching her but also taught what to say in media to create buzz for films.Poor Deepika.
    I don’t have problem with its message but the way the film start by skin show and stripping.What kind of start for a my
    @hrithik chaturs like complan boy and his female partner @raysa thinks 3 idiots is not a great film.Actually those who loved 3 idiots are idiots and those who not are chaturs, no need to tell who is better in the film.
    Mnik,jthj,CE,hny are masterpieces and 3i is crap.God saves chatur fans.

  • i agree with most of what the video says. a humans life is his/her personal life & no one has the rights to question it. period

    #end groupism in name of religion
    #end groupism in name of nation

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