Mustafa rocks in India with Awarapan

Get prepared to be transported into another realm by the extra talented Mustafa Zahid,Pakistani singer. He creats a place for himself in the bollywood film industry with his excellent musical tracks for Bhatt’s Awarapan. His songs ‘Toh Phir Aao’ & ‘Tera Mera Rishta’ from Awarapan are climbing up the charts at a lightning pace.

The ‘Bhatts’ welcome with open arms their second musical discovery after Atif Aslam.

Mustafa Zahid said “I love the fact that I have made my debut through Mr. Bhatt. They are the ones who have found out my hidden talent. I would love to work in every movie of theirs in the future because the kind of comfort, attitude and energy they have is unbelievable. That does not mean that I won’t work with anybody else. As far as I get to work in a comfortable atmosphere, I will be ready to take up the offer.I have been approached by a lot of labels and some producers after the success of both my tracks from Awarapan. I am now very choosy about my next project and will take my time to decide which film or record label to sign next after the release of Awarapan.”

When asked about his favourite actor or actress, Mustafa said “ShahRukh Khan all the way, any day. He is loved by all in Pakistan. As far as my favourite actress is concerned, I like Pooja Bhatt because she has been my crush since my childhood. Though Mahesh Bhatt doesn’t know the fact that I had a crush on her, so I have to be very careful. I did request him that I wanted to meet Pooja but it didn’t happen. Next time I visit India, I’ll make sure that my trip is worthwhile.”



  • Mustafa zahid is a intihai bay sura singer, who cant sing in sur, lay and ……..means he is nothing……..he is just a paisay wala guy havinig paisa vaisa and promotes himself oin the baisis of paisa…….nothing more nothing less…………i dont know why maheesh bhut is taking such bullshit peoiple like atif aslam and zahid mustafa and meera etc…………….he himself has no sense of music or a bad sense of music………..bussssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • u idiot kishore kumar dont u dare say any thing about pakistani singers I know that meera is bad but Mustafa Zahid and Atif aslam rox……..there is no rock or pop scene in india (except for PLAYBACK SINGING) so u dont know anything about it.So shutup.

  • You simply dont know anything about music, so thats why you are calling me idiot.However you yourself is an idiot, cz i know better than so many people about mustafa’s singing, cz i gave company to him as a musician in a family show in islamabad(i myself am a music composer/arranger/singer and am a student of Mr.Adnan sami khan), and mustafa did sing two or three kishore kumar’s songs in a way that i ate a lexilium tablet after that show due to headache and depression.I am the greatest fan of mr kishore kumar and i cant tollerate if someone sings kishore’s songs out of notes, by the grace of Allah i can sing kishore kumar’s songs and any film songs very well, plz do watch Voice of india and listen to harshit and abhas,and then talk to me. if you want to watch me as well goto

    plz mind ur language and dont say anything indecent in future ,talk to me with logic, bcz a music related person can be a better judge of a singer rather than a non music person. mind it.

  • hey u stupid idiot kishor kumar mind ur language dont u dare to say any thing abt pakistani ok coz we r much much better than u bluddy indians bluddy dhoni youraj and other stupid looser player of ur india

  • nOOR AND Mariyam
    SISTERS dON,T MIND cOZ when ever pakistan get some thing good india’s … burn he he he he he so thats why i don,t mind. these kinda pplz have fun kishore kumar and i got that ur a singer to but no body wana be near to ya ha ha ha ha ha ha coz panadol is not free any more ha ha ha ha

    SO love u all and have a great fun more about me


    bye bye

  • hi my name is mishal im mustafa’s biggest fan on earth i live in america i m gonna go pakistan this july 2008 just to see his concert ttyl

  • Mishal

    Thats good that you are comming Pakistan WELCOME always and if you are comming why don,t you join me i mean don,t know you will come back or can say you will go back safely so welcome here in my city to and if you are a biggest fan of mustafa then i am a biggest AC, room coller of Mustafa and ur just Fan he he he he he he he ( just jocking sis ) have fun and have a great time with that great singer he really rocks and don,t forget meeeeeeeeee to.

    thank u ( reader)


  • hey u idiot ksihor kumar, how dare u to speak like that about my musti , i will kill u!!! Pakistnis are just the best! and indians not!

    If u have nothing good to say about pakistanis then shut up and go to hell

  • i am sorry but saima sister app too gusa he kar gaye hay i know Payar may aysa he hota hay and but etna gusa larkeyo pay acha nahe lagta skin khrab hoti hay sunaa hay aysa

    ha ha ha ha ha

    just jocking have fun yarr and kishor ko jaysa hay rahna doo

    ha ha ha baycharaaaaaaaaaa

  • hey asim, ur right , Jo pakistnis seh jalta hai, jalne do hum par kohi farq nahin parhe ga. We all are proud to be pakistanis ! We all have to keep smiling ( like u).


  • thank u

    may too waysa be SHARAG-E-SHAB houn jal be gaya too ketni see roshni doun ga ais leya better to smile EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ha ha ha ha ha aha aur Keshoor bhi koe jali bune baatt nahe kah rahaya waysa app ko aik baat batyoun keshor bhi K app hama lakh bura kah layyyyyyyyyy

    ham jaysa milna koe nahe hay paroosi ha ha ha ha ha

    aur waysa be koe Dukh hay too muja batyoo may panadol Daam kar k doun ga aik dammm lash pash hoo jayoo gayy haaannnn

    ha ha ha ha thanks for reading just jocking yarr

    Have a cute sweet life dreams days every think

    and don,t forget to click ha ha ha ha thank u

  • i have a message for kishore kumar if he doesn’t like mustafa zahid then he shouldn’t tell anyone he should just carry on with listening to kishore kumar songs and we should do the same with mustafa zahid there’s no point of telling anyone how bad mustafa is [just my opinion]

  • heyy mishal i am going also to pakistan on june 25 with my family this summervacation just to see my family in pakistan , ( i live in Holland) but is the concert in karachi? so maybe i will be able to go there.


  • i don’t know but i am gunna see because my cousins live in karachi and they say that their gunna take me so let’s hope and if there will be see u there

  • oooooooooooooooooooo its mean we are gonna see eatch other in karachi wowowoowoow

    ha ha ha ha ha ( Just jocking yarr ) i am not in Pakistan ooopssss

    Salam all sis and bro

    well i just wana say that have fun dears and i am little sad that i din,t find Keshoor massage again i wana talk to him to let him know that weeeeeeeeeeeee rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr theeeeeeeeeeeee best.

    ha ha ha ha ha

    and again don,t 4get to click


  • I think that Kishore has learned his lesson and is afraid to talk…hahah.
    We all are proud to be pakistanis, no matter weher we live, we love our people. And musti is the prove, cuz he has many pakistani fans all over tha world.! And Asim where do u live? Its very cool ur website hahah.mashallah u are a good web designer ! keep it up maybe u can start earning money with it !

    allah hafiz

  • Asim sahib ya ”SHARAG-E-SHAB houn jal be gaya too ketni see roshni doun ga” wali baat kahan sa sikhi ha?

  • jawad bhi hay apna aik cahanay walay aun say seekhi hay but abe woo kuch door hay ais leya aun ki yaad may kabi kabi neqal jati hay mou say agar app ko bura laga hay too

    koee baat nahe kabi kabi koe cheez mind be karni chaya ha ha ha ha ha ha

    aur suna jani kaysa hay and kaya hall ahwal hay and hows babi and family and have lots of fun in UK united karachi ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • every thing is f9 shine and hoping to get better job, babi is good and family as well as. It is like United Karachi for me till now ha ha ha. I am having all conversations in Urdu.

    Maherbani janab yaad kerna ki. oo bari batan zahan ma ati han yahan per. specialy jab ham pindi gaya tha degree attestation ka liya or jab shamo ka flat ma sowya tha or bakri sa khana khaya tha market ka round lagya tha wo manzar bar bar yaad ata ha. dil kerta ha dona strange places per phirta raha or gappa marta rahan. missing you yara. tc.

  • Thanks for the comments mayri jan k totay may tuja buhat miss kar raha houn waysa aik bat hay apni to pahchan he khtam ho jaye hay jhelum say yarr har koe salam baad may layta hay and puchta hay Jawad kaha hay khyar hayy and all that i am missing u like castad miss jelly and like my fan miss Electric.. ha ha ha ha ha but every thing will be ok its ALLAH’s world and he,ll do it more funny and sweet after letting us to be togeather. he he he and by the way 4 your information mr jawad Ali its a place for commenting mustafa and me and my eyes both can,t see any kinda mass from your side to mustafa so take your time to think that and comment and you know what the song we was trying to searc

    Tum say ya rastay Q ho gaya juda

    its his song and i find that from apni ISP and the title is Yadday thats so co0l i love this man ( i am actullay not like that ) i am saying coz of his singing talant

    see ya bro and have tuns of funs oooo my God how could u without me ha ha ha ha ha

    May ALLAH give u all happy and long life and may full fill all of your wishes .

  • Mustafa is fantastic.His To Fir Aao n Tera Mera Rishta touches your heart. wish will hear many more numbers from him in future.

  • My heart says leave everything this uk shu ka or bahi ka pass urr ka chala jao. but you know there are lot of things we cant do. I am waiting for the right time. I feel like i am dead when i cant reach u and i feel awake when i am with. the time we spent togather is the best time of my life and i am ready to pay most of my energy to get the same time but in more good situation. I;ll be same but more good in future when we ll meet. May you get all happiness and love. If there is something i am living with its that i may bring happiness and stability in life of all of us. may i succeed. i cant have friend like u be with me always. thanks.

  • hi cutey i wana say ( to jawad) that you r kinda my heart and i can,t lose you so be with me and always think that time and you,ll always smile and don,t worry i am not gonns be a big boy you,ll find me the same as i was and i,ll always try my best to teas you in all the ways and i,ll net you fell that i am a good guy now as i am but not for you and i thing again copyed i remember

    togeather we are strong.. ha ha ha ha hha HSBC

    and Yunas Fan naam he rah agaya hay ( light he nahe hoti)

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha but pakistan is always a best place to find lots of love friends and happyness

    have fun dear i am always here to help you and i,ll be 4ever there and here to teas you ha ha ha ha ha

  • Yes it was a nice time and i found you a total different person when you came back from dubia last time you was seriously mature and was talking about things which were heart touching jig. By the way thanks for telling me the name of song i ev got it now ~yaddian~ TUM SAY YA RASTA Q HO GAYA JUDO its a very nice track and heart touching as well. you can make jokes jig yunas fan wala is very funny i was laughing (too much ha) ya to suddenly kha data ha asa joke ha na? ha ha ha ha. HSBC wali baat bhi bohat maza ki ha i enjoyed it. i saw another dream that i was back in Pakistan and had a lot money in my pocket, every one was greeting me and smiling at me but you was not there and i was asking to everybody where is asim where is asim i asked to your mother she says first he has gone to dubia yesterday and i got very up set as this dream was like reality to me. after some time some one tells me that you are just out side and coming back soon so i keep waiting for you and i wake up and found myself in a room which wasnt in Pakistan. I didnt meet you in my dream but i felt too much, everyeyes was on me and my eyes were on you to my friend to just meet and see him to be alive again. Missing you yara. wishing everything is gona be good.

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