Must See New Look: Abhishek Bachchan

Abhishek Bachchan has kicked out not 5, not 10 but 15 kilograms of weight off his long-time shapeless body, for his epic role in Mani Ratnam’s Ravan. We have a comparative picture of Abhishek’s previous look (probably Dostana) and his current look for Ravan, for which he has been on a very strict diet, as he shoots with wife Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Ravi Kishen in the jungles of Kerala.

The first thing that struck me when i saw the pic was, I bet its morphed. But then Google helped me figure out that Abhishek has indeed lost immense amount of weight. To be frank, in the pic, he looks plain weird!

Check it out and leave your commetns on the younger B’s new slim look for Ravan!

Abhishek\'s new look for Mani Ratnam\'s Ravan!



  • If I was looking at the image on the right from a medical point of view my immediate thought is that ABISHEK is ill. It’s obvious the weight loss is dramatic & I don’t know how he achieved it but it looks like he’s taken extreme measures to achieve this look. If this IS just for RAVAN I hope after filming he follows a sensible plan to get back to a more normal and healthy weight for him. He looks frail & not at all well.

  • hey guys the picture is a fake. its has been touched up …the head seems weird and not proportionate to the body…someone has just croped the head of abishek into this thin body ..haha

  • i sometimes do not believe this is the same funny, naughty Abhishek we knew before his marriage. Marriage for him happened at the wrong time…just when his career was on an upswing…now he is just a pale shadow of his former self. Hrithik is fortunate, Suzanne did not have a negative effect on his career. just listening to Abhishek’s interviews these days are so boring- both his father and himself sound like Ashwariya has prepared their speeches.

  • He was better before, not nice Abhishek.. and I don’t know why some ppl on this website make fun of him and say bad stuff about his look!!! He’s not a bad looking actor, he’s just ok but needs to change his hair style sometimes.. compare the 2 pictures, before and after dieting.. you’ll find the 1st one is much better and in the 2nd one.. he looks ill, became like a lizard!!

  • Neutral if you look closely, the thing (chain) on his neck is the same on both the pics also his body language is the same.

    And he has lost 15 kgs (he was around 85 before) for his new movie. So his current weight is around 70, which for his height of 6 feet 2 inches is too less!

  • this guy looks a complete ass..he may change his look or whatever but he will always llok like an orangutan…or rather a chimgadar..hes the most unsellable actor tight now i wonder how he is in movies he looks like an auto driver

  • Noooooooo Waaaaaayyyyy……..This is a complete fake image of mine, its photoshop they used…don’t worry guys I looks way different than that (better)….If I looked like this my sexy/hot wife Ash would kill me.

  • who is amitabh bacchan. does he act in movies. i saw on tv that he watched DRONA and fell ill and was admitted to hospital. is he the same guy. i dont watch much movies only TV SERIALS, REALITY SHOWS N NEWS R MY FAVOURITE

  • I have to agree with shani…abhisek before his marriage was an interesting and playful character..just check out his interview on koffee with karan..his funny and witty and flamboyant…now his a bit boring..bit bland..his interview are becoming more and more simillar to aishwarya rai’s (who is by the way very boring interviews!!)..however it didn’t have to be this way..srk and hrithik have always been married but they always come across as charming and funny and witty…ash seems to have sucked the life out of little B!! lol

  • AB should take steroids and build his BODY!! :) it worked for me!! and for JHON ABRAHAM LINCOLN THE 25inch BICEP and SALMAN KHAN

  • This is a badly morphed picture, I can see it clearly that this a fake picture. By lossing the weight body doesn’t get deformed.
    Stupid post ??

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