Music composer Himesh to continue with acting

Even before the release of the movie Aap Ka Surroor, Himesh had plans of making its sequel. Post release, Himesh confirms that he is all set to pursue acting and not go back to music composing.

Now that AAP KAA SURROOR has released, people are curious to know whether Himesh Reshammiya would continue acting or get back to what he?s best at — scoring music for films? ?Had AAP KAA SURROOR failed at the ticket window, I would?ve gone back to composing music. But now that the verdict is out, I?ve decided to pursue acting,? Himesh tells me.

The music composer turned singer turned actor is already going ahead with AAP KAA SURROOR 2, the sequel to the first part. Also, Himesh would take up acting assignments offered by independent production houses. ?The offers have started pouring in. But I don?t intend doing 10/11 films every year. At the most two films per year would suffice,? he divulges his plan of action.

Meanwhile, Himesh is least perturbed by the talk that a section of the paying public don?t rate his acting skills too highly. ?They are entitled to their opinion. I respect that. But I would strive hard to prove myself. I am ready to face challenges. With the blessings of my parents and the Almighty, I?ve come this far. I?d scale greater heights if they continue to bless me,? he states with utmost humility.

Source: indiafm


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