Munnabhai is the biggest franchise in Bollywood: Ormax Media

Munnabhai M.B.B.S. The Munnabhai series has been voted the biggest franchise with a value of Rs.500 crore, says a survey conducted by Ormax Media and Research Company.

The “Munna Bhai” franchise raced ahead leaving behind “Dabangg” and “Golmaal”, among others, with 69 percent votes. Other movies got below 65 percent votes, said a statement.

The two films in the franchise – “Munnabhai M.B.B.S.” and “Lage Raho Munna Bhai” – were directed by Rajkumar Hirani under the Vidhu Vinod Chopra Films Pvt Ltd. banner. While the first movie was on the education system and the society, the second film focused on common man’s problems.

The third film in the Munna Bhai franchise is titled “Munna Bhai Chale Dilli”, which will be directed by Subhash Kapoor. Sanjay Dutt and Arshad Warsi, who were in the first two films, will reprise their roles as Munnabhai and Circuit, respectively, in the third instalment.



  • Another survey will say Dabangg or Dhoom or Golmaal.But if there is a survey conducted by anyone for top 4 then surely Munnabhai,Dabangg,Golmaal and Dhoom will be there in top 4 with different positions of different surveys.

  • definately munna bhai should be biggest franchise because its not only entertain but also touches our hearts not like Dhoom where negative character become the hero of movie or like krissh superhero flick purely fictional and not like Golmaal series only entertains but not required now and Last Dabangg only one man Show Salman although Dabangg 1 was one of my fav movie but i was very disappointing with Dabangg2 so i hope meither Dabangg 3 nor Golmaal 4 will made…..

  • dabbaang is da most worst franchise wile dhoom franchise will become da joke of da decade when amir appears in it

  • I dont know what made the Golmal sequels to work. I mean it was pretty brash comedy which depended more on violence and stupidity to work. The first one was done the best and felt very genuine. Dabang I have no comments. For indian public to be that crazy about it…..
    Don and Dhoom are good action franchises. But not as good as Munnabhai.

  • Don doesn’t deserve to be in this, as it is a copy of an original hit movie.

    Rest all are originals, except the idea of golmaal 1 was taken from a mallu film, but it got a totally fresh treatment than the original.

    For me, Munnabhai comes first followed by Dabanng & Dhoom, but only Dabangg 1 and Dhoom 1 were the best, and comparatively Dabangg 2 was far better than the glossy Dhoom2. Looking forward to D3 though with Aamir at the helm.

  • Munnabhai series is truly the best and the biggest because it has it all – box office, talent and quality. Raju’s 3 Idiots also had derivatives from Munnabhai MBBS. Surely the next Munnabhai film would’ve broken all records had Raju Hirani focused to make that film.

    Dhoom franchise is just glamour and box office. For Aamir fans’ information it was already huge (remember how Aamir despite both Fanaa and RDB couldn’t come close to Hrithik’s Dhoom 2 in 2006!). Only now Aamir will depend on it to give him his first clean hit after 3 Idiots!

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