Mumbai police to file FIR against Shahrukh Khan

The Maharashtra State Commission for Child Rights (MSCCR) has asked police to file an FIR against Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan for using foul language in the presence of children after an IPL match at Wankhede Stadium in 2012.

“A.N. Tripathi, Secretary, MSCCR issued the orders two days ago (March 18) to investigate the matter after registering an FIR under relevant provisions of the Indian Penal Code and Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection) Act 2000 (as amended 2006), Sec. 23 and submit a copy to the Commission,” Abha Singh, an activist-lawyer pursuing the matter, told IANS.

“An enquiry has also been ordered for not registering the FIR in the matter.”


Singh said in view of the commission orders, police would have to file the FIR against Khan for hurling filthy abuses in public, threats, assaulting on-duty public servants and illegal assembly.

Besides, the state home department must immediately launch a detailed probe into why the FIR was not registered in the matter, she added.

On May 16, 2012, Khan got into an ugly spat with officials of the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) after an IPL match between Mumbai Indians and Kolkata Knight Riders here.

MCA officials had alleged that Khan engaged in fisticuffs with some security personnel and when they intervened, he threatened them. He was also hurling dirty abuses in the presence of small children.

Mumbai Police had registered a non-cognisable offence against Khan and three others and the actor was banned from entering the MCA premises for five years by a panel headed by late union minister Vilasrao Deshmukh.

Social activist Amit Maru had lodged the first complaint with the MSCCR as the matter was serious and infringed the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Child, Singh said.

In the complaint, Singh said Maru detailed the law with reference to acts where filthy abuses would mentally hurt a child and the act tantamounted to cruelty to children.

“After months of efforts, ultimately justice is prevailing on Khan who seriously violated rights of small children by uttering very dirty abuses before such innocent children in the Wankhede brawl matter,” Singh said.

“He could run away from justice because police who ought to have complied with the law violated that very law which it was required to implement.”

Singh said: “Hence, it is of outmost necessity that law need to takes its course exactly the way our law-makers contemplated.”




  • Bad Time for Srk..But will happen like Salman..In next days srk get rid of this problem..This fir doesn’t effect him..
    Waiting For Ipl and KKR..

  • We Bhai fans are very sad !
    FIR and Police cases have been only reserved for our Bhai .
    … but now SRK ?

  • This is only bcz of bjp+sivsena govt.
    srk is the only 1 who foughted against sivsena & won so they are taking revenge now….

  • Why they are hyping these issue & making it big.srk had apologised 2 people for his behaviour bt they shud undestand tht he had done this because he felt tht they were rude 2 childrens.yes he was over possessive bt it wasnt a big issue.he has been given punishment 4 tht.because he was srk media is hyping this issue.they are hying this again for publicity.

  • srk has already apologised for that guards were misbehaving wid children over there..srk jus defended those children..i think police should look into other serious’s already over..some publicity hungery people are overdoing this issue!!!

  • Wht a shit!!After 2-3 years it came 2 their mind tht it may have bad effect on childrens mind.speaking bad language in front of a child is a !what a garbage!i have seen many people saying bad words 2 i will put thm behind bars.

  • Filing it after 3 years? Must be seeking attention. Whatever he was doing was to protect the kids and what about the security guard who was abusing?

  • FIR for a bit of swearing when he was protecting his daughter but nothing’s done against others who kill innocent people.

  • Huh? He only Abused In the presence of children?
    Our Bhaijan Killed chinkara, Footpathwasi And also slapped Aishwarya, Katrina, SRK can u beat that?
    Yes Bhai roxx

  • Whatta epic law is this? Where a perso gets punishment n barriers for using foul language…. Every man in india speak foul language for a reason or another…. Its bad to target a man because he is a celebrity.. If using foul language is a law barrier.. Put arjun Kapoor behind the bar for AIB .

  • FIR should be filed against the security guard for manhandling the kids and abusing in the 1st place.

    I’m sure there’s many cases of other stars swearing in public – why no FIR against them? Some even do much worse

  • Using bad words infront of small children
    what a shame!
    He was tryin to show his mardaani which he dn’t have

  • For 3 yrs he has been walking free thinking of himself as untouchable and torturing children since by releasing even more vular films… Time to end this ego maniac queens reign once n for all

  • Every father can protect their children but do so without being intoxicated n without having an entourage- he has a big ego n hence swore uncontrollably bcoz on his own hes too weak to rough up security personnel but his henchmen did all the damage. Hes not a great father as his foolish fans want us to believe- less talking more action but he cant fight so swore profanity after profanity letting his henchmen carry out the assault like some medievil sarkar…!

  • No self respecting law abiding citizen whether sober or intoxicated would ever dare swear at security/ police but this over zealous loud mouth with a vile tongue n overbloated ego felt he could get away with it due to his large entourage beside him- a real mard according to his fans- lol what a joke

  • Look at the madness of kings fans- everyone uses foul language so why pick on our king…?

    Lol these morally superior fans think two wrongs make a right…. Just bcoz everyone uses foul language infront of children doesnt make it right- an example needs to be set and what better way than targeting the head of a global fanbase of 3.7 billion (half worlds population)

    If king gets punished then half the world will atleast know using profanity is not acceptable…


    Ban nipun kumar too as hes always using the FCUK ending in ING word in each crappy review of his. Thanks

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