Mukesh Bhatt nurses Awarapan unit

The entire unit of Awarapan recovered from the ill-ness because of Mukesh Bhatt, who flew down from mumbai with medicine’s to cure the infection.

While shooting Awarapan in a location called ?Ancient City? in Bangkok, the entire unit of the film became a victim of a contagious viral infection.

It was courtesy of director Mohit Suri, who turned sick first and passed on the virus to the rest of the unit! Despite that, shooting never came to a standstill but their condition was becoming worse by the day. The unit was lucky to have a father in producer Mukesh Bhatt who flew down from Mumbai immediately on hearing the news.

Remarks Suri, ?Yes, it?s true that we all caught an infection. I don?t know what would have happened had it not been for Mukesh ji who came down to Bangkok with a huge bunch of medicines for the entire unit.?


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