Mubarakan Movie Review

There’s nothing like a good comedy film, something the Hindi audience hasn’t been treated to in a very long time. Director Anees Bazmee’s track record of wholesome family entertainers is excellent with films like ‘Welcome’, ‘No Entry’ and ‘Singh Is Kinng’ to his credit. He returns with one of his favourite actors Anil Kapoor in a film titled ‘Mubarakan’ also starring Arjun Kapoor, Ileana D’Cruz and Athiya Shetty. The big question: does Bazmee deliver?

Story: ‘Mubarakan’ is a story of twin brothers; Karan and Charan, one is based in London while the other is from Punjab. Karan is head over heels in love with Sweety (Ileana) and Charan has a soft corner in his heart for Nafisa (Neha Sharma). Their families are unaware of their relationship. Enter Jitto (Ratna Pathak) who sets up Charan’s marriage with Binkle (Athiya), daughter of the rich Mr Sandhu (Rahul Dev). Charan seeks uncle Kartar’s (Anil Kapoor) help to solve his love-problem. The rest of the film is about how the two brothers, along with their uncle Kartar solve their problems, confusion and all the madness that surrounds the family.

Review: Mubarakan is one of those films that entertains from start to finish, a ‘paisa vasool’ entertainer of a dysfunctional Punjabi family. It doesn’t get into slapstick zone, the funny scenes haven’t been forced into the screenplay to make the audience laugh. Instead, what we get is a bunch of actors who excel with their comic timing and situations that will have the audience in splits. The first half is excellent, Anees Bazmee is in top-form, as good as he was in films like ‘Welcome’ and ‘No Entry’. Things begin to slow down in the second half and as the drama takes over from the comedy, the film gets more predictable. But ‘Mubarakan’ does end well.

Moving on to the performances, Mubarkan is Arjun Kapoor’s best performance since his debut film ‘Ishaqzaade’. He excels as Charan, the Punjabi character. What stands out is the amount of shared screen-time that both characters have. It would’ve been incredibly difficult for one actor to make two characters look completely different. Arjun succeeds and how. Anil Kapoor is fantastic in Mubarakan. His comic timing and expressions add tremendous value to the film. Pavan Malhotra is brilliant. Ileana D’Cruz looks stunning and acts well. Athiya Shetty has less screen time, she is okay. Neha Sharma has a small role, she does well. Ratna Pathak is excellent.

The music of the film is a mixed bag. ‘Hawa Hawa’ is the best song in the album and it’s the only song that stays with you after the closing credits. Amar Mohile’s background score is good. The cinematography and production design are top notch, something that wasn’t visible in the promos of the film.

Overall, ‘Mubarakan’ is one of the most entertaining films of the year so far. A film that should be watched and enjoyed with the entire family. It has scenes that you recall and laugh, after the film has ended. It’s films that ‘Mubarakan’ that most of the Hindi film audience has grown up watching and it’s these kind of films that have, quite unfortunately, been missing on the silver screen. If you love clean entertainers, ‘Mubarakan’ is the film to watch this weekend.

Rating: ★★★★☆


  • Anees Bazmee’s direction
  • Clean family entertainer
  • Excellent first half
  • Performances by Arjun Kapoor, Anil Kapoor and the rest of the supporting cast.


  • Second half weaker as compared to first.


  • woah better than
    Tubelight and Raees….but unfortunately won’t do even half biz of those movies :)

  • Excitement is increasing by each review One of the best rated movies of the year by critics Now it’s a must Watch

    • You seem to be living in a different world where mubarakan is getting excellent review from critics

    • @Jaz
      Okay Hope Akki crosses footfall of SRK’s 7th biggest hit at least this time. And as a solo lead SRK’s 8th biggest hit Pardesh in domestic box office.

      Also hope Akki crosses Kabhie Khusie Kabhie Gham in overseas box office this time.

      Publish this pls

  • It is quite surprising to see Mubarakan getting very positive reviews from almost all the critics . Taran Adarsh, Komal Nahta, Faridoon Shahrayar and Vishek Chauhan all have appreciated Mubarakan for its entertainment quotient . Because usually comedy films get mixed to negative reviews from critics . The opening has been dull but if people like the film it will pick from tomorrow and Sunday . The problem is it has only 1 week to perform as per the full potential because next week JHMS is getting released which will reduce the screens rapidly .

  • nothing interesting I am surprised by crictics rating ,it’s means that crictics have nothing with movies they are just ( imigination in air)
    like firings with out guns.

  • Comedy movie getting good reviews..?? WTF??
    IS this even possible in bollywood..??

    anyways, glad to see it getting good reviews, because this is one of those films where the buzz should have been high if good promos were released but it is quite low with almost no one interested in it..
    Glad to see Anees Basmee back in form! Now that he is back, let’s hope he make legendary movies with Salman, Akshay or both!!
    Will surely watch this!

  • Indicine trying so hard to make people watch this crap and skip JHMS but this cheap tactic wont work hater! #JHMS #AllTimeBlockBuster….4 stars for a lame movie like this says it all

  • After good review to Munna Michael, excellent review to Mubarakan… Indicine you’re brilliant for box office but I really never understand you reviews !

  • 4 stars? Are u trying to say that Mubarakan is better than BkD @ indicine ? U got to be kidding….

  • Have only seen 2 positive reviews this & Taran’s tweet😭 Even TOI gave 3 stars, Indicine this is so funny😂

  • Just saw Mubarakan. Loved Ileana D’cruz as Sweety. I wonder why Ileana does so less films and is not working in bigger films. She is good in acting and is million bucks beautiful. Will watch Mubarakan again for her. And now I will surely watch Baadshaho too for Ileana.

  • @Jaz
    Okay Hope Akki crosses footfall of SRK’s 7th biggest hit at least this time. And as a solo lead SRK’s 8th biggest hit Pardesh in domestic box office.

    Also hope Akki crosses Kabhie Khusie Kabhie Gham in overseas box office this time.

  • Bollywood mein selected actor ki hi movie chalti Hain. Aur unko hi opening milti Hain. Jaise SK, HR AK, AK etc.

  • Even with negative Reviews if they are 2 Young guards movies i cant miss…its Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor movies!!!

    Today opening will be low but with positive WoM its gonna grow by weekends IA.

  • The reviewer must have beem smoking pot when they gave the stars!!! 4 stars really? Lets hope for indicine sake this turns out well in the box office

  • Nice tympass movie… I will give 2 stars…
    Guys u knw aj kal critic’s Bollywood movies ko chalane k liye jhada stars dere h….
    Coz aj kal Bollywood ka haal bura hai….
    Mark my words… Jhms ko avrg ratng 3 se jhada milegi….
    Nd tepk ko near abt avrg ratng 3.5….
    Yeh sab critic’s accha collection karana chare hai bollywood movies ka….
    Baki movies me kuch khass nhi h…

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