Mr X Trailer

Here’s the Trailer of Mr X starring Emraan Hashmi, Amyra Dastur. The film releases in 2D and 3D on 17th April 2015.



  • Scenes that stand out in trailer –
    1) bike scene
    2) bald scene
    3) underwater kiss
    4) Amyra flying in air

    And many more.

    Cinematography looks brilliant.Brilliant locations. U have never seen such scenes in a Bollywood film.

  • @element mu bro congo to you in advanced really really nice trailer i like it too much.
    Hope will become a big blockbuster.
    Good luck emmi.

  • @indicine…you are veryyy fasttt …the trailer was uploaded 6 hours ago on many sights…u are laging far behind of others

  • One bengali idiot is missing….. He never appreciate when somebody do good ……!! .. He only come to celebrate failure of other actors……!! ..
    Hence last 7 youngistan films flops….!! ..

    Mr.X trailer is fucking awesome…

  • Very good trailer but clearly it wont be as half as entertaining as a Mr India… Its sad but true- Bollywoods equivalent to a Star Wars momentous movie was Boney Sirs mega production Mr India of 1987 and since then we havent (industry) progressed much further Im afraid with the exception of some poor plagiarised rip offs etc etc…

    All the best to Emmy nonetheless- this one could be huge

  • The concept is just so much of fun to watch. Doesn’t matter if they rip off or not, I simply love the invisible hero theme. Will surely check this one. Only fear is Vikram Bhatt who is losing his touch with films like Creature 3D

  • Superhitt trailer .. mr x surely gonna superhit … fed up with masala genre and commercial south remakes … this is something new … emraan is a superb actor … will surely watch this movie

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