Most searched Bollywood actors on Google

The list of most searched Bollywood actors on Google, the world’s most popular search engine, is out. It’s that man again, Salman Khan, who continues to be the most searched male actor in India. Like some of their box office battles, the competition for the top spot is fierce, with Shahrukh Khan taking the second spot.

Ranbir Kapoor who delivered the year’s biggest surprise hit is at No 3, followed by Akshay Kumar who remains popular even though most of his films this year have failed at the box office. Hrithik Roshan takes the 5th spot.

  • Salman Khan
  • Shahrukh Khan
  • Ranbir Kapoor
  • Akshay Kumar
  • Hrithik Roshan
  • Shahid Kapoor
  • Amitabh Bachchan
  • Sanjay Dutt
  • Ajay Devgn
  • Varun Dhawan


  • Hehehe !!! Its slap for those called Bing results does not matter. Now will u say Google is not widely used search engine?? SAKHI & remotecontrol : keep burning, I love it !!!!!!

  • Salman Khan most searched actor
    in India on Bing in 2013

    Indian actor Salman Khan is the most
    searched Indian actor on Bing while
    Bruna Marquezine, Wen Zhang were the
    most-searched people in Brazil and
    Looking back on 2013, billions of
    searches on Bing from around the world
    reveal it was a year of American songs,
    superhero movies, Facebook love, high-
    end designer brands, controversial sports
    stars, European getaways and fierce
    Bing search trends indicate what has
    most captivated people around the world
    in 2013, and this year the trend report
    includes search data from Australia,
    Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany,
    India, Italy, Japan, Spain, the U.K. and
    the U.S.
    Ladies appeared to rule 2013, since a
    woman was the most-searched person of
    the year in eight of the 12 participating
    countries around the world, Beyoncé
    reigned in the U.S., while Miley Cyrus’
    highly publicized twerking made her the
    top-searched person in both Australia
    and Canada. Former flames Justin Bieber
    and Selena Gomez were the most-
    searched people in the U.K. and
    Germany, respectively. Actress and actors
    Bruna Marquezine, Wen Zhang and
    Salman Khan were the most-searched
    people in Brazil, China and India, while
    singers Rihanna and David Bisbal ranked
    at the top for France and Spain, and
    gorgeous TV personalities Danmitsu and
    Belen Rodriguez were favorites in Japan
    and Italy.
    With an amazing Super Bowl
    performance, including a reunion with
    Destiny’s Child, as well as a successful
    world tour and famous family, Beyoncé
    captivated Americans this year and was
    the most-searched person on Bing in the
    U.S. She earned not only the title of most-
    searched person, but the most-searched
    musician nod as well.
    Fellow musician Rihanna also came out
    near the top for 2013, earning both the
    No. 3 spot as most-searched person and
    No. 2 for most-searched musician.
    Newcomers to the top 10 this year
    include Amanda Bynes at No. 8, Madonna
    at No. 5 and President Barack Obama at
    No. 10. Taylor Swift’s busy year in the
    public eye helped her make the biggest
    jump in rankings, going from No. 10 in
    2012 to No. 4 this year.

  • Bing India

    1 Salman Khan
    2 Shahrukh Khan
    3 Katrina Kaif
    4 Sachin Tendulkar
    5 Deepika Padukone
    6 Priyanka Chopra
    7 Kareena Kapoor
    8 Akshay Kumar
    9 Ranbir Kapoor
    10 Vidya Balan

  • In overseas, audience are those who moved out to US,UK & Australia in the last decade…that time they were used to watch only SRK, Salman & Aamir (Akshay was flop star that time) . Now these people are not totally aware of many good hindi movies being done by Hrithik, Farhan, Ranbir, Akshay and ajay. Thus they spend their money only in watching movies of SRK, Salman & Aamir & rest of movies either they watch it in internet or TV. Watching a movie in theatre cost them a bomb in overseas so they reserve their money for al faltu SRK movies.

    However with the start of 2017-18 even stars like Hrithik and Ranbir will become famous there and will start creating records in overseas.

  • @rohan,then to u sunny Leone is bigger star then shahrukh khan and salman khan ,right?
    I mean she is search more than any of them and her picture is downloaded 300 times more then shahrukh and salman.

  • @karthik,it’s nice to see u to except the truth that akshay was never in the league of khans .yeah,akshay has come a long way and improved a lot but u have to understand he is not the best still and if ur prediction is right which i believe to be,then he will be left behind more .because if these khans don’t stop working they will still remain at top .

  • Let me correct you Guys – Salman is wearing 2 crowns as the most searched person in India and the most searched celebrity in India for 2013 on Bing, therefore HE IS THE KING.

  • @Laila, Sunny Leone is searched for a different reason altogether! The rest cases are totally different. If u know what I mean….

  • Salman khan is top high Expensive actor in Bollywood .he charge 150cr in karan johar film. so frnd Lets think that who is tha best.

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