Most promising newcomer after Ranbir Kapoor?

Q. Who is the most promising newcomer who can go on to be a superstar like the Khans, Hrithik and Ranbir? The industry needs bankable superstars, but in the last 10 years only Ranbir has managed to make it to the big league – Rohit (New Delhi)

A. In the current scenario, Ranveer Singh is by far the most bankable newcomer in the industry. His last two films Ram Leela and Gunday have collected close to 200 crore. But things can change pretty quickly. Not too long ago, we made a comparison between Imran Khan and Ranbir (click to read), and it was very close between the two. That was when Rockstar released, since then, Ranbir has raced way ahead and Imran can no longer be put in the ‘bankable solo star’ category.

So if the choice is between Arjun Kapoor, Varun Dhawan, Sidharth Malhotra, Sushant Singh Rajput, Ayushmann Khurana and Aditya Roy Kapur.. our pick would be Varun Dhawan. He has the talent, looks, dancing skills, mass-appeal and screen presence.. to attract both the multiplex and single-screen audience.

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Most promising newcomer in Bollywood?

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  • Ranbir is the best amongst younger lot. He has both good looks & talent. Next is Ranveer. He has got some interesting movies in his hand and hope he would be able to climb up the ladder and be able give tough competition to Ranbir.

  • @Anupama… Ranbir is good.. but he hasn’t been able to establish his smaller centre fan base even after 7 years in the industry…

    @Indicine… thanks for answering my question.. :)

  • Ranvir is great…..And I am dead sure that Varun Dhawan will create wonders too……Ranveer and Varun are the best bets…..!!

  • Most won’t agree but I like Siddharth the most. He’s good looking and has a certain charm to him.

  • varun dhawan and arjun kapoor will be next superstars because they are the only stars got mass fan following among the newcomers.

  • All these newcomers have more stardom right now than Shahid. Shahid cannot even cross 20 crore on his own in 11 year career. Only 1 Bb in his entire career LOL. He should leave bollywood and sit on the roadside asking for money.

  • Question was mine… who said Akshay is a superstar? Ranveer’s last two films have collected more than Akshay’s last three films… No buzz for Holiday.. Special 26 opening 5 crore. How is he a superstar?

  • i think Ranveer and Siddharth Malhotra but Siddharth is the next Ranbir kapoor and iam sure even he will give a tough competition Ranbir kapoor in coming years.
    after Ek Villian you will see how talanted is he

  • @Indicine,you didn’t mention Ajey Devgan,he is superstar. no one can denny it.he is already deserve that.

  • Varun Dhawan is the best among the lot…

    Though as per Ek villain’s trailer Siddharth malhotra is looking tremendous in devilish look,and his acting has been improved from SOTY.

    Sushant was good in kai po che but i did’nt liked him in SDR.

    ARK was good in Aashiqui 2,he looks fascinating,lets see him in Daawat-e-ishq.

    Ayushmann has no following,he should concentrate on good scripts,his HAWAIZAADE looks interesting…

    Arjun for me is a future action hero.

  • @rohit: good question.
    I feel ranveer singh is most promising newcomer after RK. but ranveer has to improve his voice quality and dialogue delivery now. . He did some overactings in ramleela. However,i love him for one and only reason- his master piece lootera.
    Varun is better than siddharth in talent. But siddharth has a better looks,i feel. . So as for now,both are on par for me. . Ayushmann khurrana is very unlucky,i wud say. . .shushant may be ignored after some years. Arjun kapoor sucks in dancing and average in acting.
    My ranking
    1.ranveer singh
    2.varun dhawan/siddharth malhotra
    3.arjun kapoor
    4.sushat singh rajput
    5.ayushmann khurrana

    My vote goes to VARUN DHAWAN as hez my fav among them!

  • @Rohit
    Akki is a superstar,he has great following in mass centres.He has been here for more than 20yrs now.He is the only action hero we know in india,the kind of action he started with khiladi series.
    Though his last 2 films have’nt worked,it does’nt make him inferior to ranveer.
    Ouatimd was a bad film,Boss was an avg. masala film which could only work among masses.
    While R.S had Ramleela which was highly anticipated film of SLB.
    If that is the case then Ramleela collected more than jai ho,don2 n Talash.

  • If akshay,ajay and saif continue to be inconsistent then they will soon b replaced by youngistaan-arjun,varun,sid,aditya,sushanth,ranveer

  • Wait for this year to end. arjun will b topping youngistaan after delivering 4 hits in a row-2 states,gunday,finding fanny,tevar

  • I think Varun Dhawan will be the next superstar followed by Ranveer Singh. Others I am not sure, but I would like Arjun Kapoor and Siddharth Malhotra to do good for themselves.

  • Ajay Devgan for me is just an actor,a brilliant actor…

    He does’nt have qualities of being a superstar,he does’nt like to live in limelight and media attention.
    Just bcoz he has 100cr films does’nt mean that he is a superstar.

  • @rohit,who are you to comment against akshay,are you the BUZZ have enough buzz and we are waiting for holiday.akshays all filims do good opening in single screens.why you forgot rr,hf2, omg and always talking about his flop movies.pls note,marrygold,billu,dhobikhats collections low than arjuns first filim.also all these 3 filims collect lower than akshays biggest flop khans are lower than akki and arjun in stardom.

  • Though My best puck is
    1. Arjun
    2. Varun
    they will go long fr sure !!!
    or jo reh gaye h wo 2-3 saal baad nahi rahenge cz Shahid will come back with bang after Haider !!!

  • My best Acter from the start
    1. Rajesh khanna
    2. Amitabh Bachchan
    3. SaLmaN KhaN
    4. Amir KhaN
    5. Shahid KapooR
    6. ArjuN KapooR
    7. VaruN DhawaN

    1,2,3,4 is All time fav.
    5,6,7 New fav.
    lov theM all bt SpeciaL lov for SaLmaN nd Amir alwayz from my middle of heart.
    #Die-Hard-SaLmaN-FaN <3

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