Most Popular Hollywood Star in India?

Film critic and trade analyst Joginder Tuteja answers 5 questions from Indicine readers

Q. Of late I have been reading articles that 100 crore club is slowly becoming irrelevant. Don’t you think that it’s too early to say that as only Salman khan films are fastest to the century while other films have taken their own time? – Aashish Thapar

  • You are bang on target! Also, the point is not just about whether Salman Khan is the only one seeing the fastest centuries. The fate of some of the recent releases which either just about managed to reach the 100 crore mark or have fallen short establishes yet again that eventually if the content doesn’t have universal acceptance, a film won’t just enter the 100 crore club just on the basis of being a ‘package deal’!

Q. Which film between ‘Krrish 3’ and ‘Dhoom 3’ will be better than the other in terms of lifetime box office collections? – Fuad

  • Too early to say till their First Look is out. Needless to say though that both are big money spinners in the making and there is a huge probability that whichever film would release later has good chances of breaking the record (at least opening weekend) created by the other one earlier

Q. Can I have your short review of ‘Talaash’? I have read many reviews and they are mixed. So if it’s worth going to the cinema? – Ali Feroz

  • Sure. ‘Talaash’ would have been a fantastic film had it stayed entirely on the murder mystery and Kareena Kapoor angle with Aamir Khan investigating the case. However inclusion of a tangential episode in the form of Aamir’s child with a ‘medium’ thrown in is a distraction. Though the makers have tried to gel the two together and tried to draw a parallel, the end result is a little forced rather than being a fluid conclusion.

Q. Earlier stars used to manipulate the opening and it was considered to be practice that initial shows tickets were bought in bulk. Does this happen today? – Sahil

  • No

Q. Who is the most popular Hollywood star in india? And what is the box office potential of Tom Cruise starrer ‘Jack Reacher’ in India? – Sambit

  • ‘Avatar’, ‘2012’, ‘Spiderman’ franchise, ‘Harry Potter’ series – Do we see any superstar in any of these films? Still, these are the films which have turned out to be the biggest money-spinners in India. This clearly indicates that it is genre (with a lethal mix of action, fantasy and adventure) which is most popular in India. The only exception today is James Bond series which has a star like Daniel Craig. Still, put anyone else in his place and a Bond franchise would still take as good an opening. As for ‘Jack Reacher’, currently it doesn’t have any ‘reach’!

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  • Dhoom 3 has much potential to be no. 1 in 2013 Bcoz its a youngsters kids parents al type of people watch it. . . And krish 3 mostly with kids and parents i dnt think many youngster go for it. . So top 3 movies will be 1. any salman movie 2. Dhoom 3 . .3. Krish 3. . . Dhoom 3 has lot of chance to beat salman movie and become top . .

  • Both Krrish-3 and Dhoom-3 are gonna be big money spinners. If I have to pick one of them then it’d be Krrish-3. Tom Cruise is most popular hollywood star in India I guess.

  • @fact, u r one of dose kids who happily watched krrish !! hypocrisy at its height !! do u consider hollywood movies lyk avengers, batman series, spiderman series etc kid’s movies ?? dey hav many adult scenes too !! krrish was more kid frndly, krrish 3 is more wide, its fr kids,parents,family,youth evry1 !! jst wait n watch as mr.joginder said, dhoom 3 vl release b4 krrish 3 so krrish 3 is gonna brk all records!! bt my bst wishes r wid both films

  • @sumit, yeah u r ryt buddy, if it wudn’t hav been hrithik’s dhoom 2 success, dhoom 3 wud hav nvr been made !! it was hrithik’s x-factor dat made dhoom 2 so edgy,stylish,cool !! aamir doesn’t hav dose qualities to b honest ! and dnt frget dhoom 3 is being made by vijay krishna acharya, man behind disaster tashan , bt krrish 3 is being made by rakesh roshan, one of d finest directors we hav ! so put ur money on d ryt film

  • @fact, hav u gone so blind in salman’s fan following dat u r mentioning any salman movie !! wat do u mean by dat ?? watevr he presents u , u vl watch it n mek it blockbuster , b it gud movie or crap movie, u r mekin dis statement evn widout knwing d nxt release of salman !! so mch of blind faith on salman , whose films itself dnt hav any story !! i dnt think dats a gud idea ! anyways ur choice :P

  • Criticizers say Srk is gtng old.Old Is Gold!Criticizers r getting old pulling him down!bt Srk is like a kite mre u pull more he rises!

  • Velocity. . Let me clear u from last 4 year salmans movies was good entertainin movies for u it might be crap. . And i written there any Bcoz kick or sherkhan or radhe gonna release next year and i bet u al 3 movies wil be good entertaining movie. .

  • Sumit. . . Hrithik was not a brand of Dhoom series . . Brand was bikes and john abraham. . .ya Hrithik took it little higher and same aamir gonna take it. . .

  • I enjoyed Dhoom 1 more with fun of bikes chase n al. . But Dhoom 2 went much boring no more bikes chase like Dhoom 1 ya Hrithik action and stunts and looks were dashing. .

  • Hollywood fantasy or super hero movies are rich in action special effects visual effects which force youngster to watch it. . But in bollywood like rakesh roshan said hollywood has money but we dnt. . . So its graphics or visual will be poor that youngster gonna walk away by sayin its kid movie. .

  • @fact, we dnt hav money bt we hav story n we hav emotions n dats wat audience needs to connect wid d movie, batman series wasn’t abt special effects, it was d character, d emotions dat made it a winner !!
    n abt dhoom 2 ?? dude in 2006, hrithik was sole bollywood box office king, krrish n dhoom 2 !! all khans kumars devgans failed to stop him, his films did mch more business dan theirs , dhoom 2 was mch stlyish n slicker dan dhoom !! sirf special effects se film chalte toh biggest blockbuster hoti !

  • Velocity. . Of course in 2006 Hrithik movie was top so Wht huh. . u are flying by havin 1 single year huh . . Wht abt salman he has 8 years top grossing movies . . And who told u ra one special effect was good do u remember the public review people told its kid movie. . And Wht ur searching emotions in super hero movie huh Wht a joke let me tel u people come to watch super hero movie by keeping good special effects graphics etc etc in thier mind not emotions if they really wanted emotion they prefer family drama not super hero movie. . If ur really comin to debate it out come with worthful comments .

  • nd mr fact i thnk mr salman the ghatyia actor in ur view in my view i dnt who is he who the crap is he ,he tried to copy Hrithik in VEER it ws a flop nd nw u will say Guzaarish nd kites ws flop bt dude knw the reason first tht in guzaarish the person ws paralaysed nd in kites it ws a language prblm bt he tried different nd who the hell is salman khan to advise Hrithik in acting body ke liye advise thi thi wo alg hai bt in acting salau shuld learn smethng frm HRITHIK OR SRK bcoz they r baap of acting in any movie bachu pehel sab kuch jaano fir bolo nd Salman has 49FLOPS THTS a record lke akki heheheheheheh…..cccmme wth a better cmment

  • @Fact/Playboy,There is no doubt about who is no.1 today and it would be silly to start another debate/fight for that.But there is a high possibility that there will be no salman movie which can become highest grosser next year.Stardom is one thing but you cant ignore that content also play an important role in that particular movie.Both Dhoom 3 & Krissh 3 are looking very fine product compared to any Salman khan starrer next year whether its sohail khan’s movie or kick.BTW I am no ones fan but I like Aamir,Hrithik and Salman equally & you should not underestimate anyone.About highest grossers movie of the year from 2000 era Aamir – 2, Srk – 3,Hrithik – 3 & Salman – 4 considering ETT.Yeah Salman is no 1 right now but I believe they are also not much behind & can break any BO record on their given day.

  • My request to Salman fans don’t underestimate Hrithik & Don’t behave like Srk fans. To Hrithik fans stop pulling Salman’s leg & have a healthy debate.BTW we should avoid any kind stupid fan wars.

  • Gaurav singh.. So pity on u Ur not underestimatin huh . . Then Wht is ur above comment who is salman is he killer huh. . . Dude if u dnt have good debatable words to come out then pls dnt come with ur insecure words k bachu. . . And wher the hel u read that salman taught actin for Hrithik huh dnt make ur own false articles k . .

  • Some 1 . . Did i say Hrithik is kid he dnt have ability to break records he is bacha in front of khans. . Wher the hel i underestimated Hrithik or any one else . . Pls show me come on . . And i also mentioned that Dhoom 3 has much possibilities to be no. 1 next year by beatin salman movie so read the comment properly and then come to conclusion k mr. some 1 and pls come with ur forum name let me knw whos dis . .

  • Gaurav singh. . Mr Gaurav singh u used bad words like salman is ghatiya actor then i too can say in ur way that Hrithik is chu tiya actor always kisses n rapes his co stars in films. .


  • Indicine post my comment…Btw when you are approving comment like teri maa ki ### than its shoudnt be big deal for you guys to publish a clean comment.

  • When it comes to script then Rakesh Roshan is master in it.
    Surely Krrish3 will be a great movie.
    Dhoom2 was litle short as compared to Dhoom but i think Dhoom3 will be better than both.
    Salman’s Kick & may be SherKhan or only one will release in 2013 & makers of both trying hard to take them to hollywood level.
    So next year we have chance of watching atleast 3 superb films.

    But the most funny thing is that Srk’s Chennai Express is a masala film & srk fans hate masala films till now,next year they may love masala films.

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