Mohenjo Daro Love Poster featuring Sarman and Chaani

Here’s the first ‘love poster’ featuring Sarman (Hrithik Roshan) and Chaani (Pooja Hegde). The film promises to be a epic romantic tale and Kabir Bedi, who plays the negative character in the film, has said Ashutosh Gowariker’s story is the strong point of the film.

Set in the 2016 BC, Mohenjo Daro will be Ashutosh and Hrithik’s second film together after the success of ‘Jodhaa Akbar’.

Hrithik had opted out of Karan Malhotra’s Shuddhi and signed Mohenjo Daro instead. The actor has said, the action-packed climax is his favourite sequence in the film.

Mohenjo Daro releases in theatres on August 12. It’ll be Hrithik’s first film after ‘Bang Bang’ in 2014 and Ashutosh’s comeback film after the ‘Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey’ debacle.

Mohenjo Daro New Poster

Mohenjo Daro New Poster



  • Let 60 crore actor Akki cross 150 crore first, then think about clash.

    Mohenjodaro – 180 crore, Custom – 60 crore

  • Rustom vs Mohenjodaro

    Akshay Kumar – Hritik Roshan
    Iliana D Crause – Pooja Hegde
    Isha Gupta & Arjun bajwa – Kabir bedi

    Interesting trailer – Boring one
    Fabulous songs – Average songs
    Akshay returns after just 2 months – Hritik return after 2 year


    Rustom – Hit/Superhit/Blockbuster
    Mohenjodaro – Above Average/Average

  • LOL. Copy of Prem Bartan Dhoke Aayo. I am disappointed with hrithik roshan. He has his own class of copying Hollywood films but I am disappointed that he is copying a bhojpuri star like salman’s movies posters these days.

  • In the action-packd climax…mohen alias sarman wil shiver and fight with kabir to grab the best bottle of daaru

  • i have no words in my dictionary how magnificient , classy , adorable , grand , epic this poster is !! i think this is the best poster of MD till date………………………….. all hrithik haters please stay from here .. otherwise i will be forced to make operation of every hrithik hater in detail along with his favorite star……….. THE BUZZ OF mohenjodaro is increasing like a bullet train . till 12 august buzz will be 100%…. i have heard tat MD makers are planning to release a second trailer . ….. hope it to be better than the ISTone ……… all haters look this is called as epicness …..

  • This Independence day
    Mohenjodaro vs Rustom
    Great actor vs Average actor
    Handsome hunk vs Oldie
    Epic history vs Boring story
    244 cr star vs 60 cr star

  • This is called class!
    This is a great film!
    Rustom is looking like boring melodramatic remake of OUTIMD.

  • i cant take my eyes of hrithik and pooja hegde they look so elegant and divine …….CLASSIC! CHUSTOMM RUN AWAY MD TSUNAMI IS GEARING UP FOR RELEASE…

  • Mohenjodaro
    Avg wom = 120 crore
    Good Wom= 170 crore
    V good Wom = 210+ crore

    Avg Wom = 40 crore
    Good Wom = 60 crore
    V good Wom = 90 crore

  • Wow look at the photo, it’s simply mind blowing. So romantic. Loved it. Now I have started to believe this movie will have good content. I’ll definitely see the movie now.

  • SO, no family audiences for Mohenjo Daro.
    Day by day Rustom is taking the front lead. Another underdog story?
    Wishing both films the best of luck.
    (Wish MD’s marketing would’ve been better.Their current strategy sucks and is doing nothing for the buzz.)

  • Outstanding. MohenjoDaro is set to emerge as the 6th blockbuster of Hrithik in lead role ( 7 overall including K3G) in his career spanning just 16 yrs & 22 films …!!

  • By the time he will reach the current age of Khans-50 he would hv had 10+ blockbusters & around 6-7 best actor filmfare awards

  • My my…this poster. Extremely passionate and stunning. Their chemistry is just killing me…pooja is looking breathtaking and Hrithik as usual super romantic…love love :-)

  • WOW😍😍😍 WHAT A POSTER!! LOVE IS IN THE AIR…. This poster alone shows tht this movie will be an epic Love story! Very excited to watch the movie …. My prediction:
    MD: Day 1: 15-19cr
    1st Weekend: 58-75cr
    1st Week: 100-125cr
    Lifetime: 195-225cr
    Rustom: Day 1: 10-13cr
    1st Weekend: 38-45cr
    1st week: 65-75cr
    Lifetime: 105-125cr
    Expect Good WOM for both movies!

  • What I am feeling Now is that MohenjoDaro is very special film. Cant wait more. Ashutosh Gowariker-Hrithik Roshan- AR Rahman-Javed Akhtar too much talent in one movie.

  • @Akshay

    Tum toh shadi-shuda ho. Then what is the need of typing with one hand??? Biwi k paas jao na!

  • It’s lovely. Though the trailer didn’t live upto my expectations, its glamor, music & grand scale deserves it to be watched on big screen. Hrithik’s presence and Ahutosh’s direction are also bonus points to watch out for.

  • akshay kumar @9.21pm you are the first genuine fan of akshay kumar ..u r u the real well wisher of him .

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