Mohenjo Daro First Week Box Office Collections

Mohenjo Daro has sustained well at the domestic box office, crossing the 50 crore mark by the end of its first week. It’s a poor total, because most big films cross the 50†crore in 2-3 days, but it also goes to show that Mohenjo Daro hasn’t faced complete rejection.

The film has done reasonably well, given the poor start that it took†and has also shown excellent growth of nearly 45% on Raksha Bandhan. The problem in the second weekend will be the lesser number of shows. The show count has reduced by more than 60% from Week 1.

The Hrithik Roshan starrer has collected around $3.5 million in its first week overseas, which†should help take the film beyond 100 crore worldwide (gross) by the end of its run.

Mohenjo Daro†is a box office flop.

DayMohenjo DaroGrowth / Drop Percentage
Day 1 (Friday)8.87-
Day 2 (Saturday)9.60+ 8%
Day 3 (Sunday)12.08+ 26%
Day 4 (Monday)10.27- 15%
Day 5 (Tuesday)3.16- 69%
Day 6 (Wednesday)2.96- 6%
Day 7 (Thursday)4.24+ 43%
Week 1 Total51.18 crore
Day 8 (2nd Friday)1.05- 75%
Day 9 (2nd Saturday)1.28+ 22%
Day 10 (2nd Sunday)1.55+ 21%
Day 11 (2nd Monday)0.62- 60%
Day 12 (2nd Tuesday)0.59- 5%
Day 13 (2nd Wednesday)0.68+ 15%
Day 14 (2nd Thursday)0.47+ 31%
Week 2 Total6.24 crore
India Total Collections57.42 crore


  • @Ajax

    Beta then stardom should be decided by All time collection.

    then come to compare Megastar Akshay Kumar to Little papa’s star Hritik…


    He doesn’t have half of that.

  • @Phenom : Old habits never die. You still have that poor habit of poking your nose on behalf of some one. That comment was for @Javed if you wanna match him to his intelligence then congrats you just joined a fool club. And we have been seeing #Lungi logic since last 3 years like Charlie coming with 300 crs storm, SRK building 19 abs, SLB coming on road, FAN smashing TWMR collections (I know you may not have said all these but since you are defending the same logic you deserve the reply) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Contrary to paid media campaign, Mohenjo Daro is safe for its producers
    Ever since the first promo of Hrithik Roshan Starrer Mohenjo Daro came, the knives were out by paid media campaign dissecting the promo and its historical “inaccuracies” when the reality is nothing concrete is ever recorded by historians about the Indus valley civilisation.

    The movie finally released on 12th august 2016 on a low note thanks to the largely negative perception created by paid camps. But to the dismay of the camp, the movie has not been doing too badly. Mohenjo Daro opened to 8.87 crores on its first day with a clash with the hugely hyped Rustom Starring Akshay Kumar. The movie was expected to crash in the weekend but contrary to the media perception, the film grew very well over the weekend and made over 40 crores in 4 days over the extended weekend. Then it was expected to crash completely in the weekdays. But the movie sustained at a mid level and actually rose to 45% from its wednesday collection and took complete advantage of the partial holiday on thursday taking its tally to around 52 crores nett in 7 days. The overseas business is even better with the week finishing over 24 crores. The trend over the week proves one thing – the general audience has lapped up the movie even if in miniscule circuits.

    Contrary to what the paid media camp is reporting, Neither Hrithik Roshan nor UTV are fools to just invest 115 crores budget without any buffer. Hrithik is reported to have taken 50 crores as fees for this movie and hence the budget of the movie shot up to over 100 crores. But little do they know it is Hrithik who has got the makers a satellite rights of 45 crores as part of his multicrore deal. The music rights were sold at 15 crores which has brought the original budget od 115 crores down to 55 crores. Now here’s the catch, the movie has done over 50 crores in domestic circuits and is expected to finish at a lifetime of 60-65 crores and overseas around 35-40 crores which easily recovers the 55 crores effective budget of the film. The film has not managed to make huge profits like Hrithik’s previous big grossers like Krrish 3 or Agneepath but it is certainly not a “huge loss making” or “disaster” as some media has been reporting viciously. The movie has certainly underperformed but lets not forget the makers are not fools. They knew what they were getting into while making a period film like Mohenjo Daro which wont have much takers anyway. The fact that the movie has held its own against all odds says a lot.

  • Dear @indicine Plz Explain what do you mean By Completely Rejection

    In your Opinion a movie which Collects 50 cr in First week

    with almost 3000 Screens.
    With Two Holidays in a week.
    with the Face Value of Hrithik Roshan a Superhero.
    With Oscars Nominated Director.
    With Oscars winner Musician AR Rahman.
    With High Budget of 150 Cr. (Almost Triple of Rustom)
    With Universal Appealing Subject.
    With Historical Drama.
    With Epic War Theme.
    With Excellent Visual Graphics.
    With Most Awaited Movie TAG.

    Some other Plus points of the Movie.

    Hrithik’s Comeback After two years.
    Last Movie was 140 Cr.
    Last Movie Was Clash winner

    A Lower Budget Movie.
    A Limited Appealing Subject.
    With A Lesser Screens Movie.
    A Niche Movie.
    Thriller Zone Which is not a Guarantee of success.
    Akshay Kumarís 3 Movie in Last 7 month.
    Unknown Director.
    Director’s 2nd Movie.
    Director’s Debut Movie was A debacle.
    Movie Rustom Has No Repeat Value.
    Almost same Rating.

    (If you think that The Movie is Superhit Because Salman Khan Promoted the movie. Then You should Know that Salman very well Promoted the movies of Others like HERO, Tarzan Teri, Tell Me O Khuda , Heroes, Hello, Sawan, Sanwaria, Ishq In Paris Etc. But all were Superflop Because Their story Was Bogus.)
    Even though Akshay fans should thank Superstar Salman Khan and others for promoting Rustom.

    Now tell me What is your Definition of Complete Rejection.

    You should be a Genius Critics & Honest Writer of A site.

    And yeah You Said In your Post That 100 Cr is not a big deal now a days.
    But Two of the So called Biggest Superstar Failed to Cross that barrier In 2016.
    And Akshay Kumar did it thrice in a year.

    I am not anyone’s hater but I’m now biggest fan of Real Superstar @akshaykumar

    Comment add zarur karna

  • To answer some of questions on Profit sharing: It is very dangerous. Rajnikanth the ultimate Superstar of India has suffered a lot by choosing Profit Sharing. Distributors are still running behind him asking him to pay back for distributor losses.

    For example, if a star charges 30 crores for one movie and he works on the movie for one year. It can be said that in given year this star has earned 30 crores irrespective of the fate of that movie. This is minimum risk and is profitable for star.

    Now if the same star opts for Profit sharing, it works well if the movie works well. if profit sharing ratio is 80:20(Producer/Actor). Then if the movie earns say 200 crores. The earnings for the star is 40 crores. Now if the movie is a flop and earns just 50 crores. Then there is no profit and star may not earn more than 10 crores. This is a loss to Star. It becomes worse when the star spends more than a year or two on just this movie and in 2 years he just earns less than 10 crores. Which is just peanuts for this star. This is complete risk.

    E.g. Hrithik charged 50 crores for MD. He is still profitable star since he earned 50 crores even though MD was flop. Now he has given two years of his time for this movie. So he deserves 50 crores fee. If he would have agreed for profit sharing, his fee for last 2 years would have been just 10 crores since MD has collected only 50 crores at box office. Overall Hrithik made a smart move by charging 50 crores for this movie. He is a profitable star.

  • I just don’t get it!! why would some filmmakers show us some good songs to promote the film, but then when we go to see it in cinema, we can’t find that specific song!!!!! Now the song which I always see on Indian Channels : Sarsarya for this film.. why the director deleted it and did not add it, although it was just perfect for the scene!!!

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