MJ must be smiling in heaven appreciating Hrithik’s performance: Tiger Shroff

Actor Tiger Shroff was spotted in Bandra this weekend. The actor who made his debut in Heropanti earlier this year, hailed Hrithik’s tribute to Michael Jackson in Bang Bang.

“Hrithik sir has added a touch of his own style to his tribute. I have lost count of how many times I have pressed the pause and play button just to take notes. He makes the most complex moves look effortless and that’s what makes him stand out. I think even the king himself must be smiling in heaven and taking his stage hat off to appreciate Hrithik sir’s performance.” Tiger said.

Location: Bandra

Tiger Shroff snapped in Bandra

Tiger Shroff snapped in Bandra

Tiger Shroff

Tiger Shroff

Tiger snapped in Bandra

Tiger snapped in Bandra



  • As if Hr was the first person or the best dancer on the face of the earth to give tributes to MJ?? Anyway, all the best!

  • Wow ! That’s a Great Compliment from Shroff ! Yeah, MJ ws reborn in d title track. HRITHIK ROSHAN is d Best Dancer alive and we call him GOD OF DANCE 4 a Reason.

    Varun Dhawan & Shahid Kapoor has also praised his tribute. That’s d magic of Greek God.

    P.S: I’m Just talking about bollywood celebs till now :P

  • In title track of bangg bangg hritik is not 1% of mj.
    And bangg bangg song is disaster.

    But tiger tribute to mj was excellent.

  • Why such a big issue about MJ? It’s not tribute but copy paste from movie to song from Hollywood. Apart from Katrina there’s nothing new in Bang Bang. Meri colony ke ladke Hrithik se better naachte hai.

  • yes he is smiling after watch hr dance from heaven cuz he dnt have any work their. cuz only apsara dance in heaven not mens. lol. this comment was just for fun but really if he can watch he apreciate hrithik just like we apreciate u when u dance in heropanti.

  • The thing is that the term called “dance” suits very much to Hrithik’s body. May be it’s becoz due to his clean moves,flexibility,height or his slim and well-shaped body.
    Nice Compliment by Tiger!

  • Haha.. Hrithik and mj. No comparison. Hr dance is crap. Even locha e ulfat dance by arjun was better than crap bang bang dance.

  • Tiger always kept praising Hrithik..Because,Hard will appeciate by everyone..
    His Dance moves are Extraordinary,Cool in Bang Bang title song..
    Perfect Body,Dance,Acting Skills,looks..
    He is Complete package of a hero..No one can ever like him..

  • Akki cannot dance well, cannot do romance well, even his comedy is irritating. Tiger and vidyut have beaten him in action, he has a pathetic choice of scripts. He gives flops after flops and craps after craps. he is good at nothing.

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  • this is an incsult to mj by comparing these 2rs people with him.i saw dance of this actor and it is so simple any one can do that even tiger can do much better than hr.can hr do that step of tiger in whistle baja song what a flexiblity of this guy amazing.way to go tiger after salman u are my favourite dancer and action star.

  • MJ was not smiling but must be laughing at hritik ordinary dance performance but he must be definitely clapping after seeing our kings lungi dance

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