Metro – not a good show in London

Despite Shilpa’s star status in London post Big Brother, her starred Metro didnt do well as expected.

Shilpa Shetty’s first post-Big Brother release, Metro has been a downer overseas. Her newly-gained popularity didn’t seem to translate into box-office results out there. Shilpa is unsure of the figures. She says, “I believe it’s doing well in Indian metros. As for London, it was wrong to believe that my presence would turn a Bollywood film into a crossover film. It isn’t possible! For a film abroad to make an impact requires at least three months of ground work. How could I be expected to turn a film into a success? And by just holding a premiere at Leicester Square one can’t get non-Indian audiences interested. It was rated PG 15, in England, which meant families couldn’t see Metro. Out there they don’t have servants to take care of kids while the adults go out.”

The buzz in Bollywood is that Big Brother hasn’t translated into any really major film offers for Shilpa in Bollywood. “It’s my choice to do the amount of work that I’m doing. At the moment my hands are completely full. And let me remind you, before or after Big Brother, I always did only two films a year. I’ve exhausted my quota for this year with Metro and Anil Sharma’s Apne. Next year, I’ve time for just one Hindi film. That I’ll be signing soon. Now I’m busy with my Bollywood musical in London. Then I’ve my business ventures to attend to.”

Shilpa soon leaves for London to start rehearsing for her musical. “This musical could take up one year of my time. But I don’t want to spend that much time on it, although I do want to use the stage to show the true Bollywood, the songs dances, the works.”

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