Mere Brother Ki Dulhan Review

Mere Brother Ki Dulhan – The title says it all doesn’t it. It reminds you of Sorry Bhai and a few other films in the recent past, but it’s the package that makes this Ali Abbas Zafar directed film stand out. Two good-looking popular actors, trailers that promise entertainment, good music and the Yashraj banner have made this film ‘hot property’ in the trade. But all that will only help during the initial weekend, after which its the content that matters. Does Mere Brother Ki Dulhan work? Read on

Story as you might already know is about Imran Khan (Khush) in search of a bride for his brother, who is a NRI in UK. He bumps into Katrina Kaif, who he’s already met 5 years back. The wedding is finalized and Ali Zafar (Luv) lands in India to marry Katrina, who by then has already fallen in love with Imran. How the two lovers get out of this pretty complicated situation, forms the rest of this very predictable story.

Mere Brother Ki Dulhan Review

What works: – Apart from Ali Zafar’s performance, not much. Zafar is outstanding and he’s the only reason the film was to-an-extent watchable. The tributes to Aamir, Salman, Shahrukh and Hrithik (Jodha Akbar scene) are probably the only scenes the audience seemed to enjoy the most and that was mainly because of the popularity of those stars.

What doesn’t work: The performances from the main lead (Imran, Katrina) disappoint big time. Not once do they get their comic timing right and Katrina, who until now was improving with each film, overdoes her Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani act. Imran Khan is clearly outshined, in every scene, by the brilliant Ali Zafar.

The pace is terribly slow and with the runtime at almost 150 minutes, it feels even longer. The love story doesn’t work, since the chemistry between the lead pair is lacking, Half way into the second half you stop caring about the characters and their feelings. The music is decent, but doesn’t go too well with the film. The last 15 minutes or so, seem to be forced, just to add a twist in the tale.

Overall, for an utterly predictable rom-com like Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, strong performances by the lead was always going to be the key, actors who rise above the script and add magic to the dullest of stories. With better actors, the outcome would have been different.


Rating: ★★☆☆☆ (For Ali Zafar’s performance and a few scenes that make you laugh)

Other notes: We always wonder why Bollywood is obsessed with actors in their late 40s. The main reason is the dirt of young talent. While watching a movie like Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, you actually miss the charisma and screen presence that the Khan’s, Hrithik or even Ranbir command.



  • I also watch the movie totally dissapointed. Bakwas movie no story in it. Just crap dialouges.

    Just waste of money waste of time. Also KATRINA & IMRAN need how to act.

    Only Kissing aur glamour se film nahi chalti its for KATRINA.

    My rating 1/5

    Disaster movie.

  • yipeee… i am going to watch this movie tonight with my friends….. just booked online advance tickets from Wave cinemas as i am pretty much sure that its going be houseful for this movie….i am really despo to watch this movie specially KAT …Cheers !! ;)

  • m going to watch this movie tonight with my buddies tonight in pakistan………………just to see Ali Zafar{prince of pop} and kat in action……………….it will be a superhit in pakistan …..m sure……..

  • i am frm india…i dont knw who is ali zafar….but yes,,,i hav seen da movie…today and i reallly liked his acting…i heard he is also a musician…but he got a good acting skills too…and he overshading imran khan..also…i tht once ali should hav dne a role of imran khan…magar thoda short hai katrina ke liye lol…

  • Palak, do tell us how you like the movie :)

    Dani, yes, should do well in Pakistan. Its doing well here in India too. Lets see how it sustains beyond the weekend.

    Ralph, he’s a very good actor :)

  • Indicine Team: what r you saying? Did u really like Ali Zafa’s performance?!!! No.. not at all.. he wasn’t bad as a newcomer, a singer turned to be an actor.. but he wasn’t so good

    The movie was really nice and entertaining, funny with nice songs..laughed alot.. the best was Katrina’s performance.. she was the soul of this movie.. I can say that Mere Brother ki Dulhan is as same as I Hate Love Stories.. same quality film with good songs.. will work for sure at the box office.

  • im very sure with the kind of reviews it has got from all sides even radio fms have slammed the movie the intelligentia like me will keep away from the moviee and only chhichore types will watch the movie . i think its only weekend that will work for this movie and will be over by noon show today

  • I watched this movie, and I am in a state of shock. Seriously whats happening to indian cinema. Imran khan is giving flop one by one, katrina now fails to entice the audience. PPl who are trying their luck in so called “youth” cinema actually have no grasp of it.

    Movie sucked big time, Katrina should now move to strong characters than being all over lead. enough of her.

  • well guys……….it was fun watching the movie,and i hav watched it thrice,with my friends colleagues and brother..and have enjoyed a lot,a must watch movie..thumbs up to ali zafar…..the charmer.!

  • ali zafar rocksssssssss………………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! following him since his album huqa pani, he stoled the show off in mbkd,keep continuing the gud work man.

  • well i watched the movie . . .it is nice ,entertaining . . .brilliant. . .but second part was quite boring . .and the ‘bhang’ boy rocks. . . .

  • MBKD was awesome and great movie. Full time entertainment and the one which you can watch with your family and Ali Zafar Rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

    Katrina was awesome and and she really did her part well and gave 101%

  • Nice movie:-
    must watch movie Ali Abbas Zafar directed the movie with out standing creativity

    the best thing was ali zafar what a role by him really hatz off… suited for him

    i personally thnk that in this movie i hav seen the full output by Katrina Kaif though i nevr like her but then also she was outstanding in the movie…..

    best choreography is of Dhunki what a picturisation……

    but director was tooo gud n ali zafar is outstanding…

  • MBKD tottally bakwas movie ….. i think kait need to teach hw to act … sameeeeeeeeeeee acting alllllllll d tym gtinggggg bore to see hr in same role
    ALI ZAFAR better thn both d lead actors
    tym pass wastage f money nd tymmm
    vry disappointed wd kait nd imran

  • I really luvd the movie not because of imran khan and katrina kaif but only because of ali zafar my besty.the songs were good overall bt the lead role was pathetic,hats off to ali zafar as he inserted entertainment in the movie,realy luv him,he rocks….

  • awesome one thoroughly entertaininggggg luvdddd ali zaffar well kat and imran were also verry goood songs are tooooo gud and picturization is like cherry on cake hats off MBKD rocks

  • I am watching this movie now really Imran and kat are disappointing,Ali seem’s really good enjoying his acting skills best wishes for him…!

  • This love story would have been perfect if the roles of omran and ali zafar were exchanged imran cant stand a chance infront of ali…… But overall jst fine:(:(:(:-(

  • Ali zafar is a chArming person. The way he talks,smiles,looks he should be a hero next time. He should not lose his potential in these small acts . He has a bright future and he should look upward himself as a hero. I wana see him performing hero stuff next time. He has all the potential to be a super hit staR.

  • The movie has failed to fulfill the expectations of the audience. It did well at the box office for few days because of its promotion.

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  • Supperb Ali Zafar!!
    .the Acting of Ali Zafar, just OutSTANDING.
    I have been Ali Zafar’s fann through this awesum movie(MBKD)

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