Mentally and physically exhausted after ‘Brothers’: Sidharth Malhotra

Actor Sidharth Malhotra has said that shooting for ‘Brothers’ was both mentally and physically exhausting. He also called the most challenging role of his career so far.

“The character (in Brothers) needed me to have an extreme level of aggression, anger and frustration. It has left me mentally and physically exhausted. But I am really happy of what it has turned out to be. It’s my most challenging role till date”†Sid told reporters while promoting the film.

The actor also added that it was difficult for him to hate and be aggressive towards his own father and brother in the film.

“That was the most difficult part to bring in so much aggression and hatred inside. I am totally the opposite in reality so it was definitely something I had to bring into myself.”

Brothers releases in theatres on August 14.



  • Baahubali has collected almost 50 crore in India on its first day (non holiday) breaking HNY record (holiday).

  • Hahaha……
    bahubali beat hny 1st day collection…..
    Bahubali collected around 50.1 cr all versions…….

  • where is bahubali review and boxoffice update… its shuttered all record in india… day 1- 50 crore… phenomenal!!!

  • Sidharth vs Akshay Kumar :P
    Siddharth & Akshay Kumar are brothers in warrior remake. Joke of the century.
    Siddharth is just 29 And Akshay is 48. Both are brothers. Canít digest this.
    Varun was better instead of Joker Kumar. Budget also very high. Below Average.

  • indicine BAHUBALI movie crossed happy new year record and became 1st movie to cross 50 share on first day. please post an article on BAHUBALI movie

  • SS Rajamouliís magnum opus ‘Baahubali’ has collected around Rs 50 crore from all its versions in India itself .It has also turned out to be the biggest opener in Indian cinema.

    It has broken the record of HNY (released on holiday), by a margin of more than 6 crores.
    Its success is incredible, considering it was released on a non-holiday working day.

  • It has been many days I was absent in @indicine’s comment section. Now, I am full fledged back.

  • Siddharth is a decent guy . If you compare what he was in SOTY and what he was in EV he has made a huge improvement . He has a great personality . He is Handsome, has a great Height and has a Awesome Physique . He was good in EV . He needs to work on his expressions . I also liked his performance in HTP in which he played a Simple Romantic Guy . He was pretty average in SOTY and the movie was stupid and dumb . So i am happy to see Sid in such a character . Best of Luck to Sid and Akshay for Brothers . It will be great to see Akki and Sid One on One in a Steel Cage Match it will be a lot of fun . Thumbs Up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • No doubts that my young Lion Sid is exhausted bcoz he has had to carry this film all upon his broad shoulders plus he has had to contend with the joker antics of the Greedy Gobbar…!

  • Shame on Joker Boy

    A south movie has collected 60cr on a non holiday date which beats 90% of Joker Boys crappy films lifetime collections inc his south crapfest remakes…!

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  • Dont get too excited old man kSHITij…

    For once this 60cr figure has absolutely nothing to do with Joker Boy….! :-P

  • @virat kohli,concentrate on ur batting instead of doing ads.India will never win any major trophy under ur captaincy. lol .

  • Welcome back @tiger bro. I also come because BB coming. Good luck Sid for brothers.
    Currently Akki in Romania for shooting SIB. SIB sure HIT.

  • It’s gonna be a blockbuster. For those of you who missed Akki’s BABY, don’t forget to watch it on Star Gold at 8:00 pm. It’s the first successful fi!m of 2015. I am sure you won’t be disappointed. Sorry for promoting film, Indicine. It should get one of the highest TRP.

  • Sid is right. Working with flop 60 Cr club struggling crap actor would be exhausting for anybody be it big b or even raj pal yadav or Vijay Raj.

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