Mental is NOT releasing on November 22nd: Sohail

Sohail KhanLast week, several news channels and websites published unconfirmed reports that Salman Khan’s upcoming film ‘Mental’ is all set to release on November 22nd.

Director Sohail Khan, though, has rubbished all rumours ”We are not releasing Mental on November 22nd, we haven’t locked any release date. The shooting is currently in progress and it might be ready by the end of the year.” said Sohail.

“I dont know where the date came from. People are now deciding when I’ll release my film without my knowledge” he added.

So, as things stand today, there is an outside chance that Mental might release by the end of the year. Any further delay and the film might not see the light of day this year.

Apart from Salman Khan, Mental also stars Daisy Shah, Sana Khan, Tabu, Ashmit Patel and Mukul Dev.



  • I think “Mental” will release next year only.Sohail is saying outside chance by the end of the year but “Dhoom 3” is already locked for Christmas.

  • exactly….enough of the crap movies from salman khan…now it ll not work..he just can’t act…one of the worst actors in the industry… no story in his movies…

  • @Indicine
    MENTAL also stars Genelia D Souza,coz she was was spotted with Salman Khan at Sanjay Ghodawat college in Mumbai?

  • Salman will rock. Every hater knows it in their heart, either they accept it, or they don’t, they do know the film would rock. Salman is no Shahrukh who is nothing and whose films have been underperforming for a long time. Salman will cross 200 crore this time, unlike Shahrukh, who hasn’t even reached 150 crore! LOL!!!!!!!!

  • @Zahid, yeah, go to hell, you even know that Salman rocks and Mental will cross 200 crore! Accept the truth!

  • Man Of His Word, lol! i know bro! i was just kidding, Salman is rocking right now, so Mental will probably cross 200 crore. But Shahrukh is near him, but not with him I agree, so no fights between us. I am no Salman fan, but no hater as well. I am sorry to every Salman fan if I hurt anyone by my comments

  • Salma does a better job in films done by other directors rather than his brothers. I do not understand the recent trend of making films with his brothers who have no track records as directors. I hope “Mental” is a better film than “Partner” which was a complete flop and embroiled in a copyright law suit.

  • Oops!
    I forget
    salman needs 3 open weeks + holiday to make a film hits
    he will not get any of these
    this year
    otherwise mental will be avarage-hit

  • Hope it will releases sometime in 2013. SALMAN…..the greatest entertainer in todays generation with a soft human side to him. RESPECT.

  • I f MENTAL is not releasing on 22nd nov thats mean it will release between september n october.One thing is clear whenever it will r elease there will be storm at the box office.

  • Look the happiness at the haters face. They are thing if SALMAN do not release his next flim MENTAL then there will be a chance for others actors to come at the no 1 spot. This the only way through which other actors can come at the no 1 and otherwise no chance.

  • Is Salman, the biggest coward bollywood have ever seen ?. The star, who dont have the guts to release his movie this year coz of potential blockbuster films which lined up this year like dhoom 3, krishh 3, chennai express, OUTM 2 etc. Even Emran hashmi who found success recently, started experimenting with films. But Salman who is around bollywood for 25 years and recently 4 blockbusters behind him is affraid of taking single risk. Actor is considered as an artist but salman is in different league, he and his films are more in to remakes and money making. Sad to see that the star who got so much from bollywood cant return back anything extra ordinary. Salman’s next 2 films are south copy and paste movies. Lets see how long he play safe and do copy paste of south movies. Hope salman release his movie this year and shows some bravery.

  • @Neeru Lol, you call Partner a flop. It was a blockbuster and one of my favorite Salman films, others being Garv, Wanted etc. It is a fantastic entertainer and I still cherish watching it.

  • Mohit, SALMAN films get open weeks coz nobody want to clash with SALMAN flims. Everybody knows that clashing with SALMAN FLIMS means is bound to be huge flop.And what about self thinking srk he even can not cross the 120 crore mark despite of having 3,000+ screens , with 3 open weeks, never heard huge promotion from 8 months .holiday release.

  • @Neeru : Partner was a flop, really? Open a BO verdict firm and hire all salman haters like IMAM, mohit, Ruler, Damnn ! n remote control. You fool, atleast refer related info before posting. Partner was a Blockbuster as per BO India n one of the top grosser of that year.

  • Mohit, SALMAN films get open weeks coz nobody want to clash with SALMAN flims. Everybody knows that clashing with SALMAN FLIMS means is bound to be huge flop.And what about self thinking king srk he even can not cross the 120 crore mark despite of having 3,000+ screens , with 3 open weeks, never heard huge promotion from 8 months, holidy release.

  • Good. It is not best to deliberately clash and make losses.

    Remember, if a film loss, the loss is to the entire crew – and not just the lead actors.

    Hence, no actor in their sensible self would want to clash with another big movie.

    To all Salman bashers, if you feel that Salman is a coward, why didn’t your bold heroes announce a year in advance that next eid they will release their respective movie?

    They all waited for confirmation that Salman’s next could not possibly release on Eid so they can now cash in on the eid frenzy.

    Do I think your heroes are coward now?

    No, because I ain’t narrow minded like you guys. If Salman had announced his film for eid, and others had backed out, i would have appreciated that they acted sensibly. A movie is not just of one hero.

    As to holidays, please remember Ready, released on a non-holiday week.

    Also, when you are friends, it is not healthy to clash your movies. Salman is on good terms with Aamir and with Kat involved too, there is surely no chance he would want to clash.

  • @Rohit, if underperformed dabaang 2 collected 158 crores, then what do you call JTHJ which collected 120 cores only? a disaster.

  • Bro, I am Rohit, and I have already said sorry if I hurt somebody. I don’t like Salman, but he rocks at the boxoffice. I love Shahrukh, but I accept he is way behind at the moment.

  • Yes it’s not good to clash and make losses and its not good at all to be so concerned about boxoffice records. Here insecurity and cowardness comes in to play. Salman is a coward, why i will tell u. OATM 2 annouced it’s date way back, but salman who is a coward dont wont to clash coz he was worried of opning weekend record. When it comes to opening record, no one even trade wont take clashes and non holiday in to consideration, only opening records matters whether it comes from 3 national holidays or 5 open weeks. When salman movies comes no one want to clash ?, really!! but i think its otherway around, that’s the reason he ran away from OATM 2 and making a room for another film Chennai Express to battle it out.

  • @hrithik
    tell your salman to release a movie
    which is not action
    not south remake
    not cheap comedy
    and to release it in non holiday day and with competitors
    and then come to talk with us

  • Anyone can give blockbuster with cheap south remakes
    when salman will give blockbuster in meaningful or love story movie
    then talk about box office

  • @remotecontrol: There will be a day when srkians like u will say ban or stop salman from doing movies coz ur beloved srk tried everything still cant beat Salman, seems that is the only way srk can beat. First ask ur demented king srk to break Ready’s record and then u guys bark about Salman. I hope u remember Don 2, a festive solo release (Dec 23 2011) still cant beat a non holiday Ready’s record which was release in June same year. And you are asking salman do all these stuffs, Lol :D. What a pathetic sense u have, think before u submit your non sense comments.

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