Mehboob Ki Song Video – Creature 3D

Watch ‘Mehboob Ki’ video song in the voice of Mithoon from the movie Creature 3D. It is directed by Vikram Bhatt and produced by Bhushan Kumar and Krishan Kumar.

Song Video: Mehboob Ki
Music Director: Mithoon
Lyrics: Mithoon
Singer: Mithoon



  • Creature 3D will kill finding fanny at the boxoffice…no one is interested to watch fanny except daddy dynamic…

  • Creature 3D music sounds really great!
    HUM NA RAHEIN HUM BY BENNY DAYAL IS JUST AWESOME! benny dayal is one of the most talented singers of India. He can sing both dance numbers as well as slow romantic track like tu hi toh meri dost,kaise mujhe tum mil gayi,kabhi ruhani and the latest “hum na rahein hum”. He has sung the Bang Bang title track which will be a dance number. Oh god! I cann’t wait!

  • Beta Arjun Kapoor, Daddy Dynamic Naam Se Idhar Udhar Gum Ne Se Kuch Haasil Hoga!
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  • If u want to develop films like krish 3 , , raaz 3 ,creature 3d and develop sumthing like hollywood. U should watch creature 3d . Raaz 3 was the best 3d film of india.

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