Meerabai Not Out Movie Review

Cricket is a true-blue Indian game. Just like cinema, the huge yet crazy fan followings for Cricket and Cricketers are largely based in India. Mandira Bedi, the galm queen of the Indian Cricket World, is back to the silver screen in a full-fledged role in PNCís ďMeerabai Not OutĒ. Directed by Chandrakant Kulkarni, Meerabai Not Out features Mandira in a no-glam role opposite Eijaz Khan – a famous small screen actor of the Kí serials. The posters and title suggest the movie to be a Cricket based film, but the movie is just about a cricket fanatic who goes to the extremes for cricket. With no A-line casting and absolutely no glam, will Meerabai Not Out succeed in entertaining the audience? Letís find out!!!

Meerabai Not Out is not a take on cricket but about a cricket fanatic and her love story. Meera Achrekar, the friendly girl next door dressed in ethnics, is a maths teacher at the Vishwa Prem School. Being a great cricket enthusiast, she breaths, eats and dreams cricket and in particular about Anil Kumble. More so, it has her solving Math problems using cricket lingo much to the delight of her students. She also has a team named Meera XI in her society with whom she enjoys watching matchís besides training them every evening. Meera is happy with everything that she is blessed with, especially with her passion for cricket. But her family on the other hand is always worried about her matrimony. The quest for the right man and how her passion becomes her worst nightmare, when her engagement breaks, forms the rest of the story.

Meerabai Not Out Review

Meerabai Not Out has few of its innings to its favor. The simple family comic drama appeals in most ways except for some parts where itís a little far-fetched. Like the TV coverage for a group of 11 shouting slogans for Anil being dropped out of a match and why has she to watch every match in the stadium, especially even if it falls on the same day of her engagement? The love story between Meera and Arjun (Eijaz Khan) is not like the present dating type but it makes sense.

The movie has an irregular pace and mostly very slow. The music too isnít attractive and moreover the script provides no much scope for it. Not even one track is worth a mention. Dialogues are well written, interesting and comical.

When it comes to performance, Mandira takes the first seat.

Mandira covered up from head to toe in a quirky girl next door image is a revelation. She pulls the act with ease and skillfully unfolds a range of emotions.

Eijaz Khan does well. He has the perfect look and the buoyancy but needs the right man to steer his talent.

Mahesh Manjrekar as the serious and responsible earning member of the family is wonderful. Anupam Kher as the friendly daddy is good as usual. Anil Kumble, the puzzled cricket star about his frequent hiccups, is okay.

Overall, Meerabai Not Out is good with few of the innings to its favor. At the box-office, a lot depends on word-of-mouth! Also, the movie might take a hit with audiences not over the grief and pain of the Mumbai terror.

Rating: ★★½☆☆



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