Me and my children have learnt a lot from IPL: Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh KhanAdmitting that he takes Kolkata Knight Riders’ defeats “personally”, superstar Shahrukh Khan Sunday stressed that the Indian Premier League (IPL)matches have been a learning experience for him and his children.

“I got to learn a lot (from IPL)…to learn how to lose but not become losers. My children have also learnt a lot.

“They haven’t learnt that much from my profession. But this completely uncontrolled, unbridled excitement,ups and downs and not knowing what’s happening has taught them to be better people. So I thank IPL,” Shah Rukh told a TV channel while promoting his forthcoming release “Chennai Express”.

Conceding to missing most of his team’s matches in the series, he said he has to juggle with the entertainment aspect in both cricket and films.

“I couldn’t come (to Eden Gardens). I was shooting my film and am injured too…I wanted to complete the movie.. I had a choice though. People would have been happy anyway watching the league matches,whether I am present or absent.

“Or if my film comes out , people will be happy watching it too. I have to balance it out between cricket’s entertainment and film’s entertainment,” said Shah Rukh, whose “Chennai Express” comes out on Aug 8.

The Bollywood ‘badshah’ admitted feeling “really sad” when his team, KKR, does not perform to expectations.

“I missed all the matches.. specially we didn’t make it to the play offs. We are the defending champions. When my team was not doing well, I feel really sad. I take it personally in terms of my emotions.. in terms of my children because I feel their life’s learnings are through this IPL,” he said.

Of the 16 IPL matches KKR played, the team won six and lost 10, thereby ruining its chances of qualifying for the play-offs this season.

Eden Gardens hosted the final of the sixth edition of Indian Premier League (IPL) between two-time champions Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians Sunday.



  • No problem SRK…!!!
    Your team played well and you have lost some close matches.So, no offence to you or KKR.But as your fan, it would have been really shameful for me, if you would have involved into those CHEAP fixing activities, in which, currently BCCI president and others are accused.
    Last year, Your team played like winners and they did it in finales.We appreciated that. In the same way, this year , they din’t qualify for playoffs. We appreciated that too.Because we fans can bear it that KKR is not qualifying each time.But we can’t bear your consecutive winning with those cheap tactics, using which CSK managed to win two IPL’s and have a place into five finales.
    Wishing you and your team very best for next edition.Keep maintaining this same spirit in upcoming editions too….!!!!

  • well said srk….but it will hard to digest for those , who don’t have even a child in the age of 50….bcoz a father can sense the feeling of his son….but it will be beyond their imagination, who r still childless….so, his illiterate fans need not to bark…..

  • Srk is surely referring to how ‘spot ‘fixing’ is a more discreet and profitable practice than say ‘match fixing’ and how to become a master at it one needs to study the IPL up close and personally. Wow kya baat hai Srk, your kids have truly got a great teacher teaching them all the ropes and making the right contacts. :-)
    You rock Sir…!

  • When KKR plays bad Srk feels sad but when Srk movies does bad nobody feels sad bcoz it is

  • KKR team shud make some changes in their batting order next year. They shud exclude Kallis bcus he is the reason behind KKR low score on board. He is handy as a bowler only on few occassion but most times he concede lot of runs. They shud play Bisla low the order bcuz he is match winner and play pathan up the order bcuz he is not a match winner. KKR team acc. to me shud be
    1. Gautam Gambhir
    2. Ryan Ten Doeschate
    3. Yousuf pathan
    4. Eion Morgan
    5. Bisla
    6. Laxmi Ratan shukla
    7. Shakib al hasan
    8. Rajat Bhatia
    9. Sunil Narine
    10. Laxmi pati Balaji
    11. Mohammed Shami

  • First: u were amazing and like always yesterday , i watched ipl extra just 4 u

    2nd: to know the meaning of win we have to lose sometime , kkr didnt play well but also they didnt fix games like RR , so for us they are champ and they always will , after all it is a royal team his owner is the king him self so dont be sad :)

    3rd: alot of fans watched ipl matches only to see you , especially the mid east, japan and others becuz they dont know that game at all so u also made ipl famous there :D
    4Th: aryan and suhana are so lucky to be your kids and u r so lucky to be their father some people will die without family and kids , others will face death to be fathers so enjoy ur life , have fun with them and forget about idiots ,

    god bless u all

    btw CE Promo 2 was amazing and the song was fantastic

  • That’s the other part of ipl and cricket we also learn from cricket rather than ipl cricket but the main point is where is “Chennai Express” trailer??????

    I want to clearify one thing to all commentetors that actually it was impossible to release trailer at this time for chennai express team because shooting ended few days ago so how can be they releasing trailer and if traile was released yesterday then it could be crap . . .

    On the other hand once upon a time in mumbai is well planned one and half year ago for these things specially release date Aug8,2013 and now they are ready with trailer on 31may

    This is the main reason why ce trailer can’t be released
    First cracks are visible

  • some srk fans commenting like morons. A person who love his siblings’ children as his own kids does need to have his own kids. It is upto an individual to marry or not, it is his personal life let him how he/she wants.

  • next years may be Salman should also buy a team in IPL, then it will be interesting to watch SRK vs Salman………..

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