Mass hysteria outside Salman Khan’s residence on Eid

The crowd outside Salman Khan’s house on Eid was so uncontrollably mad that the atmosphere was comparable to a cricket match at the Eden Gardens in Kolkata. Young boys, girls, students, middle-aged men / women and the senior citizens of our country.. were all out to celebrate the superstardom of one man – Salman Khan.

The media was also out in full force to capture the moment when the superstar himself would make an appearance. And he did, for a few minutes.. waved to the crowd, thanked them and disappeared. There were chants of Bhai, Devil, Tiger and even Radhe (his character from Tere Naam)..

At 49, Salman is enjoying the absolute peak of his popularity in the country… the craze is unmatched. Not many of us have seen or experienced the craze for Rajesh Khanna, but it would be hard to imagine anything that can match the craze that this man commands with the masses of our country.

Salman Khan waves his fans gathered outside his house

Salman Khan waves to his fans who gathered outside his house



  • Indicine.. the way you described his popularity.. it almost made me cry. SRK lives a few yards away and he might be very popular with the ‘classes’ of India.. but no one can match Salman’s following with masses…

    How do you explain 7 back to back hits.. 6 blockbusters.. and none of those films were classics or high on quality. Its his sheer presence that has made his films such big hits.

    Hail Salman.. the biggest superstar that India has EVER seen.

  • Salman is one actor who appeals to everyone, every section of audience. Be it classes, masses, young, old, men, women. Salman’s quite appealing & his reach is Huge! Congrats on the super success of KICK!

  • I dont understand y this masses dont go n watch his film’s.. His last 2 releases are flops.. Jai HO n kick both movies have underperformed bigtime.

  • I watched kick and i absolutely loved it,but someone is forcing me to rate it 2/5.
    So 2/5 from me :(

  • No one goes to aamir’s house except imraan khan,he has very low stardom even Tamanna mam is a bigger star than him.

  • i stay in mumbai…and i was at bandstand mumbai on Eid day….. I found the similar huge crazy crowd even in front of SRK house…just same was not posted.

    Salman khan has been in industry for 20+ years and his many movies which might have released on EID before Wanted have flopped miserably.This is just a high time of his life.EID+SALMAN combo is just working since 2009.

  • Salman is the biggest superstar . . His popularity is unmatched.his fans even want to touch him.i haven’t seen such type of fan following of any other superstar.Truly Peoples Man

  • Wat about fanny and dawaat e ishq article?wat about tevar postponed to january nextbyear?y r u busy promoting natwarlal so much!

  • @indicine: I WANT TO KNOW WHO’S THIS BABY NIPUN? I know you won’t answer me. After all,how can i expect answer from an admin who revealed my id despite knowing the truth that there are many fake ids.

  • According to indicine. Only this much crowd is whole india and max crowd outside any superstar’s house ever. Moment to laugh at indicine. Wanna see mass hysteria just go to mannat on nov 2 :) if you think salman is comparable to rajesh khanna god bless you indicine. Even I’m an SRK fan but what I’ve heard about his craze or even bigb’s craze not even SRK comes close forget post 2010 hit salman

  • @nivin-pauly we should not say that Kick underperformed coz if we say like this then Salman underperformed movie is giving competition to our kings overperformed movie chennai express

  • @indicine wat!I and nipun hv a common enemy.oh no!I hate nipun and now v not only share our love for hrithik but also share a common enemy

  • Ranking of best ACTORS of bollywood since 2000 — 2014 1. Srk
    2. Salman
    3. Amir
    5 . Akki
    6. Ajay
    7. Emraan hashmi
    8. Ranbir
    9. Saif
    10. Ritesh d
    list is based on no. Of successful films. John and ranveer might enter list eliminating saif.

  • @nipin you don,t have rights to talk about biggest superstar of country ever your star is so small infront of SALMAN and talking about it breaks records of ce when u compare both movies five day collection ce made 124cr including paid previews it was also released on eid day and enjoys full five day complete holiday where as kick made 127cr despite ramzan weekend so its clear kick is all time blockbuster first tell your star to release in rzan even with huge franchisee make that collection oh sorry he can,t take eid as he has no power to book eid.hahaha…

  • @indicine:so it’s “Dynamic” who is a srkfan. Thanks for replying.and again sorry for using that word that day. .

  • Going by that pic mass hysteria is an exaggeration. salmans stardom will be tested when he does non masala films

  • @vikram See properly this is a huge crowd and what u expecting that on 2nd nov whole tamilnadu will come in chennai express in front of Mannat ? lol

  • @bulli m nt an srk fan, so go on.. But i hate salman nd his moronic fans who spread hatred on every article of HR. Want to see real star power?!?.. Just wait for bang bang.

  • Indicine also showed srk’s home photo of eid, there was not a single fan present, only srk climbing a wall.

  • @arjunkapoor, the great hrithik fan @nipun consider u a salman fan nd hrithik hater…

  • Well I be damned- I always thought “loki” was the mastermind behind ‘baby nipin’ and the other nipins like ‘nipin junior’ , ‘nipin lootera’ and the north korean nipin but this Dynamic chameleon creature- who the bloody hell is he/ she…?

  • I think its safe to say there are more than afew dozen fans here as was the case outside Thakurs residence earlier on today…! The love for bhai jaan among the common man is surreal n unprecedented n not seen in India since the 70s when Amit Ji or Rakesh ji were ruling supreme…!

  • @arjun kapoor I think you are an imposter and I dont trust you bcoz I cant take you seriously… Something about you suggests you could urn out to be a chameleon, fan today, gone tomorrow, back with a different ID later on in the year…!

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