Marigold – Movie Review

MarigoldMarigold directed by American director Willard Carroll is a fiendish adventure. The movie is a spurious romantic musical comedy.. romance is sloppy and comedy, well I didn?t find any traces of it. I wonder what Salman Khan was thinking when he signed this movie. There’s nothing here that hasn’t been done better in a hundred Mills & Boon novels.

Let me give you a gist of the storyline:

Marigold (Ali Larter) is a self-absorbed girl with a very bad temper. She flies to India to shoot for a film, only to find out that the project has been folded due to financial issues. She looses her luggage and the taxi driver has left her stranded in a clumsy place in Goa. She befriends an Indian girl Rani who gets her a role in a bollywood musical. Here Marigold falls for the choreographer, Prem (Salman Khan).

A material that is even worse for a tele film is shot into a movie starring Bollywood superstar Salman Khan and Hollywood girl Ali Larter. Director Willard Carroll execution has failed. He has borrowed bits and pieces of a bollywood masala pot boiler and put it across haphazardly. The screenplay is far from gripping. The film starts sluggishly and continues to drag till the end.

Marigold has nothing to catch your attention. The first quarter of the film is spent in demonstrating the flaws in Marigold, the character. While the second half is about the union of the two lovers, Marigold and Prem. The movie drags to such an extent that the threshold of elasticity is lost. Execution is so amateurish that it has nothing that makes you feel excited. The script and the dialogues is what an adolescent would write for a school competition. Choreography is terrible. Music by Shankar-Ehasaan-Loy is ok.

The performance leaves you cold and shivery, waiting for moments to connect with the characters. But sadly the moment never comes. Salman Khan just hasnt got it right, a disappointing performance. Ali Larter is good and carries her role with ease. Suchitra Pillai over acts. Gulshan Grover is just wasted. The rest of the cast is ok.

Overall the long-in-the-making Marigold is a weak product and should be remembered as one of Salman Khan’s worst this decade.

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆ One Star



  • Its quite a cool film. Look at it as a film being made for a non-Indian audience that has never seen a bollywood film. A lovely doft romantic film that ushers the return of the classic romantic star – Salman Khan as Prem

  • Cool Review of Marigold..

    Salman Khan isnt a great actor. Even in partner Govinda stole the show..

    Expectations of Marigold werent high anyways..

  • Salman Khan CAN act and has proved it in numerous films, its sad people still cannot admit that just because he also happens to be good looking and take care of himself physicaly…Thought the movie was touching and Congrats to Wil for a beautiful film.

  • marigold is a beautiful movie and salman is outstanding. salman u r the best romantic actor in bollywood and u have proved it in this movie.

  • I loved the movie and I fell in love with Salmon Khan. This is my first time seeing Salmon….He is super handsome and I loved his approach to his character in this movie. I have seen it 5 times now and I must say I have even gotten hooked on the music. I must admit that the beginning is not great, but once in Salman comes into the picture it explodes!!!!

  • Entertaining film, not the best acting. But I feel this is a musical for social change in India. I have an Indian friend trying to marry her real life Prem and the war includes not accepting mom’s choice = kicked out of the family and your sisters are looked upon as ‘bad brides’. So for the parents to accept her into the family – that was huge! Caste is such a big issue in India that Marigold would have been looked poorly upon by at least one parent. Being as Prem was a prince, there is no way that Marigold would be looked upon as a suitable mate. That is the importance of this movie – it debunked the whole bride search that is such a painful part of the young Indian life and future.

  • not that i hate bollywood, its just the things worng with it (cliches, not very good songs, and you can gess what hapens next) just anoy me. they have made some good flims thor. and i will like to see a film by them that does not folly the same plot, like a 2d/3d film, or a non love story.

  • The movie it self, i dont think its that bad as how you say it is. thoug it has got problism at times.
    (Its just my opinun so any one reeding this, dont get mad, its just what i think, hateing me not going to chang my thorts on the film, i think what matters is how well you explan it.)

  • I have probably watched the movie more times than I can count.Salman and Ali Larter are a great cast for this film from an American stand point. It is not full of sexual scenes and leaves a lot to the imagination.I am not used to seeing movies like this but I own the DVD, and music CD. I listen to the album on my mp3 player to relax. It seems like everytime I read the latest on Salman, someone is not happy with this or that! Give the man a break. He is only human doing the best he can and Americans love him. Come to Hollywood Salman. We welcome you with open arms.

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