Manyata Dutt – New CEO of Sanjay Dutt Productions

After two debacles (Rascals and Department), Dharam Oberoi has stepped down from his post as CEO of Sanjay Dutt Productions. Dutt’s wife Manyata will now head the production house.

While insiders say, Dutt and Oberoi had a major fallout, the later maintains that the two continue to be good friends. Apparently, Oberoi has started his own production and will soon be announcing a new film.

Responding to the announcement, Ram Gopal Varma on Twitter said “Its weeds which ruin structures and I am supremely glad the Dutt realized. Dharam Oberoi is to Sanjay dutt, what a small pox is to a child”

The controversy first erupted when Dutt and Oberoi blamed Varma for the failure of Department. RGV lashed back on Twitter, stating that it was their interference that affected the film.



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