Mallika Sherawat with her brother (Photo)

Mallika Sherawat shared a picture of her brother Vikram Singh Lamba. She tweeted saying “Getting ready to go out with my bro”

For those unaware, Mallika was born with the name Reema Lamba. After entering the industry, she changed her name to Mallika Sherawat. Initially there were rumours that she was married for a short time to pilot Captain Karan Singh Gill.

Picture of Mallika Sherawat with her brother, below.

Mallika Sherawat with her brother

Mallika Sherawat with her brother



  • Mallika is hot and she’s got that perfect figure. Not size zero nor too fat. Just perfect 36 – 24 – 36. Wow. Wonder what her secret is.

  • I still don’t understand this actress! I saw her in Murder and she proved herself as a good talented actress.. then why would she always showup in a slutty dresses, vulgar and cheap?! Anoupama Chopra, while interviewing her, laughed as many ppl did when she said that she’s taking her profession as serious now and wants to do some serious films! everyone would laugh at her coz she already agreed to be a sex symbol and nothing else.. so why now!! ( thank God that she’s not showing skin in this picture!)

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