The making of Robot 2.0 ft Rajnikanth and Akshay Kumar

Robot 2.0 is going to be the biggest release of 2018 and the behind-the-scene visuals are mind-boggling to say the least. Two of the biggest superstars from the South and North – Rajnikanth and Akshay Kumar – will be taking on each other, in what will be the costliest film the country has ever seen.

The effort that goes into the making of such big films also comes across in the video.

Directed by Shankar, the film also stars Amy Jackson as the female lead.

Check out the making video and tell us what you think:



  • Biggest release my foot? No movie can be bigger than thugs of Hindustan. Keep dreaming you dumbass. Thugs of hindostan will easily rip apart this crap.

    WAITING ….
    WAITING ….
    WAITING ….

  • Eagerly waiting for it. It will definitely be the biggest blockbuster of the year 2018. 2.0 will scatter each and every record of Baahubali in South. Baahubali record in North will be tough but not impossible.

    • 2.0 will do 400cr in hindi if it turns out to be bad.. If it is ok movie, baahu 2 record will be bettered by at least 100cr net

  • Shankar has always lived up to the expectations of audience and 2.0 will prove it again….
    waiting for DR. RICHARD

  • Shankar sir is a true genius, probably the best director in the country after/along with SS Rajamouli in terms of vision and scale.

    • With all due respect to baahu 1 and 2, rajamouli is just a kid in front of legend shanker in terms of visual sense and genius.

      Rajamouli has to born 10 times again at least, before making a song video of muqabula or ajooba quality (jeans).. And those films came out 20-25yrs ago.

      Well, rajamoulis films are better in pace and commercial elements such as hero build up and better repeat watches..

  • Genius Shankar+ South Legend Rajinikanth+ North Superstar Akshay Kumar+ Music King AR Rahman come together for the most expensive film of India… Can’t ask for a better combination. This jodi will rule the BO!

  • Speechless… Mind blowing… Out of this world… World class… Trailer will be biggest ever in India..

  • We have films and we also have movies. This one is the later. Outstanding! Hope it delivers substance also. Goodluck

  • Movie is made on a mammoth budget. It will be recovered only if the film is better than the previous one. I don’t think it will break Baahubali records. Waiting to see Akki and Rajni sir in one frame.

  • All the jealous Akki haters will start the same ‘supporting role’ nonsense now. Keep crying guys but in north Akshay is the main crowdpuller of the film. Otherwise why would the makers want to cast a Bollywood superstar for the role?

  • Flawless Biggest Blockbuster of 2018 is coming But I probably could not watch the film because of My class 12th preboards ?

  • Let’s make the thing very simple

    1. This is not a Bollywood film

    2 Akki can’t deliver a 18cr opening

    3 Akki on his own has
    No ATBB
    No hgoty
    No ATG
    No 2.2cr footfalls

    4. Some will say first part was not big hit in north but it later gained huge popularity in TV

    Publish this please

      • TMK opening last decade 13cr >>>>>>>>> all Srk films last decade…
        Better keep ur mouth shut haklutard
        And if Srk was in 2.0 will the credit was still going to be given to Rajinikant as he has zero 100cr non holiday films???

      • But he has 27 hits and 46 success which is bigger than your favourite actor 5 back to back 100 cr movie in just 19 months sabse aukat ka bar nahi hai yaha kuch actor se 3500 screens a lister actress universal appeal movie chart buster song se 60 cr cross nahi ho raha????

    • @sayar The way you cry in each and every article putting up the same long list of data has started making me laugh now. You can live up your entire lifetime on these facts now.

      If u r expecting this film to do blockbuster biz just coz of the trend Bahubali showed this year, then u r wrong coz first understand that 2.0 is not a Bahubali and such films happen only once in a lifetime, probably you’d have to go back to Sholay if u wanna compare Bahubali with any film.

      How does it matter whether it’s a Bollywood movie or not? First thing, it’s being simultaneously shot in Tamil, Hindi and Telugu, so it’s not a dubbed film either. For the audience, this is a hindi language film featuring Akshay Kumar. That’s it!

      Put Akshay Kumar in the right film and he can still give a good initial. All his recent films were not the Friday films, and those that were(H3 and SIB) had disappointing trailers, promos and songs. His multiplex audience is back now, now you just have to wait for everything to go right.

    • Getting to your third point, how long will you SRK fans live in the past? You guys are still struck in 2008! SRK could deliver those ATBB’s and majority of his BB’s from the top banners YRF and Dharma banners while Akshay never got any godfather nor had a family connection. He is the only present superstar who has completely grown on his own. Talking about footfalls, except Chennai Express, all the Shahrukh Khan films that crossed the 2 cr, belong to the 90’s and everyone knows footfalls those days were naturally much higher than today’s times. Plus Akki’s case is different, he has always produced the highest/one of the highest footfalls in a year. So he has actually produced more footfalls than SRK in most years.
      This decade, both Shahrukh and Akki had one 2 cr footfalls blockbuster. Frankly there isn’t much difference.

    • Out of 27 hits ur Srk’s 17 hits have come during EDX period ?
      .. And his last 2cr ff was way back in 2002 if we exclude CE as it was Deepika show all the way…
      Without Dharma/YRF support his stardom is as big as my ?

  • AK movie is the hit of gurantee. Rajni has no acting skill until only he knows how to revolve scarf & how the blow the cigarette in the air & all this things nothing else

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