Making of Indiawaale from Happy New Year

Here’s a video with behind-the-scene glimpses into the making of ‘Indiawaale’. The Happy New Year song features Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Abhishek Bachchan, Boman Irani, Sonu Sood and Vivaan Shah.

Song Video: India Waale – Happy New Year Song
Music Director: Vishal Dadlani, Shekhar Ravjiani
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
Singer: Shankar Mahadevan, Neeti Mohan, Vishal Dadlani, K K



  • And what abt mr..Aamir khan..he is really good, bt always try to show himself the only social activist…satyamev jayate…a rubbish show…even crime petrol is much better than this…and he is charging rs. 3 cr. Per episode for his social work…..if wanna do something for the country do it free….and dont show himself GANDHI.

  • This October: Aamir brings you SMJ. Enlightening Public.

    SRK brings you HNY. Torturing Public.

    Same Month 2 Khans. 2 different gestures.

  • @Lollywood : Grow up !!!!! Dont give lollywood figures for Marigold. It is lifetime 1 cr which is way ahead YLJK !!!!!!! Stop being a blind fan or fanatic of Srk. Accept truth !!!!!! Salman given more flops than Srk but he is also leading in number of Blockbusters in India compare to Srk BBs !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @Lollywood : Grow up !!!!! Dont give lollywood figures for Marigold. It is lifetime 1 cr which is way ahead YLJK !!!!!!! Stop being a blind fan or fanatic of Srk. Accept truth !!!!!! Salman given more flops than Srk but he is also leading in number of Blockbusters in India compare to Srk BBs !!!!!!!!!!!!! First ask your king to give highest grosser of decade which looks imposiible for him in his entire career !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @rohan : The movies which you listed are not produced by both Khans except MNIK. They just acted in it. Yes Salman was more caring about his friends than his career he did movies without taking money n without reading scripts for sake of friendship n helping intention. He may be a flop actor for you but much better person or human than Srk !!!!!!! Salman was never selfish unlike Srk !!!!!!!!!!

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    @hrithik,kitni baar sunaega YEH rubbish things? KING KHAN HAS EQUAL BBS—-9 , after including kick.

    BTW salman caring about his friends!otherwise he has the ability to give films like DDLJ,KHNH,MNIK,CDI,BZ,VZ,DARR,,DEVDAS,right?if you’re so honest then answer did your bhai knows what is acting?pehle Jake acting sikha bhai KO,lol.


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  • @hritik :salmaan a better person…BIG LOL….A person who killed pedestrian people and roaming in the country freely….and do the same with animal also….which show he neither like people nor animal..who got prison…u r saying him better person..Shame on u….after all that..nw he is trying to show himself a kind person through BEING HUMAN…which is his business….bot a trust..he do all the charity to show off….Look ON SRK…Do more charity than the all other but never show…because he feels charity is not something to show off….say nw…what is sallu..every1 now what he did with aishwarya..why she left him…Study on your sallu..and think abt him what he is.

  • @ legend khan: i think you dont remember what Salmaan’s father said in a TV Show..KOffee with KARAN….at the beginning of SALLU’s career he requested to sm producers and directors to take his Son as lead actor in their movie…

  • @sss, if kkk..kk..k..karan is called acting then Salman does not know acting and we don’t want such kind of acting from him.

  • @Rohan, nonsense ki baap!! Salman has produced Chillar Party. For his first movie alone, he won national award which ur skeleton king is still craving for.
    Don’t u find films like Khamoshi, Garv and Phir Milengi good films? Don’t u find his Rajshri films that promote Indian values good and clean films?
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    But your drunken icon has wantonly beaten a poor old security guard at Wankhede Stadium because he didn’t give royal treatment to him and his family and hence, he was sincerely doing his duty.

  • -SRK at his sheer arrogance and malice again: He Calls Aamir Half Actor

    With Happy New Year nearing release, Shahrukh Khan is leaving no stone unturned to promote the Farah Khan multi-starrer. King Khan who was in Vancouver for Slam! The Tour on Saturday along with the entire team of Happy New Year, took on Mr Perfectionist Aamir Khan and called him ‘Aadha Actor’.

    As singer-composer Yo Yo Honey Singh missed the tour because of some injury (really?), the organisers changed the format of the concert. The entire cast was requested to sing any song on stage. Boman Irani, who is part of Happy New Year, chose to Give Me Some Sunshine from 3 Idiots. Irani played the role of Prefessor Viru Sahastrabudhe in the Raj Kumar Hirani film. As soon as he finished the song, Shahrukh Khan asked Boman Irani the name of the movie from which the song was. Boman innocently replied ’3 Idiots’.

    Shahrukh Khan next asked Irani the name of the lead actor in the movie. Boman mimicked Shahrukh from Happy New Year’s trailer, rubbing his fingers through his lips blabbering Aamir Khan’s name. When Shahrukh Khan told him to say clearly, Boman screamed Aamir Khan. This is when Shahrukh Khan used the derogatory term for Aamir Khan.

    “Itne Bade Bade Stars Stage Pe Khade Hai, Yeh Aadhe Hero Ka Song Kyun Gaaya?” (There are so many renowned celebs on stage, why you chose to sing a song of a ‘Half-Actor’)

    The comment was in a really bad taste even if it was intended to be funny. But this is not the first time that Shahrukh Khan has said something against Aamir Khan. Both the actors have been involved in a similar war of words in the past. He even made fun of Aamir Khan for giving Indian award shows a miss and attending the Oscars. Recently Shahrukh made fun of the first PK poster starring Aamir Khan.

    Everyone is aware about the rivalry between Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan and also know how close Salman Khan is to Aamir Khan. Is Shahrukh Khan feeling insecure after the success of Salman Khan’s Kick? It would be interesting to see if Aamir Khan comes up with a reply for this ‘Pura-Actor’ (Full Actor) Shahrukh Khan (Pun Intended!)

    -SRK Blowing his Own Horns Again: Sheer Ghamand

    King Khan is on a tour currently to promote his forth-coming Happy New Year. And when names like Deepika Padukone, Abhishek Bachchan, Boman Irani and most importantly Farah Khan are associated with the film, then you can expect nothing less than an entertaining movie.

    But SRK has even worked in off-beat movies and this is what he feels about them, “What is an off-beat film? You put me in an off-beat film and it will become on-beat. Like Chak De! India’ was an off-beat film and it did really well money wise. It is the biggest success of my career,”

    As of now, Shah Rukh is very selective about the kind of movies that he wants to do, “I will never do anything that others want me to do. I have enough money, I am a rich star, I am famous and have enough awards. I will do films that make me happy like I did Ra.One’ because my children likes superheroes. My father played hockey so I wanted to do Chak De’. It is important to feel excited about doing what you want to,” he said.

  • @Rohan & @Yy : You can see only negativity in other actors n turns blind towards their good actors. @Rohan : Salim sir also had said Srk that he became a superstar after having his hone made food (in good humour) do you guys take this as truth stop being hypocrites !!!!!! Salman is still not proven guilty so zip your mouths until verdict comes out. About Srk charity, he hides it in india n promotes in US or abroad to get UNESCO award !!!!!!! The real face of Srk !!!!!!!!!! Lol

  • record breaking trailer
    superb indiawaale
    evergreen manva
    hot lovely
    ………………..just cant wait to watch happy new year

  • @Tiger-the real king – salman fan at his best, comparing 1994 movie yljk released in 2003 without SRK dubbing in it with a movie released in 2013.

  • Anand_the original: what u r saying abt KING KHAN…Skeleton..i think you dont read bollywood news..
    do u knw the latest news about SALLU’S FAKE ABS…in reality there is no abs…He is not fit he is MOTTUUUUU….i think people r fool…if not he can make fool them easily…but not possible…and what u r talking abt…GARV…it was just ok not so good..and it release in 2004..and got IDB rating 5.1…and what your SALLU is doing since 2004…thats good you finally accepted his last movie which you likes came in 2004

  • @hrithik: i am not blind..i always see whats happening all around..but the people like you never think abt the reality..i likes HUM APKE HAI KAUN very much…i like acting more than the i like SRK..apart from SRK’s movies i like rang de basanti, taare zameen par…but the reality is that sallu never did a movie like those movie..Even he is not a good human being but always try to show himself through BEING hUMAN…i will like if any1 will do anythng good…but people jealous SRK….bcoz he is BEST

  • @hrithik: The best thing About SRK is that he make indian film industry worldwide other countries people like him since 1995-96..and they dont know abt AAMIR and SALLU…his contribution to indian film industry is fabulous…in history no one did what he did..people started to watch other bollywood movies abroad after 2005-06 when industry got some popularity…and behind all this there is only one person i.e. SRK…people watch movie of AAMIR , SALLU AND HRITIK bcoz SRK made our industry popular there…remember that he is equally popular in GERMANY as in INDIA…And do u know he reaches the other country before bollywood….in sm countries people know SRK but they dont know bollywood…So thanks to him…HAts off to SRK…No 1 can do what he did

  • @rohan : Aamir & Salman doesnt have to lick firangs feet popularity they are more than happy with love n respect from Indians. Getting recognition from various countries with help of PR teams doesnt make a better human. Srk always failed to keep his own words thats why I dont like him. Whether it is about building 100 public toilets or promosing Manoj Kumar to cut scenes (making fun of Manoj Kumar) from OSO for own benefits. He also came with a new funda during CE that all his movies credits will open with heroines names first before his name. He already proved wrong in HNY trailer, Charlie comes before Mohini lets wait n watch whether he keeps his promise in movie credits or not ???

  • About Salman, he is a kindd of person who has given money from his own pocket to a contestant who lost the game n won zero amount. Thats about Dus Ka Dum !!!!!! have u heard such things about Srk ??? We dont want king or no.1 title at the end of the day people love him except some haters n he has the capability of even dictating Adi chopra who dictates your king !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hope deepika saves this film from becoming disaster even after 3 weeks free run. As. She saved CE on her shoulders.

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