Main Gabbar Release Date announced

Akshay Kumar’s second film of 2015 ‘Main Gabbar’ (previously titled ‘Gabbar’) will release in theatres on May Day i.e May 1st 2015.

The film has been co-produced by Viacom18 Motion Pictures and Sanjay Leela Bhansali Films, who have previously worked together on films like ‘Mary Kom’.

“’Main Gabbar’ has the makings of a potential blockbuster film that is the perfect amalgamation of an ensemble cast and an engaging narrative. Hoping to leverage the May Day holiday for an extended opening, we have slated the film for a May 1 release,” Ajit Andhare, Chief Operating Officer, Viacom18 Motion Pictures, said in a statement released to the media.

Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar

The makers have also promised ‘awe-inspiring’ and ‘never-before-seen’ action sequences along with a gripping storyline. The film also features Akshay in a completely new avatar. The superstar will be seen romancing Shruti Haasan.

Sunil Grover and Suman Talwar play important roles. Kareena Kapoor makes a special appearance. Enough reasons to watch the film first-day-first-show?

Main Gabbar Release Date – 1st May 2015



  • on 1st May 2015 two biggest film will release one from HINDI FILM INDUSTRY Main Gabbar other one is from HOLLYWOOD Avengers Age of Ultron
    I am too excited for both and will watch both

  • Waiting for this film,hope it will set an example for How to make a Good masala film..!
    Avengers Age of Ultron will be a big challenge for it has established itself as one of the popular franchises in india..Multiplex audience will favour Avengers..
    While Main Gabbar will rule single screens.
    Hoping 1-2 songs become chartbuster..
    100crs should be its target..

    • @thullu no offence brother but ‘main gabbar’ is really sounding terrible and I think it will follow akkis trend of following a gd film with a crap

      rowdy was followed by joker
      omg was followed by k786
      s26 was followed by ouatimd
      holiday was followed by entertainment

      and now a superb film like baby will b followed by MAIN GABBAR!!!

      I like akki very much that’s y I m unhappy with the way he is treating his carrer.he is a superstar but he could hv easily been a megastar if he was selective about his films

  • 1st May 2015 two biggest film will release one is from HINDI FILM INDUSTRY Main Gabbar other one is from HOLLYWOOD Avengers Age of Ultron
    I am too excited for both and will watch both


  • @Indicine The recent comments feature is missing. Please add this feature at the bottom instead of actor’s names. Thank you.

  • Just feel 2015 will be Akshay Kumar’s year. Only Singh Is Bling is his weakest film, but apart from that he has a good mix of different films.

    I have always been jealous of Akshay fans.. They have so much to look forward to every year. Even if one film fails, the other is just round the corner.

  • Eagerly waiting for its release. Btw, why they have changed the title??? Gabbar sounds better than mai gabbar.

    • Not bashing SRK? :O Please use SRK’s name in ur every comment :P Warna indicine par Teri rozy -roti kaise chalegi -_-

  • Avengers: Age of Ultron will blow away Main Gabbar at the Box-Office. Remember what happened when the highly anticipated 2012 was released with Tum Mile way back in 2009? History will repeat again but in a much more grand way as popularity and excitement of Avengers is much more than many big starrer bollywood flicks to come this year.

    • Don’t worry Avengers won’t blow MAIN Gabbar away..Akki is big enough a star..Tum Mile was’nt a good film,neither it catered to multiplex nor single screen audiences. Gabbar will be the first choice for single screens and low end multiplexes.

    • If the film is good, it can survive any storm. Same prediction was made back in 2009 when Avatar was supposed to thrash 3 idiots. I watched both the films but to be honest I found Avatar way over rated.

  • ohh a new layout :p opened the website twice to make sure i have landed to right place …i’m sure i’ll get used to it…is the default page size bit bigger ?? i decreased the size so i can read more content in one go without scrolling much.

  • Why did they change the name to “Main Gabbar”? I think a simple “Gabbar” was even better. Anyways, it has potential to be a good movie.

    P.S. – It will be great to see Sunil Grover in it along with Akshay. Big Fan!

  • Where is the bhojpuri babaji who always criticise the titles of salman movies as bhojpuri titles. The bhojpuri babaji see ‘Main Gabbar’ is the baap of all bhojpuri.
    [ I m not against the title or akki m only against the view bhojpuri babaji].

    • Lol

      Gabbar was better but main gabbar is for those akki fans who were abit unsure as to who gabbar was but akki sir has laid their fears to rest…

  • Not intrested! Yesterday i watched ‘I’ .. wt an act man. Vikram dominate whole movie. Bollywood maker should learn frm Shankar hw to make sci-fri mve instead of makin Ra.One, Kkkrish3 Qutiyapa ..

  • I hve Hugh hopes from Gabbar ! The dAy I watch the luk of Akki in Gabbar !! it’s Damn gud , nvr seen before Avtar of Akki !! Gabbar Will Get Housefull boards øll ovr the weekend !!

  • now to being Akki sir’s fan i am feeling just ok, i said that now these type of masala movies are not working well example AJ and Tevar both was flop, but according to this article about release date beyond to 1st May, other side i heard that Bombay Velvet will hit theaters on 15 May its means that Main Gabbar will have 2 weeks so it is sure for Main Gabbar to earn 140cr+.
    Best of luck Akki Sir
    3 days remaining for Taaabar Tooor Action, C0mE 0n Ba By . . .

  • Gabbar would be surely loved by the audience since it isn’t a mindless masala movie which are being made in recent days

  • Yeah avengers could alter its collection but Akki star power shd b enough to garner a very decent collection…wish him luck

  • @Neeraj jealous? Why bro? U wanna make fun of our Khiladi Sir like how u did with Ajay over 7 pages?? Don’t start it here we don’t need pretenders here!! Let 4 films b his way he is our superstar go support your hritik if really that’s your idol which I doubt. By d way u were deservedly screwed off by Ajay fans. U try any tricks here too u will b treated.

    • May be @ Neeraj trying to say that Hrithik makes very less films than akki, so if one fails at least you don’t need to wait much for next akki film.
      But hr disappointed with vang bang and noe his fans have to wait for 19 month for his next. That’s the reason for comment I guess.

  • Biggest crap is coming.people should stop watching movies like gabbar,Singh is bling,bhojpuri bhaijaan,then only Bollywood will develop.while I have no problem with akki’s other films like Baby, Brothers which I will see in theatre. I’m so astonishing to see such people who are desperately waiting for this movie. Lol on them and their standard of watching films.

    @indicine,this is my own genuine view with out having any intention to hurt anyone,so kindly publish it and show it to others.

    • Agreed people should stop watching masala movies and start to watch patriotic movies like HNY, traditional attire genre’s movies like Chennai Express….LOL.

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