Mahira Khan to join ‘Raees’ shoot after the rainy season!

Popular Pakistani actress Mahira Khan will be finally joining Shah Rukh Khan for his upcoming film ‘Raees’ after the end of the monsoon season. The actress has gained a lot of popularity after her appearance on the show ‘Humsafar’ on Zee TV’s channel Zindagi. She will be a part of the second schedule of the film, directed by Rahul Dholakia.

A source close to her said “Yes, there was problem, and concerns were expressed among the film’s producers Farhan Akhtar Ritesh Sidhwani and team, as to how Mahira could be expected to be present in Mumbai when required.”

It was being said that the actress was having trouble getting her visa for the film because of which, her joining the shoot could be delayed. The source added “Mahira joins Raees for the second schedule from August. She has already interacted briefly with Shah Rukh who instantly put her at ease when he spoke to her. Mahira is a huge SRK fan. She can’t wait to start shooting with the superstar.”

Directed by Rahul Dholakia, ‘Raees’ stars SRK, Mahira Khan and Nawazuddin Siddique. The film is scheduled to release during ‘Eid’ next year.



  • very ordinary face….why this producer or director intrested to cast her with super star like SRk…as we have better choices than this…Kangna or Parineeta would be better.

  • Best of luck to both actors… (i mean mahira khan and farhan akhtar ???) just kidding.
    Hope movie is as good as it is being told to us by media.

  • Mahira khan could be the next queen of Bollywood as She is going to start Her career with KING KHAN.while daisy shah is doing south films.only a wrong option for actresses lead them to the destruction of their career.after all useless spoon fed papa’s boy will hardly turn any actress into star,that ability only THE KING OF BOLLYWOOD HAS,LOL.

  • @Eric Similarly Aarmir shouldn’t work with Kat or Deepika considering his height:).
    But anyways you are so obsessed with Srk that you can’t even resist yourself to comment on his every article
    @Harpreet You mean to say Shuddhi is a bigger movie than

  • if it releases on Eid Weekend, it will become an all time blockbuster will collect 300+ cr but, pk will be out of reach

  • @challa ki labh da phire aamir doesnt look old like srk. He looked much better with Katrina than srk. So shut up. And hold on did you just say I am obsessed with shalu rukh? Lol on you. Why would I be obsessed with manipulated hits giving media created star who is nowhere close to my idol in stardom, popularity, fan following and acting? And BTW your mate Su Su Su AKA SSS is the one who is actually too much obsessed with aamir who cant ignore aamir’s name even in hrithik and akshay’s article and brings aamir’s name way more than I mention shalu rukh’s name.

  • @JS – SBSK is a short promotional show for &TV…And it did the trick…whatever eyeballs it grabbed because of SRK.

  • @Eric First of all please mention who’s your idol Aamir or that Bhojpurian. Looking at your foolish comments it seems you’re a fan of Criminal Khan.Whosoever be your idol the combined number of awards they have won is not even 1/3rd of what Srk has won.Well I am still waiting for the day when your favorite star would be able emote emotions the way Srk did in CDI.Well coming to stardom yes Aamir is ahead of Srk but we all know giving Blockbusters out of the moon isn’t an achievement.And I must agree you have a great sense of humour unlike Aamir to say he has larger fan following than Aamir.He has been lucky with his choice of movies in recent past and let him be consistent to be even compared with Srk

  • Rabbits will be supper supper flop. Sarookh will be done with rohit and deepika this year. Rohit will save him once again. Even if lungi waale becomes highest grosser of the year which I am saying ironically ?, but still by chance if it happens than credit will go to rohit, varun and chemistry of varun and kriti. Since 2013 sarookh has consistently worked with rohit and deepika. But after lungiwaale rohit wont work with him and so will deepika and so rabbits and Billu version 2 will be disasters. Sarookh us nothing without big heroines, yrf and dharma. Even chak de India got poor opening despite yrf, because there was no heroine story. Lol. And rabbits will again chase ready, and Billu fan will chase my name is khan and talaash.

  • @challa I am a die hard aamir fan you fool. I am not Salman fan but he is still far better than media created star. Dont even dare to bring fake plastic toys which sarookh buys like a beggar to prove his so called stardom. Everyone knows that he is overactor. He just acted well in chak de and swadesh only 2 movies. I find people really morons like you who call him actor. K k k k Kiran dialogue doesnt make any one a good actor forget great actor. What achievement at you talking about?1 is buying awards again and again for 8 times an achievement? Lol on your joke. BTW I am praying to god that aamir doesnt buy those worthless toys or so called awards to degrade him. And I am sure he will never do that. Now let your stereotype star do something different than same posture of spreading arms which I find the most ridiculous thing and play meaningful roles in class movies like 3 idiots, TZP, pk, and many others which aamir has done. Srk can never play roles like which aamir has played. So dont bring any nonsense stuff. Yes aamir cant achieve the overacting taken of sarookh and manipulation techniques in media and dancing on strangers wedding ? for money. But rest aamir is light years ahead of srk. So mind all that before writing any rubbish.

  • @eric,ha ha what your chotu achieved till now with out south remake/raju/dhoom?????answer is biggest null.ha ha media created 11 hit star’s fan came here to fight with KING OF BOLLYWOOD ,who gave 11 HIT IN A ROW (having ATBB,BBS,SUPER HIT),lol.kindly don’t compare your ugly swelled face gorilla shaped midget actor with OUR TALL,LEAN,MOST HANDSOME also at this age.ha ha biggest joke again JTHJ,KING KHAN,Katrina’s Romance is so intense that IT rocked big time,while amir required a chair to go near Katrina’s face,lol.kindly don’t compare Romance expired old looking star with THE MOST HANDSOME CUTE LOVER BOY—-KING SRK.

  • @sss keep dreaming lol.
    Highest grossers of all Time in India:
    2.Dhoom 3
    3.Krrish 3
    Highest grossing in overseas:
    1.PK ($40 million)
    2.Dhoom 3 ($31 million)
    3.3 Idiots ($28 million)
    Highest grossing Worldwide:
    1.PK (760 crore)
    2.Dhoom 3 (530 crore)
    Aamir is the undisputed King. Where is sarook? Dont compare YRF-made stars with Legend Aamir. lol

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