Madamiyan Full Song Video – Tevar

Every girl deserves a Mad Lover and there’s no one better than our Agra ka Pintoo! Check out Shruti Haasan and Arjun Kapoor’s sizzling Tevar in Madamiyan!

Song Video: Madamiyan
Music Director: Sajid Wajid
Lyrics: Kausar Munir
Singer: Mika Singh, Mamta Sharma



  • I request d makers of tevar to postpne d film to wave will lead to underperformance of tevar on 9th jan weekend

  • @babaji arjun hs deliberately selected bad songs fr his film bczevery time his film bcms a hit idiots like u gv credit to music,banner,writer,heroine etc etc but ignlre arjun.nw if tevar bcms a big hit entire credit will go to arjun

  • @Arjun Kapoor fan.. yes, but that also gives you an excuse. If Tevar flops badly, you’ll say its because of bad music, banner, writer, heroine etc etc :D

  • @neeraj I have been in indicine for last 8 months yet u haven’t known me. I’m not like element or salman fans who give hundreds of stupid excuses when their fav stars film flop

  • Bhai @khajur kapur, i am not being sarcastic, i love masala films like rowdy rathore, dabang, kick, chennai xpress. I watch it for time-pass. And for ur info , jannat-2 opening more than bachna hasino,rokstar. Murder2 opening more than kill dil(yrf). Raaz3 opening more than every rk film except yjhd.

  • Bhai @khajur kapur Ur mind is full of venom . Thatzwhy u r too active bashing emmi / ajay /sahid /akki on akki-ajay fitness abs article. I watch selective films.
    Be positve abt other actors. I came on indicine 6 months ago n i noticed ur same repetitive cmnts of ranks,enjoyed movies,bad movies n spamming every article with those crappy lists. Thatzwhy i had to give return treatment to u.

  • Bhai @khajur kapur I don’t think even any hater of salman wouldn’t have bashed sallu due to no solo-hit films during 1999-2008 or akki-haters during 10 consecutive flops of akki like u r bashing emmi.
    Everybody’s bad phase will come, ur team is just 2-3 film old. Let them cross 15 movies or so.

  • @element I bashed emmy fr logical reasonsbut u always bash younistaan fr pathetic reasons and always gv credit fr success of our film to every factor except star power of youngistaan.lus u said rk used his relationships to get hype for his films,he takes drugs,he is getting succes bcz of paid media etc etc
    and ur emmy always criticises Bollywood mvz .

    nw after so many cheap cmnts I m nt going to leave u bro.I will bash u and ur emmy till my death

  • @khajur kapur i also bashed youngistan for logical reason. Any other actor in 2states n result will be same.
    N don’t u think pr team of ranbir is hyper-active which gets him in news often even when he doesn’t have any movie release? Aren’t the gossip shows getting irritating just like ur idiotic cmnts??

  • @element in all these days I hv nvr called u or anyone with a wrong or offensive name.but u always call me khajur kapoor and chameleon.this reflects ur cheapness and hw low u cn come down to win an argument.stupid element.get well soon dude

  • @mr.Arjun kapoor or whatever,see i don’t have a problem with you but if you keep uttering such things to my emraan n element,remember i will not leave,i will harass you on this forum.
    BTW Tevar is lukin absolutely pathetic b grade film,no plans of watchin it.

  • @arjunkapur fan, u r here in @indicine from last 8month right?? Can say plz how many flop salman given during this period? How could u see salman fans hundred of excuses after salman’s flops??? Don’t b chame leone bro.

  • @arjun kapur u have trolled mahesh bhatt, called emraan nalayak, n falsely alleged abt he doesn’t watch hindi movies, called him actor with sex movies, aren’t they names ?? N what is floppy n all n all ur fake ID’s??

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