Lucknow Central Movie Review

Lucknow Central caught everyone’s attention when the trailers were released because of the uncanny resemblance it had with the movie Qaidi Band which released just a month back. The subject material seemed very similar. Farhan Akhtar hasn’t tasted much success recently as an actor, so will Lucknow Central be his redemption?

Story: Kishen Mohan Girhotra (Farhan Akhtar) is a young man who belongs to Moradabad, a city in Uttar Pradesh. One fateful day, Kishen gets accused of murder which lands him in Lucknow Central Jail where he’s awaiting his High Court trial for a death penalty. Meanwhile, a diligent NGO worker Gayatri Kashyap (Diana Penty), is compelled to form a Band of Prisoners for the band competition which is to be held in the dreaded jail of ‘Lucknow Central’ that year and this is how Kishen’s and her paths cross. Kishen befriends four other inmates and hatches a sinister plot which might ruin all of their lives. Is he successfull? You need to see the film to know.

Screenplay and Direction: Director Ranjit Tiwari has made a film which works on many levels but a lack of detailing coupled with baffling loopholes can take the viewer out of the film. The setup of the lead character’s fate of landing up in jail wrongly takes too much time and the film takes too long to get going. But when it gets going and when the other side characters are introduced, Lucknow Central becomes engaging. But, unfortunately, the climax takes too long to fully come through without becoming overbearing. The climax doesn’t work even though logically it should have worked.

Miscellaneous and Music: Lucknow Central has been given a realistic treatment in the film because the sets (even though it was shot in sets made in a studio) are believable and don’t look too studio-ish. The cinematography maintains a sense of cramped urgency. The editing could and should have been way tighter. Music is one of the positive parts of Lucknow Central because the songs take it up a notch (as they should in a film about a band). Kaavan Kaavan, Rangdaari and Meer-e-Karwaan all make a mark in the movie.

Acting: Lucknow Central may have been billed as an ensemble cast movie, but it relies squarely on the shoulders of Farhan Akhtar. Sadly, he’s again miscast in his role after last week’s Daddy. His histrionics and accent feel amateurish and too artificial even though his expressions and body language are sincere. Ronit Roy nails his part as the pan chewing jailor. Diana Penty gives it her best shot as the NGO worker. Gippy Grewal, the Punjabi superstar, brings a sense of masochism to the movie. Innamulhaq and Deepak Dobriyal are both brilliant in their roles. Rajesh Sharma and Ravi Kissen play their parts with utmost gusto. Lucknow Central deserves all the points for getting the casting right (except for the lead character).

Conclusion: Lucknow Central is working with ideas that have been seen in films for ages. Prison break movies are nothing new but to give it a different twist and make it watchable for the Hindi audience takes a lot of innovation. And unfortunately, the makers of Lucknow Central come up short. That’s not to say it doesn’t work. There are quite a few sequences which require a lot of sync and they work on screen too. Eventually, Lucknow Central works in bits and spurts. It can make for a decent one time watch.


  • The casting is well put together
  • The music is good
  • The cinematography and set design is detailed


  • Farhan is miscast
  • There are quite a few loopholes in the story and the first half takes time to setup
  • Doesn’t work all the way through with a prolonged duration and overstretched climax

Rating: ★★☆☆☆



  • In pros- Casting is well.
    In cons- Farhan is miscast.
    @Indicine , what is really mean by this as he is the main lead of movie, please explain.

  • Indicine team I just want to ask you guys that what is your qualification to judge a movie. Just opening a website does not make you critic. It is very easy to pin point something . It goes well with all such movie critics.
    If you have guts to do some thIng then direct a movie and let other judge that. You come out with pros and cons so easily in a movie so let’s see how perfect movie you can direct.
    As an option kindly introduce the person who writes these reviews . His qualification, experience etc etc.
    I am sure you won’t make a movie as worst as Himmatwala or Karz or Ram gopal Varma ki Aag. You guys can just talk and talk. Can’t creat any thing .

    • I don’t need 2 know how 2 create a movie in order 2 judge movies..what if I said 2 you how dare u judge and give bad ratings to himmatwala..?? Do u even know how 2 create films..??

      With this stupid logic, there will be no criticism..

      • I can understand your caliber now. A person who is sensitive for Himmatwala can come up with this logic. Using words like dare and stupid does not make your point more valid. I can make much worst words then these but I would not like to start a dialogue with a person of your mentality.
        BTW they are the same critics who gave these ratings . And yes sir to judge some thing u need to have some knowledge. Being a doctor u can’t judge an engineer’s work. So take a chill pill and relax

    • To give a review someone doesn’t needs to know how to make a movie. Just like someone doesn’t needs to be a Chef to know whether a dish is tasty or not.

      A movie review can be given by any person who watches it because movies are made for the audience. They have all the rights judge it in whatever way they want. Because they are paying their hard earned money to watch it.

      There are sites like IMDb where normal viewers can also give their reviews. Their opinions are also counted as “reviews”. Indicine never claimed to be a critic(they actually hate the word critic).

      A movie review is a personal opinion of a person about the movie. Now a person can have their own set of prejudices. A movie review isn’t a fact and neither it is called as one. Whether you want to follow someone’s review or not, it’s upto you.

  • @indicine You praised the movie all along in your review but when it came to rating you gave it a 2 out of 5 and for simran 2.5(but u kind of thrashed the movie in your review). Then why this partiality??
    was the extra half star for that psycho kangana??
    Farhan is better than her anyday i believe.
    Also u guys complain the movie should be commercial but when compared simran’s trailer was pathetic still u guys are preferring her movie?. Reason??

    • @Damm. Kangna is getting 23 comments already for her Simran review on Indicine page, while Farhan has just 7 yet. U can see that Kangna is one smart lady. Controversies or not, she is in the news. Cocained or not, she can definitely not lie about Hrithik having an affair with her. She may be going about her personal life the wrong way though, but it should only bother her (coz it may turn out negative for her career), but it shouldn’t be your headache.

      • No it is getting my headache.
        whenever i login to my FB account all i see is kangana’s blabbering.
        And whoz denying her affair with hrithik. but the so called feminists are blaming only him negating the fact that she was also dating a married man.
        wasnt she in her senses…is she a two year old to know the difference between right or wrong??
        Now, when hrithik dumped her, all she can do is cry and gain sympathy.
        Also having discussions does not always mean you are better.
        People dicusss the khans,kumars, Bachans and roshans and they also discuss krk,rakhi sawant, kangana. See the difference. Farhan is still better…only he dont linger to cheap tactics for his film.

  • FYI….Indicine gave 4* to PRDP.
    ….they were high on weeds on guess…or a fat cheque was enough to make them shut up

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