Luck Movie Review

Luck from the promo’s seemed to have glaring similarities with Sanjay Gadhvi’s Kidnap. Starting with the lead stars, Sanjay Dutt and Imran Khan, to babes in bikini’s, action-packed sequences and a director trying to establish himself outside the comfort of a big production house.

Soham Shah director of Dharma Production’s Kaal, is back after a 5 year long hiatus, yet again with a multi starrer. Can ‘Luck’ be Lucky for the director?

Luck is about Musa (Sanjay Dutt) who in an attempt to redefine the betting industry, decides to play with lives of those with luck on their side. He gathers different individuals, from different parts of the world, pitting them against each other. Who survies and how is what Luck is all about!

What works for Luck

  • The first half hour is good, with the opening train-sequence featuring Sanjay Dutt, shot quiet brilliantly.
  • The film is high on action and would most certainly impress those who dont watch Hollywood flicks.
  • Shruti Hassan’s bikini scene is nice, quite asthetically shot. Kamal’s daughter is blessed with good screen presence.
  • The masses would love Ravi Kissen’s performance.
  • Mithun Chakraborty and Danny Denzongpa are good.

Why you shouldn’t watch Luck

  • The script is full of flaws and the poor direction makes things worse.
  • The climax is weird, including the train sequence when Ravi Kissen fires, what seemed like thousands of bullets, all of which miraculously missed the target.
  • The sequence shot under water with the sharks, just doesn’t work. Which is a shame, it had tremendous potential to be hair-raising, if only it was executed better.
  • The roller-coaster like thrill is completely missing. Apart from the first Sanjay Dutt action scene, nothing works.
  • The dialogues suck outright. The word ‘Luck’ is over-used, literally in every sentence, the actors get to mouth.
  • Shruti Hassan needs to work on her voice modulation. Her dialogue delivery was quite average.
  • Imran Khan fails to impress, which is disappointing.
  • Sanjay Dutt, quite frankly, has nothing much to do. Its More-walk-than-talk kinda role!
  • Background music is poor.

Overall, Luck is below average to say the least. It should do much better business at single-screens in smaller towns and cities. Collections at multiplexes, especially in metros is expected to be poor and slide further after the initial weekend.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

Other notes: You might have noticed the change in format of our reviews. Most readers these days, do not have the patience to read through full, long reviews unless it features big stars. Reviews in points are easier and quicker to read. Do tell us in the comments section below, if you prefer this format or the older one. Any suggestions are welcome. Also, if you happen to watch the film, do come back to post your very own reviews. Thanks



  • This format is good but you have not given the story of LUCK as in the older reviews, you used to give it with the review.Without the story, the review seems incomplete.So include the story in the review and then it wil be complete as well as good.Then the reader will have the option to read the story or direct read the good and bad points abt the movie.

  • what about shruti hassan? i think you forgot to mention about her performance.

    i think she is most promising new comer this year…then let’s see.

  • Imraan khan is hot! but its ok if this movie didn’t go that well! but lets see what box office has decided for its first day!

  • Beena.. Guess you missed it, re-read the review.. Shruti is blessed with good screen presence although she needs to work on her dialogue delivery..

  • Hahahahaha … I commented that all ur reviews are bad… and u removed my comment… hahahaha.. that shows ur hypocrsy… u will only add those comments who supports u… and dont want to actually show the truth to the world about how many hates ur reviews…. hahahaha…. i was never a fan of ur site… but kinda liked it to some extent… but from this attitude of urs, I guess I will hate this site from now… a bunch of hypocrites…. thats wat u r all…

  • \I cannot believe u have given 2 stars for this m0r0nic movie, Cmon man this movie does not even deserve a single star, The thing I am most surprised about is that u did not mention at all that this movie is copycat of “The Condemned” starring Stone cold steve austin and “13 Tzameti” a french cult movie, Plz stop giving reviews if u cannot mention these things, Frankly the next movie which is releasing on 31st Love aaj kal or something crap is also a copycat movie :-)

  • Sachin, cant films be rated based on its merits alone? We haven’t seen the Stone Cold movie, just heard that LUCK had similarities to a certain extent.. Like Radha mentioned above the concept was from RAT RACE AND UNBREAKABLE. We cannot really add everything in a review, unless its a confirmed scene by scene remake / rip off!

  • PBJ, do read the rules before posting. Comments like all reviews are bad, will be deleted, unless a valid sensible statement is attached.

    You accuse critics, but when asked to put forward your point of view, what do you do? All reviews are bad.. Its like a critic writing a review in one line.. Movie was bad!

    So the next time you have something to say, if you actually believe our reviews are bad, tell us how we can improve, we will look into it and implement the same.. :) Thanks

  • The point I was trying to make was that almost every reviewer has mentioned the fact that this movie is copycat of “The Condemned” and one action sequence was copied from “13 Tszameti”, The point is that U give your review only on basis of that movie but most important thing is, Is the movie original.?????????

    Is the movie made with honesty.?????????

    What is the point in making a movie by copycat method in which script is taken from one movie and action sequences are taken from another.

    If someone makes a decent movie which is original then it needs to be appreciated like “Sankat city” which I am sure u have not even reviewed, So in short your also a reviewer who is giving reviews of movies which have been publicized well or has bigger stars like Akshay Kumar rather than movies which are strong on content and script and most importantly movies which are original.

    I am very surprised that u have not given review of “Sankat City” which is 1000 times better than Kambqt Ishq, Shortcut, New York, Rab ne bana di jodi, Ghajini and Singh is Kinng put together.

    If this is the trend then good movies which dont have money for marketing or publicity will go unnoticed and your are also one of the culprit who gives 4 stars to m0r0nic movies like Ghajini which is a z-grade movie coz the Hollywood movie was A-grade, Muruga das copied it and made it into Tamil and made it B-grade and again remade it into Hindi making it Z-grade movie :-)

  • another flop in the making surely ..the word of mouth is slaso very poor im not going to the hall.. in fact im downloading it this vwery minute froma torrent site and will see it in the evening,, by all looks it doesnt look like something to spend money on!!!

  • Indicine Team,

    Sorry I didnt give proper justification last time….. But that came out of sheer disgust… I agree with u that this movie is bad… but that was an outcome of some of your previous reviews…. All the viewers are now well known to the fact that Indicine Team only give good reviews to SRK films.. be it a rubbish film like OSO or RNBDJ…… and all other big budget films are rated badly….. most of which prove to be box office hits… Atleast for one single time, rate a movie from audiance perspective….. some movies are made for sheer entertainment and not for critical acclaim…. try to appreciate them even if ur favourite SRK does not star in them.. grow up.. enough of dirty politics ….. If KI was a bad film, then OSO would give that tough competition…. If leaving a watch inside stomach is absurd, how much sense does it make for a SRK to reincarnate and getting a duplicate Deepika as well in the time of need… or how sensible is it for a layman changing to a macho just like that in RNBDJ…. absurd… u must admit….. KI was not a good film but had its moments like the award ceremony, the church scene, the climax, Akki listening to the song for the first time, the surgery scene, etc….. so plz be impartial in ur reviews….

  • You said and I quote “Indicine Team only give good reviews to SRK films”

    Have you read our OSO, Rab Ne reviews? Just visit the following two links.. Please :)

    Good reviews to SRK films, eh?

    Big budget films, starring other stars?

  • 1000 and 1 times better film than Kambakht Ishq, atleast it has some unique storyline. and good action scenes and very influential dialogues and very stylish looks, Songs are really very good.

  • wow. what a concept. villains testing out each others luck ! funny and silly.

    i find this concept hard to digest.

  • I saw this movie only last night.. and watched it just to see Shruti Hasan’s acting.. I agree with your review Indicine team but Imran wasn’t bad in this movie..he didn’t do anything great in his performance, in his role in this movie, but his acting has improved.. the movie is not convincing at all and while watching you ask yourself: ok.. why Sanjay Dutt is doing all that? what’s his purpose? what’s his benefit to risk some people’s life?!! and Shruti is charming and got a good screen presence.. I think she’ll be a successful actress in future.. hope to see her in a better movie.

    But it’s a movie which you’ll watch till the end and better than Kidnap.

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