Luck By Chance Box office Collections

Farhan Akhtar – Konkana Sen Sharma starrer Luck By Chance has failed to open big at the box-office. Although the film received critical acclaim, it has failed to connect with the audience. There are several reasons for the film’s not-so-exciting Box-office opening

1) Many found the pace of the film to be too slow, especially the first half. A few walked out half way through the film and there were several who dozed off. One of the reasons for this is, the majority of the audience are unaware of the functioning of the Hindi Film Industry. They failed to understand the spoofs and in jokes. The result – poor word of mouth!

2) Hrithik Roshan! There were many who travelled to a theatre nearby, just to catch Hrithik on screen. But were disappointed to see a 10 minute cameo which included 1 song. The very song Baawre was promoted heavily on televison.

3) The trailers didnt create any curiosity or excitement around the film.

Coming the the Box office collections, Luck by Chance has done about 8 crores of business (nett gross) in its first weekend. The business at multiplexes in major cities is good but the Zoya Akhtar film is a complete disaster on single screens. The collections are expected to drop heavily during weekdays and pick up during the next weekend. But will it? Highly unlikely although there is a possibility with no big film slated to release on Friday.

Overall, those who expected Farhan to recreate the Rock On magic would be extremely disappointed. Big Pictures (Anil Ambani owned) is expected to loose quite a lot of money on Luck By Chance!



  • I liked the movie. I thought it was enjoyable, the main actors performed well, the music was good, Hrithik’s dance as usual was fabulous, only wish Hrithik’s role was a little longer!

  • Hi everyone,

    the above mentioned review might not hold true with every individul coz every one of us have diiferent vision, think differently, have diffrent mind set although having the same five senses given by Almighty.. Thats why FARHAN is different, Zoya is different, Hrithik and we… Now about ‘LuckByChance’ foretells the story of all those who cudnt make it big in life because they were not at the right time at the right place or might be were at the right time, at the right place but the only thing which was not in place was LUCK… One who has ever had the luck by chance to get into somewhere can relate himself to this movie.. its a movie for all those who has the intellect to differentiate, to dare, to take risk and the self confidence.. and for all others its a movie which will be a blank screen..because when somethings are meant to be only understood, only to be thought and learn from.. such movies are created… we see stars, we applaud at their performance, but when do we stop and think about the struggle of a budding star, who have had dreams to become a Shah Rukh Khan or a Amithabh Bachchn or Amir Khan coz everyone is not born son and daughters of a star.. Everyones’ path is not plaited with gold…ther are people who try hard to prove their talent and in the process lose the ones who were with them when they were no one… The movie has given us an abstract .. so before criticizing the work lets sit and rethink on our comments….

  • Still looking forward to it to buy on DVD from what I’ve heard. A slow first half on DVD isn’t so much a problem when you are watching in your own home. 10 mins of Hrithik is worth watching in itself. If it is bombing at box office perhaps I may get it on DVD release quicker!

  • I alomost did not go and watch the movie because of the review Indicine gave it, the same for CCTC. I would of lost out on amazing movies. is a movie good only when it has lots of masala or certain actors in it. every part of the movie made sense. it was not slow or boring. nobody in the cinema walked out, when the movie ended you could see that everyone enjoyed the movie and wanted it to go on. maybe in SA we have different tastes. hats of to the Akhtar family.

  • Hi , i thoroughly hated , hated , hated the movie … thats how badly I hated it. I mean first of all who on earth casts Konkena Sen opposit Farhan Aktar … physically this casing was a nightmare…i mean dont get me wrong Konkena is a fab actor but she for some sort never helped to tkae the movie forward at all..

    When i look back I feel sad that bollywood can come up with this sort of crap… considering super satrs dropping in on screen from time to time ( which by the way also did nothing for the film ).

    This movie is a perfect eg of how good connections in bollywoood allows you to produce a film that in the en is a disastor despite the ‘good conncetions” – so contrary to what the film meant cause the whole movie was about having to struggle to achive your dreams … but for Luck by Chance to do well , they counted on having these superstars drop in from now and again….how ironic!!!!!!!!! lol.

    I cant get over how pathetic and sad the film is … and for those of you out there reading this .. please support the lower budget movies with a great stroyline.. They are the true gems of bollywood not
    crap like this that comes out of bollwood .

    Dont take a chance with Luck by Chance , the very name grosses me out:-)
    stay well and thanks for the opportunity of allowing me to vent my disgust at the movie.

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