Love Story 2050 Movie Review

Harman Baweja finally makes his much-awaited debut in a lavish 50 – 55 crore movie titled Love Story 2050! Directed by Harry Baweja, his father, of Qayamat fame (the Ajay Devgan movie that released in 2003). Since Qayamat, Harry has been busy working on Love Story 2050, his son’s mega debut. Priyanka Chopra is Harman’s co-star in the movie. Expectations are high, mostly due to the high-on-special-effects trailers and good promotion. Does it click?

Love Story 2050 starts off as a simple love story that revolves around two characters Karan (Harman Baweja) and Sana (Priyanka Chopra). Karan is a happy-go-lucky spirited boy who goes off the rules and Sana is a shy and petite young girl who goes by the rules. What happens when opposites meet? They are attracted, love blossoms between the two. All comes to a stand still when Sana dies in a accident!

In search of his love, Karan goes into the future, right into the year 2050 with the help of his scientist uncle Dr Ya (Boman Irani) who has spent more than 15 years of his life inventing the time machine. 2050 is spectacular, flying cars, sky-high multi storey buildings, robots et al. Karan finds Zeisha (Priyanka Chopra), now a superstar, a pop singer.

Will Karan and Sana get back again? Will the future bring them together?

Love Story 2050 Review

Harry Baweja has undoubtedly put in a lot of effort and hard work into Love Story 2050, whether its the costumes, settings, special effects and to a certain extent even robots. But unfortunately, the script is way below average. The story is nonsensical, the love story lacks soul, you dont feel for any single character in the movie. Harry Baweja as a story teller fails big time.

The first half is never ending, but towards the end it gets slightly interesting, you hope for a better second half. Imagining life 42 years from now is exciting, but what unfolds on the screen in the second half is probably equilvalent to a third degree torture. It painfully drags, the special effects although great, outshines the love story, you no more care for any of the characters. The robots and the special effects too starts to get monotonous towards the end. 30 mins into the second half, you desperately await the end for the credits to roll.. Yes, its that bad!

The runtime is 3 hours plus, most of the portions can be chopped off easily. For example the character of the masked villian, who appears in the latter parts of the second half, was absolutely unnecessary. He also seems to be a last minute inspiration of Naseeruddin Shah’s character in Krrish.

Seriously, its very hard to sit through this movie. The packed house for the preview show, was almost half empty, well before the credits rolled!

Dialogues are irritating.. Harman’s favorite dialogue in the movie is ‘I dont need luck, because i have love’ He repeats it so many times that, you feel an urgent need to pull every hair out of your head! Music is average, except for the ‘Milo Na Milo’ track, nothing is even worth a mention.

Performances are no better! Harman Baweja has been compared to Hrithik Roshan, no less! Well, he is good looking, a excellent dancer, has got a good screen presence.. But in the acting department, he has a long long way to go. His dialogue delivery outright sucks! Priyanka Chopra disappoints in a meaty role, with great scope for histrionics. Boman Irani is funny at times. Archana Puran Singh is good.

In short, Love Story 2050 is yet another major disappointment of 2008. A utter waste of Rs 50 crores plus spent on this never ending tale. The opening at the box-office is expected to be good, but the negative word-of-mouth would affect Harman’s debut. The collections should start dropping heavily from Monday. This futuristic tale has absolutely no future!


Rating: ★☆☆☆☆ 1 star



  • Excellent review there….

    The trailers pretty much revealed tat it’s a boring tale. But still i waited for some reviews before i completely ruled out watching this film. After reading ur review i dont think i need to give it a second thought. I would rather go for Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na….

    Thanks for the review so early….

  • Wohohoooo..

    Cant believe this. I thought it would be a good movie..

    I wont be watching it now, as i trust your review.. Thanks for the Love Story 2050 Review :)

  • guys .. i just watched the movie and came back.. it sucks.. real sucks.. waste of money and time. harman shd been good in soeother movie decut.. not this crap.
    pls dont waste your money……….its worth watching jaane tu….

  • Totally agree with the reviewer of the movie. This movie has got to be arguably one of the most idiotic, moronic pieces of DRIVEL ever

  • i was willing so much to watch this movie… was desparetly lookin in for tickets even if they costed me a 1000 rupees extra… bt thnx to indicine.. u saved me.. now i will rather go in for jaane tu ya jaane naa..

  • shit! shit! shit!!!!! why did i commit this mistake.. why the fuckin hell did i go to watch this piece of shit… meri kismat mein itna torture kyun tha aaj… thnk god.. i had my ticket for jaane tu ya jaane na.. i am bck after seeing two consecutive shows of both the movies… imran – rocks n harman – i hope u r nt jokin wid me..

  • hey… it was expected.. Harman is a fooll….! I only want to know whether it is worse than TASHAN!?

  • Slightly better than Tashan, atleast Tashan was shorter in duration! This movie is about 3 and a half hours including interval!

  • i wonder how dese guys makes such an idiotic movie!!!!!!mr baweja plz use ur extra money for sm gud purpose n foget abt makin ur sin oh sorry son a star….*******

  • I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!! NO, I WANT MY SANITY BACK!!! please don’t make me watch even a promo. yes, you can know my deepest, darkest secrets….aaaarrrrgggghhhhhh. repeat. repeat. i need help.

  • Guys…plz motivate harmen!…we shd encourage talent and copycats!….H for Hritik and Harmen? and Dance too…but acting nnnna!

  • pls dont compare harman again with hrithik,his is not even 10% efficient compared to just sucks,aab bahut hua hrithik ko copy karna chor de mere bhai

  • How dare people compare Harman wid Hrithik????
    Hrithik is D Hero whereas Harman is D Zero!!
    I just hope everyone stops comparing the two!!
    Harman can dance like Hrithik!!
    I mean though everyone says so its not true………..Hrithik is d ultimate dancer of India!!
    So everyone please stop comparing my favorite Hero with the Country’s most Favourite Zero!!!

  • Harman just a idiot with lots of new sense.. He only want to be hrithik but its not so easy to become hrithik.. He have to try his career in some other sector not in film . Priyanka u r just complete failure in last two years please u also do some serials.. Or do some shows.

  • guyz & gals, every word of the review by indicine is true!!just wasted 200 bucks & have to leave the movie halfway.what the review does not say is th movi is Pathetic & irriating.Harman shd start making out a living by acting as Hrithik’s duplicate in Mumbai Chawl Functions & C-grade films.even the robots emote well in d movie than him.wht bout Priyanka?she is d only saving grace of the movie.but what on earth make her accept a movie like this?beau Harmaan may b.recently heard, harmaan is goin to change d spelling of his name.Dude, whatever u do the bottomline is ……….U SUCK.what a waste of 50 Crore which could have made a fortun of lot of people.From day 1 of dis project i was quite sure it wil b dud as for Baweja’s credentials.but still expected a better product.the SFX r gr8.can d compared to hollywood standard.but some of the sets r even straight lift from the SCI flick I ROBOT of Will Smith.Th movie loses all.Harmaan pl concentrate on the altrnative career referred above & save us from any FUTURE torture.

  • Dude… cheers for the review… i knew from the start that Harman baweja is pathetic… 1stly… i can’t understand whats gone in priyanka chopra’s head that she actually started dating that twat… i must say she’s got a real pathetic choice…

    Harman, start working as a spotboy instead… that would be better for the industry… you can be no freaking where close to hrithik roshan for heaven sake… you aren’t even half a star and you are being compared to a super star… hrithik must be embarrassed…

  • I saw this film First day first show..

    its not too bad..But its good.You can definitely watch it..

    Harman Rocks completely…He looks very cool and so handsome …in this film..he acted well also..

    I think Harman is definitely not to be blamed he indeed has a bright future.. the script writer should be blamed..

    But this movie should be blamed…

    Aur is site a review likhne wala madarchod hai…
    kameena jalta hai harman se… kyu be kutte editor tere pas Harman ke jaisa talent nahi hai kameene jalta kyu hai harami… jaa kar apni maa ko chod…

    I would definitely give this move a 3 star…

    Graphics are awesome…

    Aur haan Hrithik koi patent le kar nahi rakha hai ki sirf wo hi Dance kar sakta hai..samjhe..

  • “Topic change, topic change, topic change, topic change”
    – the most annoying dialogue of the this movie applies perfectly to this review section.
    The special effects were one of the good (not the best) in Hindi Movies. Harman dances well.
    The movie is bad, long 3hrs20mins, people were leaving one by one… we were only about 7 people left untill the end.
    That little robot of Priyanka was most annoying thing in the movie.

  • I watched this movie on Friday and sure enough it was a torture!!!

    The first half was atleast bearable but the second half gives you a Migrane. Priyanka is her usual self ‘IRRITATING TO THE CORE’ in the second half.

    Harman is a big dissapointment. He cannot match Hritik …for his personality just fails to appeal leave alone his acting….

    If you guys really must watch it… out of curiosity then please buy a cheap CD and watch it at home when you are bored enough to kill flies!!

    Jaane Tu..ya jaane na is a great fresh movie….you just want it to last for hours….Imran Khan is so cute and his acting is great for a new comer…in the genes I guess!! This movie is a sure winner!!

  • Sisters/brothers,

    Don’t be so cruel on Priyanka, probably she did this movie to satisfy her boyfriend, probably she knows that he doesn’t fit in acting or in Bollywood ( and the girl always has to encourage her boy.. am I right). Priyanka is a lovely actress, she’s talented, and if she did one crapy movie, it doesn’t mean that she’s to leave Bollywood.. no.. Aishwariya did many carpy movies, Madhuri did, Juhi did, Preity did, Karishma, Karina, including big actors in Bollywood e.g. Amitab did some very bad movies, so.. it’s not fair to ask her to leave bollywood. And.. she’s not the director to blame her, actors/actresses in fact are just like (robots) the hands of directors move them to the direction they want.

    I admire Priyanka and consider her one of best actresses in Bollywood with Katrina and Vidya Balan. They’re the future bollywood actresses.

    A word to Priyanka: ( if u read my comments) don’t be frustrated, and continue doing some good movies. I loved your roll in Krrish and hope that u will play a roll with Hritik on Krrish 2. Best of luck.

  • Talkin for Trinidad n Canada here… that movie was sooooo not good.. i would advise anyone to just AVOID this movie.. yuh wud feel sick to your stomach after the first quarter.. farless to the interval..
    save the money n time!..

  • Guys, why do u keep saying that Harman should go another place, industry is nothing for him, blablablabla..
    He dares to do something. He isn’t one of those who sit infront of their computer and write rubbish about debutants.. Like, its so unnecessary!. If one of you people get in the bollywood and make urself a superstar by the first film, then change my name!!
    Why the hell do u people say that this film is a torture?! have u guys been under Osama Binladen’s prison or something?!
    And yeah, comparing him to Hritik is just .. *BIiiiiiiiiiiP*
    He does have SOME similarities with Hritik, but saying that he is a copycat is just rubbish. How can he be at fault if his face and dace is a lil bit similar to Hritik?! Every newcomer wants to impress audience by dancing skill and action, does he become copycat?! Its really irritating,right?!
    People didn’t like this film because they are addicted to films that have saas-bahu topics, problems to eternity, friendship that obously will grow into love and so on. If a mature director like Harry Baweja has tried to come with something else, people start saying that its a bacwaas movie. No wonder why Hollywood is still better than Bollywood! WHY? Bcuz Hollywood comes with different movies! They come with billions of sci-fi movies, and they become big hits! but bollywood audience is just something opposite.. They don’t appericiate things that are something different.. They want the same masala movie, with one hero,one heroine. They are enemies, then friendship grow between them. and ofcourse, uske baad love to ayega. Then They get married. Saas beats the bahu and they quarrel. Beech mein ek sad song la do. and then the actor comes across an accident. Again a sad song. Then a miracle happens(ofcourse!) and the hero gets well. and then, a slow motion happy ending. bas! Thats what the typical movies are about..
    Im surely goin to watch Love Story 2050. Because I want to watch something else. !

    Pardon me if I said some wrong words.!

  • Shona, hello, I liked your comments ( I have to sing for you now : Hey Shona.. Hey Shona as Saif did for Rani in Tararumpum)

    Indincine team wrote a good review for Jaane Tue. and gave it 4 star which it didn’t deserve except one star! A crap one.

    And they gave one star for Love Story 2050 which I didn’t see yet, and “probably” it has to be vice versa, maybe it’s a good movie, I don’t beleive in such reviews now ’cause I didn’t want to go and watch Jaane Tue in cinema and I did after reading the above review. And just after 10 minutes of watching it, I could judge the movie that was bad in direction. How Aamir Khan produced this movie?! I don’t know yet!

  • Fathiya you need to understand that, reviews can never be universal.

    Many have loved Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. If you check the Poll below the review of Jaane Tu, you will find that 68% of the people have given it 5 stars, about 20% have rated it 4 and about 5% have rated it 3 stars. That is about 93% which means of every 10 people who have seen the movie 9 have liked it, the people who have loved it are in the majority. Its also showing in the box-office collections, Jaane Tu has opened to about 80% while Love Story is way below at 25 – 30%. The box office story is coming up, do check it!

    Coming to Love Story 2050, it is one of the worst big movies in recent times along with the likes of Tashan and Aag. Almost every critic has rated Love Story below 2 stars!

  • I didn’t watch Tashan & Aag, and without reading any reviews, I could judge the movies that they r the worst.
    But the trailer for Love Story 2050 isn’t bad, I didn’t watch it yet, as it will be released on Wednesday in our country. My brother is the managing director of Bahrain Cinema co. and I will definetly ask him if the movie worth watching.

  • Yes,JAANE TU is a good movie, its fresh and fun, Imraan is good, Genelia is awesome and Ratna/Naseer-too good !

    But I do not understand this, why are so many people and especially Critics slaughtering Love Story 2050? Many people are saying harsh things about Love Story even without seeing it. I saw Both “Love Story 2050? and ‘jaane Tu” on July 4 itself-and I liked both of them. I loved the first half of JAANE TU and Second Half of LOVE STORY-the special effects are awesome, they are never before seen in India. Then why are so many people slaughtering Harman as if its his fault he was even born?? There are so many media people saying such harsh things as if they want Harman and the entire team of Love Story to go commit suicide!

    After seeing both the movies, I can safely say that Harman and Imraan are both very different types of actors. Both the movies are very different. And all this hype of battle between Imraan and Harman has been started and fueled by media. Isn’t this industry big enough to hold all types of actors? Then why this whole propaganda of hatred against a movie just because its release date clashed with JAANE TU?

    I wonder if LOVE STORY was made in Hollywood with Tom Cruise and Angelina Jolie in the lead, people would still be vicious? No matter even if there was no storyline and not an ounce of acting shown by that Permanent-Pouty-Angie and I-Can’t -Act-To-Save-my-Life Tommy – people would go gaga over it. But then they would be spending 800 million $ on that movie and here even though LOVE STORY manages to show Hollywood standard special effects at less than 1/10th of the cost, people are just going crazy with some inexplicable hatred! This does not seem fair. It seems to be some unwritten code among all the Critics and Media People to totally write off a movie and a team, which has dared to do something different, just because it has supposedly “clashed” with an obviously more fun and fresh movie. Give them a chance! Is that so much to ask for?

    When an Hollywood film copies another film or remakes it and even gets an Oscar for that (like-THE DEPARTED)- None of these CRITICS raise an eyelid. They don’t say a word when Angelina Proves time and again that she can’t act, yet she is supposedly “the most famous face” in the world. They keep singing praises of “Juno” even though it turns out to be nothing more than a profanity ridden, vulgar and boring depiction of America’s morally downtrodden society-but they have a problem when an Indian filmmaker sets out to do something at par with Hollywood!

    In an industry of copycats, the entire team of Love Story 2050 dared to do something DIFFERENT, something NEVER SEEN IN INDIA and their hard word, honesty should be applauded-then why are all the critics giving out hate vibes for Harman? Come on, people, this movie is much much much better than “Jimmy”, “aag”, “tashan”, “woodstock villa” and even “sarkar raj”-please..stop listening to so-called critics!

    Oh, and I have to tell u dis-

    A French Friend of mine is now working in the special effects team of latest Harry Potter Movie in U.K.-Harry potter 6th Movie (expected to release in summer 2009)

    And she met me on chat yesterday night saying dat some people of the Harry Potter cast went out for watching LOVE STORY 2050-it included Daniel Radcliff (Harry Potter), Rupert Grint (Ron), and all the actors playing Hagrid, Dumbledore and a few others, along with the technical team.

    And you won’t believe it, she actually asked me if I could find out how much these people had spent on special effects in this movie-I told her, something like 70-80 Crore Rupees. And she said, “You Know, We spend that much in 5 minutes of Harry Potter, How did you guys manage to create such stunning effects in this budget? You Indians are seriously Genius!”

    And I told her, well, you know, all the critics In India are ripping apart this movie, they hate the effects, they think its amateurish, and its all a copy of various Hollywood movies. And she replied back, “But all your movies are the same-love stories, songs and dances, costumes, then what are they complaining about? We actually thought India must be celebrating that finally you can send a movie to West which is at par with their super hero movie!”

    And I did not know what to say, so she just summed it up, “well, Richa, I think this is the age old habit of India which we guys always talk about-u guys are such genius but when an Indian does something out of this world, other Indians only pull that person down, and then look to the west for approval. I wish you could be more co-operative and encouraging of each other-really, that’s the only thing stopping you from conquering the world.”

    And I did not know what to say? Should I tell her, the critics are busy in ass-licking Aamir because he very conveniently recently “patched up” with Amitabh and now Big b is promoting his nephew’s film on his blog? Or because Love Story does not have a “Khan” or a “Kapoor’ or a “Bachhan”, thats why its hated by critics? Or because they want to keep whining about the “lack of quality” but at the same time, only want movies like ‘vivah” and serials like “saas bahu” to play and can’t digest anything different being done by some unknown baweja? How do I explain the fact that Jaane Tu is a good movie, but nothing great and Love Story is not a bad movie, still from the very first day, all critics and media is urging people not to watch Love Story as if they are on a mission to push as many people as possible towards theatres playing Jaane tu? Because in India, more than talent –connections and surname and hype matter-what else can be expected of our media which makes “breaking news” out of “Saif’s tattoo” and “Abhiash honeymoon”!!! I am embarrassed and I think all Indians should be embarrassed about this. I saw both movies and I think both are good, Jaane Tu has strong first half and bad climax, Love Story has a slow first half and Spectacular second half-it has to be seen in a theatre to be enjoyed.- even Harry Potter loves it :) forget the critics, yenjoy it :)

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