Losing money doesn’t affect Shah Rukh, losing love of audience does: Anand L Rai

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s last film ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ was one of the biggest disasters of his career, but the director of his next film, Aanand L Rai has said, “bank balance” is not something that affects the superstar. But it’s the fear of “losing the love of people” that has begun to affect him.

The ‘dwarf’ film, which is scheduled to release during Christmas next year, once again carries the burden of expectations, especially from the director who last made the blockbuster ‘Tanu Weds Manu Returns’.

“We are aware that his films haven’t worked. It’s there in front of us, we can’t deny that. Box office collections don’t affect him as much. Bank account deposit is the last thing on his mind. What affects him is that he might be losing the love of people” Aanand L Rai was quoted as saying by a leading daily.

But the director has taken it upon himself to “rectify” Shah Rukh’s relationship with the audience, promising to do a “damn good job” of his next film.

“With our film, I know I will rectify his relationship with the audience. I won’t let the reactions to his last films cloud my head right now. I am here to deliver and I will do a damn good job of it. Right now, we are having fun at work and I won’t let anything change that” Rai said.

Shah Rukh, who never had an outright box office failure for over a decade after ‘Paheli’ in 2005, delivered the year’s biggest disaster in ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ – which followed the poor performance of ‘FAN’ last year. While ‘FAN’ tanked at the box office, it was ‘JHMS’ that shocked the trade as it finished with lifetime business of around 63 crore.

The Aanand L Rai film, also starring Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif, releases in theatres next December.



  • I hope SKR bounce back with this Dwarf movie/

    Its a wish from a Megastar Salman khan fan.

    4 months to go for TZH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The first 300 cr movie of 2017….

  • That’s a brilliant statement. . U can earn money if u have talent but will never earn respect if u had lost..

    Always expecting a different and better role fm srk.. he had travelled a long way to achieve wat he is today.

    Jhms was surely not a good choice.Hope he shud entertain us agn.. with a great script, great performance :)

  • @ Indicine : Can’t understand why you keep blocking comments. Sharing my comments again below:

    Was highly highly disapppinted with JHMS but the hopes are high with this movie. When the world says Give up, Hope whispers Try it one more time. So SRK keep trying but do address the cause of the mistakes which is leading to the box office under-performers.

    Advice for Aanand Rai : no need to adapt the script to match SRKs romantic personna. No need for the SRKs signature arms stretching scene. SRK has done that all pretty successfully. Just need now a solid script which connects with the audience esp the neutral audience. You have connected with the audience before Aanand Rai and hoping that you deliver it one another time. Loved your work in Ranjhana & both the Tanu Weds Manu movies. Just dont change your style for SRK. Rohit Shetty (not blaming him alone as the responsibility lies on the whole core team) committed that mistake and made changes in original Dilwale script to adapt to the legendary SRK-Kajol romantic pair and the movie turned out to be a mess.

    Apart from SRK playing a dwarf, read in an article recently that SRK has a double role and probably one of the characters has a bipolar disorder. If that is true then looks to be an interesting movie and not just a typical romantic movie.

    Like always the trailer (though very far) will give a clearer picture of what to expect actually from the movie. Fingers crossed.

  • Last paragraph is contradicting itself…SRK doesn’t have a flop since 2005 while last year FAN tanked at the box office..LOL
    Why are you making it seem like he is a God..??

    Even in second paragraph u said that their movie has a burden of expectations , tell me which film does not have..??? TELL me 1 movie where audiences goes wasting money knowing the film will be bad and they will not enjoy at all

  • It is not tat I don’t like srk at all my. I liked old srk who was good innocent and without any arrogance. .like ddlj kkhh veer zaara .but after veer zaara he started thinking himself king khan ..and add to tat he started misbehaving with everybody including his seniors……

  • The only concern here( only for me) may b differ for u all is his acting .confidence in delivering dialogues,punches in comedies..seems he is in depression of the competition of contemporaries nd trying to overdo.. His irritating voice(some call it macho voice) is also so pathetic. V love that shivering…hackling ,meek voice of srk..used in ddlj to my name is khan..listen to his last dialogues at the ending of movie”shaurya” what an amazing soothing voice vd he speaking..world is crazy of this srk dude ..as a true fan I request u to watch nd observe ur old movies nd ur acting / confidence nd voice quality…v never bother of box office collection. V just want to see the srk of Swadesh( avg box office) ,devdas, my name is khan…I m ur true fan ..not a blind one

  • Nd one more thing…content ..director doesn’t matter…what matters for ur fan is ur acting sir….unmatchable acting ..ur meek voice .let ur movie become disaster .but don’t let ur fan down vd saying..what a pathetic and overacting u have done..v just want to see ur real..acting nd voice that’s it

  • jhms collected lesser than tamsha and rockstar released few years back and they were also multiplex films starring ranbir kapoor who is considered to be a lower star than srk. those fims were also directed by imtiaz ali. i don’t know what will happen to srk from here on but 1 thing is proved with jhms that there is no advantage of taking srk in a film. because if with the same directer and the same genre srk can not beat ranbir then shame on those people who call him a superstar. on ground level ranbir kapoor and srk is similar or even ranbir kapoor is bigger and that has been proved with jhms.
    and what about love aaj kal? it was the second highest opener of all time after ghajini with saif . that was also directed by the same imtiaz. then why jhms failed to open? the opening day is only 14.69 crore and there can be no excuse to defend that. many srk fans shout whole day that srk can make any genre open big but what will they say now about this 14.69 crore opening. is it big?

  • Hate to say it but fact is Srk won’t be able to match with his contemporaries success anymore. His acting is not consistent ala Aamir but only good in parts. Neither he’s got the charisma of Salman that audience love him irrespective of how average most of his movies are. His acting doesn’t seem sincere anymore, just seems he’s overdoing things & ruining it. This is where Akshay Kumar has been a revelation. His acting & movie choices have improved tremendously. No wonder all pressure is now on this film to deliver but somewhere I feel the majority of the audience is just not interested in Srk’s movies anymore. I don’t see that changing soon.

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