Lootera Box Office Collections: 5 days

LooteraVikramaditya Motwane’s Lootera did reasonably well in its first weekend at box office, but collections began to dip from Monday onwards. Due to its limited appeal, the Ranveer Singh – Sonakshi Sinha starrer has done well only at multiplexes in big cities.

So far, 2013 hasn’t been a great year for Balaji Motion Pictures as some of their most promising films like Ek Thi Daayan, Shootout At Wadala and Lootera have been average grossers. Having said that, all films have recovered their investment through satellite and various other rights. In Lootera’s case, more ┬áthan 60% of the investment was recovered from satellite and music rights.

All eyes on Once Upon Ay Time In Mumbaai Dobara now.

Lootera Box Office Collections

  • Friday – 4.5 crore
  • Saturday – 5.5 crore
  • Sunday – 6.25 crore
  • Monday – 2.5 crore
  • Tuesday – 2.25 crore (approx)
  • 6 Day Total – 21 crore


  • sad that crap and boring worst film like yjhd cross 100+ crores ,but excellent masterpiece film like lootera struggling to cross even 50crores.god bless bollywood

  • Everyone wanted Sona do “different” role, now how many of those went to see the movie?

    Armchair commentators suggestions dene mein badey achhey hain.

    I hope Sona doesn’t sign such boring movies again and back to the dhamaka entertainment roles.

    This is the sole reason why top actors shy away from the so called different films.

    Why do you want to please the miniscule so called smart a$$es who can’t spend 100 rupee to watch your movie, but keep on judging you……better to play to the gala of fans who come for entertainment……it means good business to movie, actors, paisa vasool for public, and the industry is always brimming with confidence to put money in new ventures.

    Remember, if entertainment movies fail, there will be no profits for financers, and until unless they are in good profit, they will not use those extra money for experimental films….thus the experimental and different movies is dependent on the market economics of top films.

    So, all you so called smart dumbwits realise this economics first and then give your comments.

  • Its budget aprox 30cr, so it will be a average grosser and in 2013 back to back 3average grosser from ekta’s balaji, likes saw, etd and lootera.

  • Dont you mean 5 day total…?

    Anyhow it was a good movie but my wife and I felt it was a tad slow just for the sake of it. A good crisp 10 min edit of some middle portions then the story could have flown better and maybe attract a repeat audience. As it stands, those who liked the movie may just get a dvd copy and enjoy it at their own pace at home.

  • what has happened to the indian audience? don’t they know to differentiate between good cinema and bad cinema? ””LOOTERA”’ is a masterpiece which none of the filmy buffs should miss……..it is a once in a lifetime movie which touches the heart to the core……..whether it crosses 50 cr or 100 cr mark doesn’t matter……..it has already left its mark……..those who call it a boring film are either blind or are out of their minds…….Sonakshi has proved beyond any doubt that she can carry forward any serious or masala role with ease……….hats off……..

  • @sanal are you god???how did you know future??oh i got it,you works for ETCBOLLYWOOD right??as they are also anti-balaji.

  • non of the film had big star,big budget,big hype neither good songs,nothing.
    even UTV also had himmatwala and ghanchakkar this year.so,CE is also………………………….DISASTER.right@sanal

  • @mridul, the movie IS boring for the people WHO GO TO THEATRES. I hope you get it.

    Not for everyone, but for majority of people who go to theatres it is a boring movie. Bcuz majority of this population go there for entertainment.

    Yes, hats off for Sonakshi for trying this, and putting a lock the blabbering mouths who were questioning her acting abilities, but what is the end result? The producers are at big loss, now the same producers wouldn’t dare to put money on such period romantic movie.

    I am not against period or hatke movies, but only thing is that it should have the right backing. Look at Peepli Live. Aamir so brilliantly marketed it. So,if you make such movie, you should market it or have something that the real movie goers can connect or like to watch.

    The biggest blame is for the so called intellectuals who first questioned Sona’s and other glam heroines ability sitting in their comfy rooms and offices, but when these same girls take the brave decision to do it, the coward intellect don’t want to make it a success. Why should this not be termed as hypocrisy from the so callect intellectual audiences?

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