Longest Kissing Scene in Bollywood for Katrina – Aditya in Fitoor

It’s official. Aditya Roy Kapur and Katrina Kaif will share the longest kissing scene in the history of Bollywood, for their upcoming film ‘Fitoor’ directed by Abhishek Kapoor.

The makers of the film have officially sent a press release stating that the kissing scene would be the longest ever.

“It is Aditya’s longest kiss by far in Bollywood. In comparison to his last films like Aashiqui, Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani and Dawaat-E-Ishq, the actor has this longest kiss on screen in Fitoor. Aditya and Katrina know each other since long time, however the chemistry has translated well onscreen” a source close to the film said.

In fact, the source went on to add that the kissing scene would be 3 minutes long.

“The scene has been shot extremely aesthetically that the three minutes long kissing scene adds more to the story” the source added.

Fitoor is scheduled to release in theatres on February 12, 2016. Earlier, a picture from the sets of the film had leaked on to the internet, which reportedly made Katrina furious. Check it out below.

Katrina and Aditya shoot a kissing scene for Fitoor

Katrina and Aditya shoot a kissing scene for Fitoor




  • Lucky Aditya Roy Kapoor
    A youngster gets to kiss one of the most beautiful women of India in such early days 😘

    To be honest, I am very jealous of him 😢

  • Katrina’s time is coming to an end
    Any actress who can’t act
    Will not be there for long. That’s a fact.
    Deepika priyanka kangna they r all performers not just dancers, kissers and good looking . like Katrina

    She refused doing film with akshay! ! What was she thinking!!! Signh is bling !!
    Only salman bhai made her . She is nothing ..

    I hope she gets back from where started doing erotic scenes with gulshan grover

  • @indicine do they truly kiss or it will shown by camera work.
    if their kiss original then,aditya ki to lottery lg gyi.

  • It is aditya’s longest kiss and not bollywood. …as stated

    We will see how long it is after the cencorboard reach to it

  • It’s a cheap strategy to get some publicity for your movie which is looking dull. Shame! And Katrina is an expert in these matters!

  • This won’t cross Ghayal Once again on its opening day,even though the whole film industry is supporting this film..

  • In bolywd
    Longest kissing scene-kat(fitoor)

    Löngest crying scene-srKAY(kabi kusi kabi gum)

    longest shivering scene-crithick(agnipth)

  • Epic sentence in the press release :

    “The scene has been shot extremely aesthetically that the three minutes long kissing scene adds more to the story”.

    Hahahha. Why do they always have to defend such scenes by saying it was required by the script? So it had to be a full 3 minutes kissing scene to add more to the story which obviously would not have been possible if it was a 30 sec or 1 min kissing scene. In that scenario less value would have been added to the story.

    Adding value etc is all bullshit. This is simply another marketing gimmick. And marketing is what they really need as the movie looks really boring.

    The only thing good about the movie seems to be Tabu and I also liked the Fitoor song.

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  • @Vicky- Each & Every kiss, where boy’s lips are shown touching Girl’s lip is Real, that is why an actress get so much money 4 xposing & kissing
    & All xpose & bed scenes r also real

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