Lisa Ray is suffering from incurable cancer

In one of the most shocking news of 2009, Lisa Ray has revealed that she is suffering from an incurable and rare form of cancer called Multiple Myeloma.

One her blog Lisa reveals “I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma on June 23 (2009). Started my first cycle of treatment July 2. Not long ago. For me, it was a relief to hear what was wrong. The plasma cells in my bone marrow were rampaging, multiplying, squeezing out the red blood cells and it was time to begin doing something about it. I was also tired of being tired all the time. So when I sat there with Bobcat, my life partner and reservoir of Yellow, and got the news I didn’t react and I didn’t cry. I’m an actress, believe me, I can be dramatic. Not just then though”

“Its a relatively rare cancer of the bone marrow that affects about 6000 Canadians. Every year, approximately 2,100 more cases are diagnosed. Iím a junior member in many ways, having been diagnosed at 37, while the average age is 65. Makes the disease not quite as ‘sexy’ as other cancers. But we can change that. Iím getting better. My prognosis, given my ĎJuniorí status and stage of disease, is very good. Iím aiming for Full Remission- and with Dr Galal and Velcade as my co-conspirators ó this mission is in the bag. Thatís my claim and Iím plowing it into the mountaintop”

We at wish her a speedy recovery. Post your comments below

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  • I read this news today on bollywoodbuzz website.. and I’m so sorry for her because I’m a fan, loved her character, her acting, her movies Kasoor & Water, and I always wished to see her either with Aamir or Shahrukh Khan in a new bollywood movie.

    I wish that she recovers soon.. she sounds a strong woman and can defeat cancer.

  • I’m sorry to hear of her illness,wish her a fast recovery.I liked her acting in the movies kasoor&water.Be strong n God is there with you.

  • Dear,
    lisa i m ur big friend.
    i always wish god sai baba to protect u from the disease.
    hope u will be nice very soon by the grace of god.
    wish u a very very happy new year.
    may god bless u. love u dear.
    be brave we all r with u.
    it is not only a sentence try me i will always there.

    anand {student }

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