Life of Pi is the most error-free Oscar nominated movie

Life of PiFilmmaker Ang Lee’s “Life of Pi” would be a clear winner for best picture at Academy Awards this year if the prize giving was based on the least amount of movie errors, says a survey conducted by

Film fans at the website have given the movie adaptation of Yann Martel’s novel thumbs up as the most blunder-free picture.

In “Life of Pi”, the experts only spotted one editing error in the film, compared to 26 in Quentin Tarantino’s “Django Unchained” and 22 in “Argo”.

“Oscar nominees aren’t normally too mistake-ridden, although this year’s crop is a little bit more so than average. The visual effects nominees tend to have the most mistakes, possibly due to their blockbuster nature but given their budgets you’d hope they could avoid errors,” editor Jon Sandys said, reports

“Life Of Pi” narrates the tale of a boy who is adrift at sea in a lifeboat with a Royal Bengal tiger after his family is drowned in a shipwreck. It features Indian talent, including debutant Suraj Sharma, and critically acclaimed actors Tabu and Irrfan.

The other mistake-laden movies are “Les Miserables” with 15 errors; “Zero Dark Thirty” with 12; “Silver Linings Playbook” with nine, and “Lincoln” with eight.



  • Of course,
    It should win,
    After all it has a connection to India,thats why
    I watched it thrice in theatre,yeah i found two errors 1:while the storm happens ,pi and his brother are shown sleeping in the ship, without a single shake or movement but when pi comes out ,the ship was trembling,shaking very much and its impossible that for that kind of ship to maintain that stability,
    2:in a scene where pi’s father wanted to give him a lesson by offering a goat to Richard in front of Pi,
    The tiger snatched the goat from outside the cage,where as the gap between cage’s gate is not wide enough.
    But I think,the royal bengal tiger has the power to do that.:)

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