Let’s Celebrate Song Video – Tevar

Here is the much-awaited ‘Let’s Celebrate’ song from Tevar, composed – sung – written by Imran Khan. The song features Arjun Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha and†Imran Khan himself. Watch!

Song Video: Letís Celebrate
Music : Imran Khan
Lyricist : Imran Khan
Singer: Imran Khan



  • mindblowing.2014 set fr a great start.First tevar,then baby,and finally byomkesh and badlapur.and obviously pk will begin this blockbuster season

    #ache din agaye

  • Flop film tevar.Pathetic. Misfit leads, no chemistry , weak villain. Action scenes looking like elephant beating mosquitoes.

  • Did’nt liked the song that much.. Amplifier by Imran Khan was a chartbuster and much better.

    Tevar is looking dull!

  • I’m not celebrate now but i’m sure celebrate after Tever flop. Sure shot flop coz our chameleon student.

  • @babaji u hd said similar thing about hny but hny gt a historic opening and became a big hit.

    Don underestimate the power of arjun

  • @ARJUN KAPOOR: I am expressing my opinion..Tevar is on the same lines as R..Rajkumar.
    I appreciated DBB and Badlapur.

    Yes,Tevar might open well and become aa hit..lets see

  • Pathetic Song.I don’t understand why @indicine is posting thins kind of songs?!!.
    anyway @indicine, kindly post your prediction article of Action Jackson.

  • PK’s dialogue promos are better than such songs. What is Arjun Kapoor doing? SSR who has come from nowhere has bagged Byomkesh Bakshi and MS DHONI, while Kapoor is busy with such pathetic movies.

  • The most impressive actor in the younger lot according to me is: Sushant Singh Rajput. Going the Aamir Khan way!

  • @gj007 yet another pathetic cmnt from u about arjun.u bashed 2 states I remained silent.u bashed gunday I remained silent.nw no more of silence..

    tevar will be a huge blockbuster and earn 150cr at the BO and will be forever remembered to be one of the greatest masala films ever made. ppl will love tevar like they loved dabangg, wanted, singham, ce and kick.

    and like ur aamir, Arjun believes in quality more than quantity.

  • Ignoring ‘sambuddha mukherjee’ for a split second I must hold my hands up n admit that I found the song very catchy n as a whole I am an admirer of Imran Khans work in the past- good to see him back- not his best track which was his older track Ni Nachlein but this is good nonetheless…! Alot more rhythm in this track which was distinctively lacking in the SuperFlop song… Still wont watch the film but will definitely want to hear this track in its entirety…

  • @gj007 4:31pm

    Abit harsh on Imran- he has alot of talent n isnt impersonating anyone in particular- the music game in last 15 yrs I have noticed is about what sells n acts coming along cashing in- in the west there was boy bands craze- girl bands- white rappers etc etc etc Ofcourse People do come along that resemble a current artist/ performer but I think this time you being too harsh on Imran…!

  • Sushant Singh wldv done justice wit this song 4sure!!!..arjun is overtrying too much!!
    Nah!! BADLAPUR wld still my my 1st YOUNGISTAAN movie too watch!!

  • @Asambuddha Kapoor..don’t compare Arjun with Aamir..Aamir has lot of memorable movies to his credit..Arjun’s only notable movie so far is 2 States..also have heard he has been signed for Sahir Ludhianvi biopic..so give some time to Arjun or any other Youngistaan actors before they can be on par with Khans..only Ranbir and upto some extent Varun Dhawan have got the stardom so far..don’t prance around like an idiot all the time here..

    Also to all genuine Arjun haters..Tevar will be a Hit..so keep calm..

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